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         Game Update #13 sequence (file #75)

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            From Mournath: [Re: Actions]
                 Sorry for the delay in posting. The holidays have been murder.

                 Mournath moves very slowly, 
knowing that fast motions may entice the serpent 
to bite. He moves to grab his nearby knife ever so slowly.

                 [action] what I HOPE to do is to 
slowly pierce the cloth of my pants not too close 
to the snake, then very quickly slice the pant 
leg and lift the snake (hopefully cutting it 
apart) with the blade, flinging it from my person.
            GM: Ack.  No problem on delay you did fine even posting early. ;)

            From Varo: [Re: Actions]
                 [ As an FYI & because I have 
questions: according to my expense records for 
Varo, she bought Healing twice (2nd level?, 2 
points of Healing?) - not sure of the game’s 
phrase/term. I assume she chooses how many POW 
pts to use per each Healing chance. I will in 
future specify the points or level (?) used. Does 
a healing spell negate or neutralize 
venoms/poisons? I only saw info on wounds, so if 
Mournath gets injured she can help, but idk about 
the poison; I know she will help with first aid 
at her current level of knowledge/skill, & she 
has the healing kit, which might have something 
to help remove poison, but I’m a bit unsure of 
what its contents can do. I should think that as 
she travels, she already has some kind of 
snakebite kit (small lancet, a leather-strip 
tourniquet, a suction device & an ointment for 
poisons). I never specified she had one with her 
healing kit, but such bits could already be being carried in supplies.]

                 Varo will continue to do guard 
duty as usual, although now that 

            GM: Ack. Yeah RQ2 is very limited on 
info.  But it was made over 4 decades ago. ;) Bit 
based on how it is the kit would be very very 
basic bandages and such. Anything to stop 
bleeding but nothing to heal like rq6.   So I'd 
assume no snake stuff would be default.  There is 
a skill healing plants? I'd assume can help 
locate such plants but again with basic rq2 rules 
its lacking.  So why hoping for votes. As to 
spells yes list what level you play and some pow 
points equal level but may vary spell to spell.

            From Gerald: [Re: Varo's Post]
                 Good post very good ideas.
            GM: Ack. I did notice RQ2 implies 
there is a first aid cult skill taught by a 
certain cult.  Maybe when they designed things 
they had wanted to specialize the skills like healing but got sidetracked?

         [New Stuff]

         [Wildday, Death week, Storm Season, 
1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
       [Time: Afternoon – North of Demark]
         [Time: 9:22 pm]

         [Once at new stream and torches used to clean by...]

            Razgor is happy to be able to dry his 
wet washed clothes near the fire and finally get 
some sleep. All this traveling in wild places is not what he was looking for.


         [Waterday, Fertility week, Storm Season, 1625, Genertela, Glorantha]
         [Time: 4:36 am]

            Varo will continue to do guard duty 
as usual, although now that she noticed Mournath 
moving a bit, she will glance back at him & the 
others occasionally as well as listening, & 
watching for danger from the edges & outside of 
camp. She also glances at the horses for any 
signs of restlessness that might bear 
investigation. [idk if horses can sense any 
snakes in camp from where they are.] She 
currently notices nothing to cause alarm at the 
moment, but her bow is ready, & she wears her 
rapier, as usual, with her shield on her back.

            Mournath reaches for his knife and 
tries to lean up without moving his leg which is 
not a easy task.  He gets the knife and up 20 
degrees but cant reach his full leg.  He moves up 
more now 45 degrees and only his foot moves 
slightly.  Then using back muscles strained to 
its limits he sits up and moves the knife from 
hip down toward the knee  He slices open the 
fabric and is glad he doesn’t have heard leather 
or armor on.  The snake stops moving and its head 
is about a fingers length below his thigh.

            The knee shifts and the snake can 
sense danger and lunges out not at the bony hip 
or the family jewels but toward the upper leg and 
bites down.  Now the snake is exposed an Mournath 
lifts the snake up and the mouth declamps.  Now 
snake hisses directly at Mournaths face which is about a hands length away.

            Varo turns and rushes toward 
Mournath.  The horses show no sign of being scared.

            With snake head on tip of blade and 
moving to engage the arm Mournath stretches 
skyward to pull the snake body out of his 
pants.  Then before it can lunge he tosses and 
flips the snake to his left with his knife.  At 
the same time he rolls right and stands in a  second.

