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Female.Varo Mineholder..Bess.Hadley......Merchant..Human...........

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	Game Update #2 sequence (file #19)

	Admin: Roster updated.
	   Post from Rocky: [Re:Intro]
		The dwarf finishes his ale, stands up and walks 
over. In a deep voiced and understandable but not 
fluent Tradetalk he says "I be interested. Rocky. 

	   	Observing Rocky you see that he is large for a dwarf, obviously 

	   GM: Ack.

	   From Tobie: [Re: Intro]
		A rather well built man, human, with a long 
scare down his face on the left side, stands up 
after the dwarf says a few things. "Klorgar, friend of...

		He has an imposing Battle Axe on his side and a shield on his back....
	   GM: Ack.

	   From Wout: [Re: Intro]
		A sturdy and handsome young man steps up as well. Dressed in 

	   GM: Ack.

       [New Stuff]

	[Clayday, Death, Storm Season, 1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
    	[Town of Demark]

	   Tarek makes his pitch and shoots down one contender.

	   The dwarf finishes his ale, stands up and 
walks over. In a deep voiced and understandable 
but not fluent Tradetalk he says "I be 
interested. Names Rocky. I a hunter, have 
experience with Mostali militia as skirmisher. I 
mastered the arbalest, sling and bastard sword 
and do okay with a small shield. I practice some 
other weapons. I know Disruption, Protection and 
minor Heal. Having folks watch out for each other 
a good idea. I see better at night than you 
humans, can help with night watches."

	   Observing Rocky you see that he is large for 
a dwarf, obviously strong with massive biceps. He 
has an impressive and well combed red bead. His 
eyes are somewhere between blue and grey. He is 
wearing courboulli armor over light leather. He 
has a bastard sword, sling and hatchet on his 
belt and a dagger handle sticking out of his 
boot. At the table he was at is a large backpack 
with a couple furs tied to it, small shield and an arbalest.

	   Tarek listens and waits, actually trying to 
figure out the rough tradetalk.  He did say 
interested not “inter misted” right? Tarek nods, 
“A hunter indeed.  A not so normal job for your 
people...or so I hear.  We may need a good 
tracker and healer.” He raises his hands and uses 
body language.  “One issue. I expect you to be 
sober.  I don't mind some ale.  Granted I hear 
you all can drink humans under the table.  But 
for the most part I expect a sober fighter who is 
clear headed.  Deal? If so welcome aboard.”

	   Some notice the arbalest a powerful 
weapon.  They hope hes better in melee than 
ranged as arbalests may be used once only in a 
battle depending on how long they last.

	   A rather well built man, human, with a long 
scare down his face on the left side, stands up 
after the dwarf says a few things. "Klorgar, 
friend of Greatest General, fight for Clan and 
family, wield many weapons, ride to battle. Am tracker, protector."

	   He has an imposing Battle Axe on his side and 
a shield on his back. He is decently armored, 
with a helm sitting next to him on the table. 
Those that are able to tell, his muscles are not 
just that of fighting, but farming also. His skin 
is weather worn, he stands about 6' or more, hard to tell in all the armor.
	   Tarek nods, grunts slightly, “Klorgar, 
welcome.  You ride? Like I say I have ...issues 
with animals.  From my farm days.  So me and mounts do not get along.”

	   A young good looking man stands and moves 
forward.  But from the shadows a large bulking 
form appears.  He stands and moves abnormally 
fast toward Tarek.  He pushes the young man away 
and toward the bar grunting.  That's when folks 
realize this is a troll – Dark Men some call 
them.  A bulking human looking man/beast that has 
gray mottled skin and carries a large great sword 
on his hip wearing chainmail. He has a large 
snout and tusks that grunt and huff as he moves.

	   The Tallman behind Tarek stands and places 
hand on his sword. The Troll gets to Tarek and 
grunts, “join!” and points to himself.

	   Trolls aren't the brainy type.  Many know 
they are reclusive after Dragonkill.  Retreating 
to the Shadows Dance.  But some do join cults and 
militia or merc groups.  While it is not super 
common trolls are found in this area in towns mostly over cities.

	   Tarek grabs his throat and chokes a bit, 
“I...I...” then he comes up with an excuse.  “We 
will be traveling mostly at daytime.  You 
would...not like that.  I hear...they are hiring 
at the lumber yard. I'm sorry.”

