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Ben'Dar realizes that our opportunity for an initial "shock" attack by the party on the monsters is over, for good or ill.

He dashes away from the dragon, out of the mist, to the Southwest, around the pillar.  He will closely follow Aren and Xian as they withdraw to the entrance at the South end of the room, watching over his shoulder for pursuit.  As he moves away from the dragon, he yells to Jordi and Kasha (unfortunately in Zendali), "Jordi, Kasha!  Fall back and help cover the retreat of the others!  Let's group up by the open doorway to the South!"  If the dragon or the hounds charge us as we withdraw, Ben'Dar will turn and face them with his spear, trying to give Xian and Aren time to get out of the room safely.  But even if this happens, he will still be maneuvering backwards toward the south end of the room in a strategic withdrawal, fighting defensively.

Ben'Dar can't really see what's going on with the hounds, being enveloped in the mist.  But as he retreats, he should be able to see what's going on better.  Hopefully Farseeker and the others attacking the hounds will fall back as well so that we can regroup and combine our strength.  If not, Ben'Dar will call out to them as well to try to help coordinate an orderly "withdrawal and regroup" maneuver.  But as he retreats, if Ben'Dar sees someone fall into dire trouble (i.e. trapped between the hounds and the dragon or something), he will rush back into the fray and try to help everyone withdraw safely together.

OOC:  Here's what I'm thinking:  If we can get the whole party grouped into the adjacent room to the south, we should have enough firepower with spells, bows, etc to destroy these monsters when they follow us through the destroyed doorway at the south end of this big room.  We can have our fighters close in behind whatever monster enters the room, surrounding it and hopefully killing it quickly.  Also, I think we may actually do better against the dragon in a tight, confined space rather than in this huge room where the dragon can move around freely, and even take to the air to pick us off at its leisure.  Correct me if I'm wrong about this last part...I don't know a thing about dragons in Powers & Perils and I'm assuming it's basically a big lizard.  If it can use magic or breath fire, then maybe this isn't such a great plan....?
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