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Sat Oct 2 10:45:04 CEST 2004

     After hugging & kissing Neva, Jordi withdraws
some meters from her, and studies her to see if she is
wounded.  He smiles at her, and simply says:
     "Just a minor consideration... when I said that I
will kill half the dragons of the middle world to
marry you... well, I imagine that you didn't take it
to the letter, did you? Perhaps with this one my uncle
will be satisfied and we will have his blessing..."
     (OOC: After just one dragon, even overconfident
Jordi decides that it is enough...).
      Some points:
      a) Jordi has experience for a succesful
concealing mist & a failed concealing mist.  But Jordi
cast a concealing mist (that dissappeared against the
fire wall) previously that is not recorded.
      b) Jordi can cast a Regeneration spell, EL 0
(but perhaps 1 with Sidh Tongue help) to help heal
Cholan's damaged hand.  Will it be better than healing
      c) Jordi's spear:
         "Thank you, Ben'dar, but why don't you keep
my spear for a while? Just imagine that we find
something nasty until you find another spear... If you
don't mind, keep my spear until you have another."
      d) Are Jordi's sword & shield usable?
      e) Try to discover if Akat, Zenon of Goidan, and
Zabil, Eti of Aratad, are between the survivors of
combat.  If they are, try to speak with them.  In the
Climan scrolls they were mentioned, if I remember
correctly, as being fond of elves.
      f) "What is the Hand of Sammael Sect? Does
someone know what is it?"
      g) "Hummm... there is a Marentian contact called
Arkella, and another one called Corizon.  Men (or a
women) who work for the clymans... it will be a good
idea to capture them as soon as posible... also, he
mentions something about someone called Dura, in Sivas
city... I think that I remember that name, but I'm not
sure; can someone help me?".
      h) "I think that I have understod correctly the
scrolls; then, we need to find 4 pieces that make the
great artifact of power; this staff is one.  And the
rest?  And we need to learn from the necklace story...
it seems that these wonderful, powerful artifacts
curse their masters if used.  I believe we must
disperse and hide them again."


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