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[Repost of Current update]

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	Game Update #-23 sequence (file #13)

	Admin: Removed Panthera  for now.  Rules post.
	   From Panthera/Pyan: [Re: Actions]
		Hello everyone.
		I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to take 
part in the RQ game.  It's been too stressful 
trying to learn the new system and deal with 
everything else in my life right now.
		It's 'the straw the broke the camel's back' if you will.
		I finally got the order for the CPAP machine to 
treat my sleep apnea that should take 2 months 
for it starts to take effect and really help.
		Hopefully, by the time the RQ game is over, 
I'll be in a better position and be able to join the game after it.
		Best of luck to all of you,
Alta(AKA Pyan)
	   GM: Ack.  Understood. Goof luck – Health is 
more important than game.  You are free to join later.

       [New Stuff]

	   Normally I keep updates story based.  For 
purposes of this post and the Combat Demo update 
will be more with GM notes embedded.
	   In a way this is confirmation that after 30 
years I still understand the rules myself. So its 
not only for you but for myself.  This is no 
particular order. Feel free to comment or ask 
questions.  I never intended for you guys to 
learn every rule detail just a basic subset of characters.

	   * Defense – Say you have a Defense 20%.  You 
can use this against multiple targets. So 2 
targets would use 10% each.  A minimum of 5% is 
required.  So an attacker has 40 and 35%.  Thus 
his roll is 40-10=30% and 35-10=25% on d100.  I 
will assume 1 target unless you state otherwise.

	   * Time: A week is a bit odd. Most use of the 
week is for mechanics on training or other 
factors.  But since game may be at most 2 weeks I 
figure I'll do 1 day = 1 week in that regard.  1 
Turn = 5 min or 25 Melee rounds.  This is why the 
Strike Rank uses 12 in a way as a good number of 
divider.  1 Round = 12 seconds.  So keep this in 
mind for speeches.  In 12 seconds one could do 
fast order or “surrender now or suffer the might 
of my Light Sword and bow to the god of Orlanth!” 
To me that's about 7-9 seconds talking.

	   * Movement – Walk – Typically at 10 hours a 
day can do about 20 KM a day. Ride/Walk – 20 
KM  day. Humans do 8 units a round or 3 m or 10 
feet each.  So 80 feet per round.  Movement does 
take away from strike rank use  So consider this when you do combat.

	   * Encumberance – Each item has a figure to be 
honest this is a bit of a stretch at 
times.  There is supposedly a set KG=1 item.  But 
as the RQ versions change so does this.  I 
emailed each of you if you have issues.  Some 
solved this with horses.  But you will need to 
let me know what you carry on horse and on 
person.  Since we (some) do have horses I'm 
leaning to a “loose” use of this rule. So 
basically one takes STR+CON/2 is what one can 
carry and max of STR is the #.  So STR 12, Con 10 
can carry 11 with ease and max of 12.  IF ENC -1 
to Movement, -5% to Defense, +1 to all Strike 
Ranks, -5% of all skills per point over ENC.  Max 
ENC technically 1.5 x STR but another part says just STR.
   Max Enc - 1.5 x STR

	   * Melee Round – Like pnp 4 segments or 
phases.  1. Intention- Statement of Intent.  For 
a pbem this is less critical.  But need to be 
specific.  If you attack or parry you need to say 
so.  If you cast spell then attack say so.  2. 
Movement of Non Engaged pcs – If one has not 
moved 50% of their movement one can do other 
feats or actions.  3. Spell, Missile/Melee 
resolution.  Success (+), Fail (-).  If 
Attacker+/Defender- - Defender takes damage.  If 
Attack+/Defender+ then weapon/shield is 
affected.  If Attack-/Defender+ and Defender 
parries attacker weapon is affected.  Each attack 
is done in Strike Rank order lowest to highest 
(1-12).  if strike rank equal DEX is used to see 
who is faster.  Phase 4- bookkeeping This is my 
main thing for making notes on experience and 
such.  A attack roll of 96-00 is always a miss.

	   * Strike Rank – As stated earlier each item 
or spell has a SR.  So I check 1 to 12. So if 
Player A has a SR of 4 and B 8 the 4 attacks 
first.  To 'prepare' or change a weapon costs 5 
SRs.  So Player A at 4 wants to switch dagger to 
sword would be now at 9 but could not do so.  So 
would attack after B now. So intent is part of 
process if you hold a weapon I'll assume its 
still in main hand.  To move 3 meters is +1 
SR.  Later RQs use Rune and Spirit magic to start 
early SR 1 or 2. But RQ2 is more loose.  I listed 
on sheet your spell SRS based on Dex.  For magic 
a hand must be free to focus.  So using a 2 
handed sword to cast magic would be a change. So 
Spell is sr 3 to free the hand and not use sword 
or switch to dagger would be +5 or SR8 spell.

