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Sex.....Character Name...Player..................Type....Notes.....
Female.Varo Mineholder..Bess.Hadley......Merchant..Human...........

Veren Nor Tarek.

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	Game Update #4 sequence (file #34)

	Admin: None.

	   From Rocky: [Re: Actions]
		Being a dwarf of his word Rocky will get his shield on and go 

	   GM: Ack.

	   From Tobie: [Re:Actions]
		Upon hearing the dwarf say gave word, Klorgar will follow him out.
	   GM: Ack.

	   From Mournath: [Re: Actions]
		Mournath sits at the bar nursing a mulled wine as he contemplates 

	   GM: Ack.  Using old pnp name.  Nice. :) Easy for me to remember.

	   From Mounath: [Re: Actions]
		Continuing to sit, apparently uninterested in the near-brawl 

	   GM: Ack.

	   From Varo: [Re: Actions]
		Upon Rocky's declaration, Varo feels pleased, although she 

		[Scott, I neglected to add 50 arrows & a small 
can of oil for the lamp – she will need them. She 
should also have a bedroll with 2 blankets, a 
small tent & tent stakes. All this stuff should 
be with her horse, as the mare is carrying it. 
(or will be, if she now needs to buy it.) She’s 
been sleeping in inns most of the time, but basic 
camping equipment should have been in her 
inventory (but I forgot), so better use any L now, if need to.]
	   GM: Ack. Yes its good to have ammo else folks 
may wanna fire bows but no arrows. :) I'll add the info to sheet.  Thanks.

	   From Gerald: [Re: actions]
		Juno says, “My name is Juno, Juno Solace. 

		[ooc I need a few more javelins can I get three or four more?] Â Â
		[ ooc: Cast coordination spell on the dwarf.]
	   GM: Ack. Name added to Roster.  Will add 
Javelins.  Ack.  As to spell will see if Rocky 
agrees if there is combat will do so if not then skip it as wasted.

	   From Rocky: [Re: Actions]
		After Juno whispers in his ear Rocky nods and continues walking out 

	   GM: Ack. Did not respond to spell offer so will assume no?

       [New Stuff]

	[Clayday, Death, Storm Season, 1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
    	[Town of Demark]
       [Time: 12:16 pm – using earth equivalent for ease]

	   Being a dwarf of his word Rocky will get his 
shield on and go outside after the troll <saying 
to troll, "One punch only!"> and allow the troll 
one strike with his fist, but will attempt to 
dodge and block it with his shield. Either way he 
will attempt to stop the fight there. If the 
troll won't stop he will draw his sword to 
threaten the troll and say stop...if still 
attacked he will fight. If needed he will cast healing on himself afterwards.

	   Upon hearing the dwarf say gave word, Klorgar will follow him out.

	   The troll stands and grunts.  Then moves 
outside with the militia giving a wide 
berth.  Some of the others join and the militia 
go outside taking spots in a circle 
around.  Those on the street see the troll and 
scatter making the 2 dozen or so on street cower away.

	   Mournath sits at the bar nursing a mulled 
wine as he contemplates the now-empty bowl of 
stew that sits before him. His tall, lean body 
shifts on the uncomfortable stool. It's been 
weeks since anything of interest has happened 
around him and this miserable town seems to offer 
more of the same. When Veren Nor Tarek makes his 
declaration, Mournath's interest is gained, but 
he does not turn his head to watch the speaker. 
To himself, Mournath contemplates the thieves and 
robbers that will likely take the old man up on 
his offer, only to stab him in the back once they 
are clear of this town. Or, having been led back 
to his destination and his 'vault,' they may well 
wait for the larger payout and rob him there. 
Mournath continues to sip his wine, stroking the 
long, braided hairs of his beard as he listens 
intently to each of the potential 'employees' 
that wander up, taking note of the attitude, bearing, and looks of each.

	   Continuing to sit, apparently uninterested in 
the near-brawl taking place, Mournath waits until 
Veren Nor Tarek and his new employees leave. 
Turning to the bartender, Mournath pays his bill, 
then puts a little extra down and asks the 
barkeep, "What do you know of Veren Nor Tarek and 
those that took him up on his offer?"