            Varo spots the snake and slices it – 
taking off its head in quick move.

            Mournath quickly checks his bite wound.

            The boots jogging by wakes Jaren and Marusks.

            Maurska yawns and sees Varo over a 
decapitated snake.  He gets closer and looks at 
Mournath.  He picks up the snake body, “No need 
to fear.  This isn't poisonous.  Pure black body 
with no red or yellow.  It's a rat snake of some kind.”

            The guide look sat the leg wound, 
“barely even broke skin so no venom it seems.  You'll be fine.”

            Then he goes back to bed.

            Mournath cleans up and then figures 
his new pants will have a thin slice down it but 
will not be overaly cold.  With leg leather or fur it'll be fine.

            As breakfast is made Maruksa fries up 
the snake and says better not to waste it. For 
that day there is no encounters and the weather is good.

         [Windsday, Fertility week, Storm Season, 1625, Genertela, Glorantha]
         [Time; 7:12 am]

           The party emerges on the side of a 
mountain looking over a deep valley to left and 
front/north.  Mists and light clouds can be seen 
at the top of the valley.  Maruska points to 
left, “this time of year those mountains have 
severe rock slides so dangerous for the 
horses.  We'll head that way to the east..northeast.”

         [Time: 9:40 am]

           Party is now about 130 miles north of Demark or so now.

           Party stops and hydrates themselves 
and horses.  Mournath notices a batch of berry – 
that are good to eat – bushes and pluck 
many.  Varo is combing her horse when she cocks 
her head.  She shakes her head and figures it was a bird she heard.

            Rocky talks to Razgar about the 
greatness of dwarf battle axes compared to some 
human ones.  But it is a fun argument.

            Varo stops and looks around.  She 
hears the sound of what seems to be crying?  It has to be a bird right?

            Jeren looks around he must've noticed it.

            Veren waves his hand, “let's go!”

            Varo looks hesitant and Maruska 
places his water skin back on his belt. “Is that a person?”

            Veren looks over, “what?”

            The guide says, “concentrate and hear 
...sounds like its to the east.”

            Veren shakes his head.

            Varo then realizes it is indeed a 
person.  The sound of the forest seems to carry it over some distance.

            Varo mounts up and moves slightly east but not far.

            Maruska looks over to Vern, 'should 
we investigate? Sounds like a person may be wounded.”

            Veren scowls, “probably a 
trap....probably a bird...but I rather not be 
side tracked for too long....we can do a quick check.”

            The party moves from going north to 
east.  Four or so minutes later Juno spots a form 
about 80 or so feet away.  He grunts and points.

            The horses then neigh and muffle in a 
normal way.  The form seem sot stand and run 
east.  Varo and Razgor can tell its a young boy.

            Varo more from instinct than 
awareness trots forward.  The distance slowly 
decreases between both horse and kid.  Veren 
says, “watch area....move forward carefully...”

            The kid stumbles and falls and rolls 
over.  Varo stops about 20 feet away and 
dismounts with hand on rapier in case others are 
nearby.  The kid's face shows signs of tears and 
he speaks but she doesn't understand.  She asks 
in tradetalk if he is ok.  The kid replies in 
a  rough trade talk, “don't hurt me.  I am 
lost...need to find help for my village.”

            By now the party gets within 20 feet 
behind her but spots no tracks or any other person in the bushes.

            The Kid around 8-9 is dressed in 
plain cloth pants and shirt not well done and 
looks to be peasant quality.  He has no weapons 
aside from a sling, pouch on his belt and a water skin.

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next Update...Tue/Wed!

         GM: A short update.  I hope everyone has 
a good new years. Wanted to get this out before 
then.  Though I guess too late for Wout. :) So my 
vacations are all over and will go back to normal 
Tue/wed days off.  So update chances will be 
those days or maybe Fri/Sat if I'm lucky. So may 
still get 2 updates if things go well. However I 
am strongly considering a early early 
retirement.  Cutting back hours say from 40 to 32 
hours.  Work less and get off earlier.  If so 
that could give me a few hours each day to do 
update as well.  Figure do that for 3-4 years 
till I fully do a early retirement.  See ya guys next year!

         GM: Healing Votes: [Deadline 1/15]

                 RQ6 – Varo, Juno.Solace
                 No vote/Doesn’t matter - Wout.Broere

         GM: 130 Miles out – personal note for me.

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