	   * Damage notes: Based on D20 hit 
locations.  If take 6x to 1 spot if not healed 
(healing 6) in 2 min that limb/area is 
useless.  Heal 1 per game week. That's where that 
'week' seems harsh.  So 1 day natural healing 
seems better. Notice from my stats no healing 
roll like HC in pnp.  So probably  Con x 5.  A 
Critical is always 5% of skill/attack.  No armor 
protects on crits so Sword Attack is 30% a Crit 
would be 1.5% or 2% 1-2 on D100.  A parry Crit 
means the item takes 2x damage.  Fumble is a 00 
(100) if skill/action is 5-20% giving a range of 
96-00 would be a fumble (00 regardless). Per 20% 
its -1%.  Impale is 40% of attack so for weapons 
that impale they are stuck if impaled.  So Sword 
at 40% has a 16% chance of impale.  It takes 
effort to remove the item.  If you parry a impale 
and the ENC of item is >2 then its stuck.  If 
ENC>1 can break out in 5 rounds, Otherwise not 
affected.  I only give this info for knowledge as 
I'd do the book keeping for you guys.

	   * Experience: Each use of a skill or stat can 
earn you experience.  There is no CEP like in 
pnp.  Generally a check is given to a skill once 
per scenario or once per 'week'.  Since I've 
decided to use 1 day as a week mechanic I will 
use that.  This allows greater experience for 
this pbem rather than table top session. So you 
use 100-Skill/Attack% as core roll.  To this roll 
you use a int bonus (if INT 13-18) +3 over 
12.  IF success you earn +5%. So Joe Int 14 uses 
sword 65% has a 35% chance +6 (int) or 41% to get that 5%.

	   * Split Attack: If your skill is >50% you may 
split your attacks to more than 1 target.  Would 
divide up attack% among targets.  A Missile Parry 
has a base 20% plus parry%.  But this was tweaked 
later so may not be used. Honestly its hard to parry arrows. :)

	   * Range: Thrown items like a rock is 20 
feet.  Projectile Medium range is 1/2x effective 
range.  Long is Medium max to 2x Effective 
range.  So a bow doing 100 would have effective 
100, medium to 50, long 50-200.  Slight roll 
chances for ranges.  Just a FYI here.

	   * Magic- POW (your spirit) is used to fuel 
magic like Mana is in pnp.  You heal POW 
(regenerate) 0.25xPOW every 6 hours.  Limit – A 
brain can store so much and based on INT.  So if 
INT 14 can store 14 spell points (Healing 3, 
Bladesharp 2, etc).  If you can't hold it all it 
takes 1 point per hour to 'switch'.  I've not 
confirmed if this is a issue per pc.  But this is 
a loose rule for me.  Magic requires a focus like 
a wand or rune (tattoo) to focus his sight / 
concentration on else it takes 2 rounds to cast 
that spell.  I will assume you have a wand or 
some focus.  To hold in hand.  It might be good 
to let me know what you use.  Runes are mostly 
for Rune Magic not Battle Magic.  If you are 
damaged while casting you do not lose the POW 
trying to cast (unlike pnp) but must try 
again.  Spell strike ranks use DEX and range 1-4 
(1 best).  IF you are unready (focus not at hand 
or not concentrating) +5 to spell SR.  To resist 
a spell it is POW vs POW (like MDV in pnp).  If 
both are equal then its 50%.  If > +5% per point 
or < -5% per point.  So POW 14 (A) and POW 16 
(B).  B attacks A and A resists at 70%.  A 
Attacks B at 40%. Spell time – Instant – SR to 
SR12 so same round.  Temporary – a set me 
predetermined.  Permanent – 1 round to 
permanent.  Rune and Spirit magic can affect 
range and duration of things as well but that's advanced.
	   * Cult- Cults are the center of culture as 
are city and clan.  Mostly cult vs cult battles 
do not exist.  Even non humans like trolls can 
join human cults.  This is the mythos.  So run 
your pc based on your cult background.

	   * Optional Combat – RQ2 has optional combat 
rules.  IF I decide to use them will advise with some notice.

