[pnpgm] Fighting the bodyguard.

SERGI SALLENT igresigres at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 7 10:41:42 CEST 2004


      Out of the game:

      Glad to see everybody is all right.  I hope Ivan
decides to be a good boy, and it turns into a storm.


      Jordi knows that his friends are coming, so he
just has to keep the bodyguard and the priesstess
occuppied for a little bit more.  However, it seems
that it's the bodyguard with the staff the most
dangerous opponent, because it seems that the staff is
capable of powerful magic.  So he decides to keep the
bodyguard busy.  Jordi uses his shield EL defensively,
and attacks with his sword, hoping to
kill/incapacitate the guard as quickly as posible. 
He's very concerned about the priesstess, but he can't
avoid facing the bodyguard without suicidal risks.
      The only thing Jordi can do is to move himself
around the guard in an anti-clockwise movement, to
avoid being ambushed by the priesstess, and to place
the bodyguard between the priesstess and him, just in
       Jordi begins to think that he must end quickly
with the fight, to heal magically himself quickly, so
Neva doesn't get worried by his wounds...


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