[pnpgm] Run, Run!!!

SERGI SALLENT igresigres at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 13:43:04 CEST 2004

       Jordi simply yells:
       "Run, Run!!!"
       Now that the mist has disappeared (OOC: the
mist disappears when Jordi is damaged; I didn't read
that Jordi has received any damaged, but I imagine
that being thrown against a wall, even if no HP are
involved, counts as damage, because in the map there
is no mist; or perhaps it disappeared because the wind
dispersed it...) Jordi is facing the dragon, unable to
even raise a sword in self-defense, inmobile against a
       To the south, he sees Neva flee, and knowing
that she will survive calms him.
       He begins to cast the words of another
"concealing mist" spell, hoping that it will make the
dragon lost some seconds before it kills Jordi;
seconds that perhaps save the life of another party
       Then, he feels some hands grabbing him from the
       "Caladan friends" -thinks Jordi- "perhaps I'm
not dead..." 
       He tries to remain motionless, hoping that it
will help the creatures to take him away from the
       And if he's wrong... well, then it doesn't
       OOC question: Ben'dar only knows that Jordi was
able, using magic, to discover that allowed free
passage throught the defenses of the 6th level, plus
some healing magic and the mist.  He knows that Jordi
has no means of crossing a solid wall -if he was able
to do it, he should have used it instead of entering
throught the door-.  About decisions... well, Jordi is
clearing yelling "run, run".


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