	   * Character stuff follows.  In RQ everyone 
has a history Each has seen rough times from 
16-21 years of age.  It is assumes each person 
has other duties like farming or such in this 
world among adventure duties. Name – a Name leads 
to reputation and is important to share discord 
and name gives power.  This doesn't mean not to 
keep names secret but that enemies or allies are 
formed on names. Reputation – Not everyone used 
this stat.  When you encounter others that person 
rolls d100 to see if they know you.  Thus a 20% 
Rep can affect response from the exchange (fear, 
intimidation, hate, etc). Keep in mind your 
country and job while role playing.  So if you 
are a clan oriented culture play that.  If you 
are snobbish play that.  Role playing is best this way.

	   * Attributes: STR, DEX, etc can be used often 
for actions.  You must tell me such actions as I 
will not just roll unless its secret. You can 
earn stat points based on experience and use.

	   * Passions: RQ2 does not handle Passions, 
Runes or such as do later versions.  But I will 
loosely. You should put the passions and runes 
into account as you role play.  This is critical 
for the character.  Let's say Loyalty – Clan is 
60%.  If you just do not care what happens to 
your clan this is OOC as it should be 60% of your 
concern.  With that said one can use passions or 
runes or form runes to augment a action.  This is 
done in later versions. But I can use this 
system.  So lets say a dragon lands you can use 
Hate – Dragons 60% to augment a hide in woods 
skill.  So if you succeed you could get a bonus 
to skill to hide better as you are afraid.  But 
augments can backfire as if you are not 
augmenting a Death Rune but you use healing a lot 
that could backfire and give modifiers.  This 
means a death cult member would not go around 
healing and giving first aid its OOC.  So if you 
want to augment let me know public or private and 
I'll do so and you can can earn a experience 
check on that passion or rune.  Say Sartar has 
Air rune they would naturally get benefits for 
Air spells like storm compared to say Earth 
spells like crops or such.  You need to let me 
know what you use in this area like Honor or Hate Chaos or such.

	   * Skills- Oddly RQ2 does not give much info 
on skills per se.  It assumes RPG experience.  If 
you do not have a skill you can use the Base 
Chance plus bonus to roll on.  Say Herding is 10% 
and Knowledge is 5% you use 15% even if you don't 
know Herding so well.  If you do not say what 
skill you are using I may not give you a check 
mark for experience.  Unless it is super 
obvious.  Languages – Not many pcs dealt with 
this.  Tradetalk is the common language so I hope 
you can understand some of it.  If not it will be difficult for you.

	GM: Actions? Comments?

	    Next Update...Saturday or next week...

	GM: That should cover the gist of RQ and how I 
handle things.  Basically for you guys just role 
play 95% and 5% let me know what you are 
doing.  So with Pyan leaving we are at 
100%.  I've not heard back on Bess if she is 100% 
yet but I hope to soon.  Since its mid week I'll 
do the combat update (demo) either Saturday or 
next week.  As I typed the above I recall a pc 
was trying to be a Rune priest. Could that player 
email me?  I need to check if we finished that up 
or not.  If using Rune magic or 
not.  Thanks.  Still got lots to do myself as 
outlined in last update.  Folks can still do IBT 
as probably have a year to work on that. ;) Just 
got email from Wout on his background so he's 
100% So only waiting to hear from Bess.

	   If you want to see an Actual Play of RQ using 
the above rules and even the info on augmenting I 
mentoined above see this video!


	   Here is another plug for Gilbert's games

	I'd love to do a voice virtual game like Gilbert 
but time is sucha  major issue.  Alex in Alaska 
and Wout in Europe is what 8-10 hours?  Sigh.

	   * IBT: 24 Days (format may mess up in email)

	  	  Player  		Status
		Arawn		Not supplied
		Dorhak	Not supplied
		Fremea	Not supplied		
		Kiet		Not supplied
		Pyandalgor	Not supplied
		Raddok	Not supplied
		Unali		Not supplied
		Opus		Given – Not processed - #1 Queue – Started about 20% done.
		Z'leyra	Not supplied

	  	  Player  	Status
		Tobie		100% done
		Panther	About 10%?
		Bess H 	Given starting versions – About 85% done
		Wout 		Helped create – 85% done – Need gear/spells
		Gerald	98% need background
		Alex K 	Finished – Not processed - #1 in Queue
	      Gilbert 	100% done need to review sheet

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