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Ben'Dar veers to the west, sliding in behind Unali and Cholan and slowing briefly, if necessary, to allow Unali and Cholan to pass him.  Having heard the scream and seeing the stumbling, bleeding Cholan heading south, Ben'Dar decides some help is in order.  Motioning them urgently toward the southern end of the room, he shouts "Go! Go! Go!"

Ben'Dar will fall in behind them, keeping in between them and the hounds.  If one of those hounds tries to take another bite out of Cholan, Ben'Dar will offer it the business end of his spear instead.  :)

As Ben'Dar continues to retreat to the south, he keeps watch over his shoulder.  If one of the hounds charges in his direction, he will whirl around and attack, trying to buy time for the injured party members who are retreating in front of him.

Ben'Dar will also keep an eye on Farseeker, who is basically surrounded by hounds at this point and heavily injured if I remember correctly.  If Farseeker stops to fight or gets knocked down or something, Ben'Dar will dash back and help him fight off the hounds.  If that happens, he will also call to Kasha and motion to him to help as well, since he's still north of Ben'Dar's position.

I know there are a lot of "ifs" there...  sorry.........

OOC question for the group...  Are we running away completely (i.e. thru the stone/metal door and wedge it shut behind us and get the heck out of here) or are we going to try some kind of combined defense at the southern entrance to this room?  I'm sorta leaning toward running away completely after seeing how that dragon swatted Jordi up against the wall and how it seems to be totally unconcerned with the punishment Kasha was dealing out to it...  Thoughts?

OOC Question for Jordi...  I have no idea if Jordi can escape his predicament or not on his own.  I know you've got magic - think you can escape or do we need to be moving back toward you to create a distraction and/or give you some assistance?  Ben'Dar certainly has no idea, but I'm sure others (Neva?) would know and might direct us back up there if they think Jordi has no way of escaping on his own.

OOC question for GM...  Are these sorts of OOC questions/conversations encouraged or should I just stick to what Ben'Dar can actually say in-game?  Just wondering what's preferred.  Thanks!
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