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Wed Dec 22 21:29:49 CET 2004


Comrades! I thank you for guarding my back and for being good 
brothers-in-arms. We fought the good fight and helped defeat evil. I am 
proud to have served with you.

I plan on asking the King to support a school of healing. Hopefully with 
at least seven masters of various healing arts each master will only be 
responsible for teaching one day each week. I hope to heal and teach one 
day a week. One day each week I will study. The rest of the time I shall 
buy or lease a small manor, set up a forge and make items to enchant.

I hope to eventually spend as much time as necessary to make and enchant 
for each of you: a shield, a set of light armor, a helm, a weapon with 
enchanted sheath and an amulet or charm. This will take time. I figure I 
can make an amulet or charm in about one day. A knife or throwing dagger 
would also take one day. Other things take longer to make. It will take 
nine days to make (AV1) quilted or leather armor. I will enchant it to 
equal normal chainmail in protective value (AV3) and can have enchanted 
Ringmail (also AV3) to put over it. The Ringmail will take another 9 

This can be modified. For example, if you already have a magical weapon 
you might prefer medium armor rather than another magical weapon. 
Perhaps you would prefer two magical daggers rather than one larger 
weapon. I will also make each of you high on the priority list if you 
wish to buy an special ordered item from me.

To be fair I shall rotate through the items you choose to have made. I 
will also have to make items for sale, to pay my expenses. The later I 
make an item the more powerful it will be. As my experience increases so 
does the power of my enchantments. Please, tell me privately (and cc to 
Scott) what and in what order you would like made and enchanted.

Basically I offer to make the products of my forge, my jewelry skill and 
my enchantment ability available to each of you. I have already 
committed to making armor out of the Storm Dragon hide for Ben'Dar, that 
will take awhile, perhaps 16 or 25 days. I expect I shall do that 
several months from now as that hide will take more experience to 
enchant fully. In addition to the standard magics for armor and weapons 
I offer to enchant a sheath or armor with protection against chaos 
magics, even an immunity to the simplest of chaos spells.

I soon shall be able to create a brooch that prevents one from being 
surprised while sleeping AND magically heals you (for 10 points) 
overnight. As it is magical healing, care should be taken to avoid being 
magically healed twice inside a day. It will be particularly valuable to 
mages as it also helps them regenerate an extra 10 mana per night. This 
would be an item that would have to be dedicated to the wearer when it 
was enchanted. Blood would be needed for the spell to succeed. Another 
item that I could make is a ring that should help fortune favor you in 
countless small ways. As gamblers would see these as cheats I suggest 
you do not gamble while wearing it. Nor do I plan to sell these to 
strangers. I do hope that I will be able to create an amulet that allows 
one to see a short way in the dark for a short period once or perhaps 
twice each night. I could create an item that might boost one's speed 
for a bit once per day.

[Time to create items: AV5 shield - 7 days; AV8 shield 10 days; AV1 
armor or helm 9 days; AV2 armor or helm - 16 days; weapon WSB-1 - 1 day; 
WSB0 - 4 days; WSB+1 - 9 days. The enchantment only takes minutes, 
though it may drain many days worth of magic to cast. She is unlikely to 
get to more than 10 days worth of work for each of you within the next 
90 days.]

I offer this free to you, my comrades in arms, but if you are in a rush 
I will need money as I will have expenses and I may not have enough 
money to cover the costs. If I do not have enough money I will take time 
to make and enchant items for sale. I do offer room at whatever manor I 
acquire for you to stay, at least for awhile. I could use an apprentice 
armorer who could get some instruction in the skill while helping me 
create items. I hope one or more of you will consent to be my 
bodyguard(s). I will of course be hiring servants. If you wish to be a 
teacher I do hope to learn certain skills. Carrying, various weapon 
skills, et cetera. But it may be some time before I have time available 
to learn any but the simplest skills.

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