[pnpgm] Ben'Dar pursues the priestess

Chris and Karen Wells ckwells at comcast.net
Wed Sep 15 15:16:11 CEST 2004

With much whooping and hollering Ben'Dar excitedly helps to chase down the fleeing priestess.  If he gets a clear shot, he will try to hurl his spear at her back.  Then if he gets close enough, he will leap on her from behind, trying to bear her down to the ground, stabbing repeatedly with a dagger.  .....But my guess is that he'll never get close to her before she goes down, so at least Ben'Dar can lend some vocal excitement to the chase!  :)

After the priestess goes down, Ben'Dar will examine the various features of the room (the circle, throne, tapestries, etc, and especially the liquor cabinet!).  He probably won't be too interested in most of it, particularly the art, unless it involves horses and/or scenes of battle.  But he will definitely take several of the stronger drinks from the cabinet for future use.  heheheh!
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