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Thanks for the Halloween jokes!

Ben'Dar wasn't mentioned in the final group who was in the warehouse room with the portal...so I'm assuming that he stayed in the other room with FarSeeker and the faerries.  That's ok because Ben'Dar probably wouldn't walk out and leave Farseeker to face down 15 belligerent faerries all alone.  :-)


It seems to Ben'Dar that some in the party know the Faerries and there even seem to be some friendships between them.  But he also sees how quickly that "friendship" seems to evaporate when the Faerries start demanding things.

Ben'Dar stands nearby Farseeker, silently backing him up.  Though he cannot understand the language, he understands the body language and arrogance of these strangers well enough.  Spear in hand, he glares at the Faerry leader as Farseeker argues with him.  Ben'Dar's facial expression is growing openly hostile as the noise volume of the argument increases...

Ben'Dar will not initiate any attack, but he is ready for a fight if one breaks out, having missed ALL the action involved with the flying ship.  ;-)  He does not like the attitude on display by these diminutive newcomers (at least they're newcomers to Ben'Dar).

If he ends up moving to the warehouse room where the portal is, Ben'Dar will enter the portal if he is encouraged to do so, though reluctantly.  He will be a little suspicious of this mysterious magic of unknown origin.  But if the rest of the party is going, he will shrug and step through also.
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