[pnpgm] Game update #31? File #52? - Time moves on..

pnpgm pnpgm at softhome.net
Thu Dec 16 06:34:55 CET 2004

  As you have seen no update Monday..

  Heres some poor excuses...In the form of Letterman's top 10

  10) Shopping - Busy shoping and got more to do!
   9) Earth Sea - Series on Sci-fi show very excellent series!
   8) Holiday Season - General busy busy
   7) Busy with other projects like pnp Monster file :)
   6) BBS Mail Issue problem (with my BBS bulletin board system)
   5) BBS Operating System Issue
   4) Waiting for other actions...
   3) Lightning friday took out my phone lines [fixed monday]
   2) Lightning took out my main computer modem (fried, on backup]

 And today..#1 problem..
   1) Put brother in hospital yesterday with mysterious leg infection.

 But seriously.  I've been working on 3 month activities for everyone
 but Unali, Jordi, Chion, Z'leyra, Ben'dar.  Will do those later
 when I annouce it (no need to send in yet).  Everyone is done bu
 those above.  Just finished Thig few minutes ago.

 Next item is to finish the 2 week stuff for the group above.  I'll
 be emailing folks when done.  Ben'dar, Chion, Jordi and Z'leyra
 likely in that order.  Unali I didn't get anything from you?
 Must be busy :)

 Once 2 weeks are done will work on next update...


 Friday - 80% of update.  If things go well
 Monday - 100% chance of update
 Friday - X-mas even  likely 50% chance.  Due to I figure everyone
   being busy you guys wouldn't want to be bogged down in game
   stuff so if I do it'll just be a info update.  Not sure yet.

 I hope to have this adventure cleared up by end of year if we work
 fast :)

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