	   The barkeep who left to find the militia is 
busy as a bee behind the bar catching up on his 
duties.  Once the troll and dwarf leave he 
becomes relieved.  No damage to the bar for a 
change!  He stops and looks at the lean man, 
“Tarek? Fairly new.  I hear he was kind of lost 
and disoriented when he came to town.  He sought 
out a healer and then a place to sleep.  Hes been 
asking for a local guide. That tall guy that sat 
behind him? He seems to be a private body guard 
for some reason.  He spread word of this 
engagement and waited a few days.  Not sure what 
he did in between.  Not much on him otherwise.  I 
did hear he visited the local library.  Keep in 
mind this is a town so that consists of maybe 40 
books.  The scribe who owns it said he spent 
hours in there.  But seemed disappointed.  No 
idea what he was looking for though.   As to the 
others?   One of them is a Sun Dome temple 
guard.  He just looks the part and from what I've 
heard acts like them. That Varo gal is known in 
these parts as a merchant and trader.  She 
probably won't last a day in the wild before 
scared by snakes or bugs!  She tried to sell me 
pottery like that's what I need!  As to others 
not sure on them.  If your going to join them you 
better speak to Tarek before he leaves.”  Then he 
goes back to work and dishing out stew.
	   Mournath sees the possible fight outside and 
smiles.  A good target for street 
pickpockets.  Folks distracted by the fight and they clean them out.

	   Upon Rocky's declaration, Varo feels pleased, 
although she says nothing. She merely smiles, and 
follows the dwarf & the others outside. She 
slides her rapier slightly out of its sheath for 
a moment to check its readiness to be drawn & 
waits to see if her support will be needed. She 
sees others of this new troupe also following & 
watches them all as best she can. There will be a 
definite communication problem with some; she 
wonders if there might be some common language 
among them, or one easy enough to learn – then 
impatiently dismisses the thought for later 
consideration to concentrate on the troll. She 
also glances around at nearby buildings – she 
should be sure she has at least 50 arrows with 
her & a small can of oil for her lamp, & check 
her camping gear to see what she's lacking.

	   Juno says, “My name is Juno, Juno Solace.”

	   Tarek turns around before going outside, “good to meet you Juno.”

	   Juno heads outside to the street.

	   Juno walks up to the dwarf and whispers in 
his ear, “I can cast a spell on you to make you faster would that help?”

	   After Juno whispers in his ear Rocky nods and 
continues walking out to meet the troll. Once 
outside he tells the troll " One fist strike at 
me, hit or miss, without me hitting back. One only. Are you ready?"

	   The Troll grunts and sees Rocky lift his 
shield.  Human think him clever to use shield and 
did not bargain on that!  But if human wants to 
cheat so be it. In his cult he has trained with 
humans who use shields.  He knows tricks as well! 
The Troll looks around at the new friends of 
Tarek and the militia.  He grunts and nods.

	   The troll raises both fists which Rocky knows 
is a way to confuse a possible target.  The troll 
thrusts with left and Rocky pulls shield up but 
its a feint.  Then troll does it again and as 
Rocky lowers shield his right hand pushes toward 
Rocky's right ribs middle area.  Rocky fails to 
see it and misses the shield parry.  But the 
punch goes wide as Rocky turns left 
slightly.  The fist hits Rocky's right arm 
holding the shield.  But its a light tap and 
barely even felt due to his armor.

	   Rocky grins and lowers his shield.

	   The troll steps up body to body.  The Troll 
leans down to be face to face. He grunts and 
breathes hard.  Rocky can see a piece of fish 
scale the troll had 3 days ago and never cleaned 
his teeth. Plus that breath could kill a 
dragon  easy. The Troll steps back pivots 90 
degrees.  Before Rocky can reach he swings back 
around and slaps Rocky in the upper chest with back of his hand.

	   The militia and future fellow party members draw weapons.

	   Rocky's breath is knocked out and he is 
surprised.  But it was meant to do that not to 
harm.  The Troll smiles tusks gleaming, “I like 
you small rat!”  Then laughs and moves down the street.

	   Everyone breathes a sigh of relief and 
sheathes weapons.  Rocky recovers and pretends not to be harmed in any way.

	   Tarek nods and smiles, “nice work.  Barely 
know each other and you support each other.  I 
like that.  This will work. Five of you for 
now.  I was hoping to get one more person.  But 
guess no one in bar wants to also join.  I'll be 
making my leave now.  See you a hour after sunrise at east gate.  Good night.”

	   He stops remembering his plan.  “OF the five 
do you wish to eat and drink? I need to know to give the barkeep the coin.”

	GM: Actions? Comments?

	    Next Update...Next week...Tue/Wed?

	GM: Sorry I had hoped to do 2 updates.  But I 
wanted to program my RQ npc generator which I did 
mon-wed.  Tweaked Thur/Fri.  It will save me time 
5 sec compared to maybe 15-20 min rolling up 
npcs.  I uploaded it in discord btw. :) Ok.  Will 
add gear for Varo and Gerald.  Try to get any 
last minute gear in soon.  Will do update likely Monday.  Stay tuned...

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