[pnpgm] Plan and other stuff

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Thu Oct 21 09:35:01 CEST 2004

As FisherKing is not yet buried Z'leyra takes a feather and gives it to
Caladan saying "For the use you propose FisherKing would want you to have
"Hmmm...wonder if your spell works with dragon skin? That would certainly
distract the airship crew if a dragon overflew them a few times."

"Sorry guys, I didn't have enough magic to learn how to communicate with the
hippogriff. I doubt I can control it well enough to have it ridden. I may
try to have it follow me towards the airship, maybe it would distract the
crew, even fight for us if the crew attacked it."
When she goes she will indicate to the hippogriff to follow her.

To Ben'Dar "I will talk with you about Ticasi and horses later, when we have
time to converse."
To Jordi "Yes, as a healer I would like those items. I hope that I will
again have an eagle as companion, the hood would then be useful when in
    "Certainly it would be a good idea to prepare to fight if we fail in
downing the ship."

To Thig and Kaylle "Fly up using cloud as cover till close then go invisible
and help distract the crew or get the jar if I cannot. We are going for the
jar, not to fight."

If we have to leave the hippogriff behind she will release the fascination
on the hippogriff when we leave Clima.

Shows the Chalcedony stone(s) to Thig and Kaylle asking if they could tell
if it was enhanced or enhancable, if partially enhanceable can they tell
which parts?

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