	   The troll grunts and snorts then pounds the 
table almost cracking it. “You regret!” Then with 
his large hand swipes the mug of ale from the 
table to the floor.  The Tall man behind Tarek 
steps forward.  But the troll backs away.

	   The Barkeep yells, “you! Leave...we don't like your kind here!”

	   The troll ignores this and returns to his 
corner dark table.  Looks like hes drinking from 
a small keg he must've obtained from the bar 
somehow.  He sits and ignores the bar keep and 
drinks from the keg in large gulps.

	   Those left seem to take this cue and 
leave.  At least 5 leave right away not wanting 
to be here when a fight start.  The young man the 
troll shoved to the bar straightens his clothes then moves to Tarek.

	   A sturdy and handsome young man steps up as 
well. Dressed in leather and scale armor, covered 
by a somewhat worn long cloak, he carries sword 
and shield. He speaks a very broken Tradetalk. 
"He Razgor. He guard the temple Sun by pike. Good guard and fight."

	   He has a helmet on the table and a pike 
leaning against the wall as well. Not the largest 
man in the room and there are more muscled men around clearly.

	   Tarek nods, “Welcome with us, Razgor.  I 
respect those who protect the sun dome.”  He nods 
as the tall man behind Tarek sits back down.

	   Near the Dwarf a well dressed female seems to 
notice and take in the full scene with interest.

	   She had been enjoying a good ale, relaxing 
after a successful trading deal for a lady's 
matching set of necklace, brooch & bracelet of 
gold set with small sapphires & topazes. There 
had been word on the road of a great festival for 
Orlanth to the north, & she had ventured as far 
as Demark, where she heard of a merchant bound 
for the festival, wanting to show off his 
beautiful new bride. Her jewelry set sold at a 
nice profit (& with welcome compliments for a new 
jeweler), she was ready to go home & was 
finishing her meal, appearing just another 
traveler, dressed in a dusty-blue 
lightly-embroidered tunic, Byrnie leather pants 
with greaves & vambraces, and her wide-brimmed 
leather hat hung on its leather strings behind 
her back, her boot suitable for walking or riding.

	   Satisfied with her trade with the wool 
merchant, she had planned to head toward home 
when she saw the notice about possible work. She 
read the notice & almost dismissed it as not her 
thing (escort/guard service?) - that's for toughs, not me, she thought.

	   But then on her way through town, she spotted 
the bar where the job meeting was to take place & 
it was time for a noon break, so she dropped in, 
for a bit of stew and ale. Hearing the job offer, 
she thought of her family - they would be 
harvesting the early grain soon - & she hated 
farmwork. She was a trader because she had an 
urge make pretty & useful things, & to explore 
new places selling her goods  so why not take up 
this job offer? It would give her some 
well-needed weapons practice, perhaps. She liked 
to stay fighting fit; traveling on the road was 
much safer that way - & there was that bonus he promised to consider.

	   She saw the dwarf she had observed earlier 
get up & approach the table of Veren Nor Tarek, 
the prospective employer, & introduce himself 
after the first man slunk away. She looked 
properly formidable & seemed sober & serious enough.

	   She stood up from her table near a front 
window, dropping the proper coin on the 
waitress's tray as she walked over to the small group near the bar.

	   “Greetings, sir,” she said. “I have heard 
your offer & am interested in seeing more of this 
countryside. I am Varo Mineholder, a trader from 
Esrolia. I, too, travel the roads & know how wise 
it is to travel in a group with good fighting 
skills. I favor the rapier & self-bow, but 
learned javelin and shield with my local militia 
duties. I have defended myself on the road & done 
my militia time during the years of my 
apprenticeship training, so have used the weapons 
quite extensively while growing up, if not often. 
I am would like to join your party, if I can be 
of help to you. I also know the basic Healing 
spell, & Detect Enemy & Traps spells & also 
Ignite, if a fire be needed. I, myself, believe 
in harmony and peace, but know a ready weapon 
hand makes a good statement for upholding those beliefs.

	   “I do have a horse, and the easy pace of foot 
travel may be perhaps enhanced if short side 
trips, like looking for potential campsites, is 
needed, so my bringing her along will not hurry 
you more than you so desire, yet might be 
convenient at odd moments for all of us.”

	   “Would you be interested in my services for your traveling party?”

	   Varo is wearing a rapier & belt knife. Her 
shoulder-length ash-blonde hair is tied back with 
a multi-color cloth headband. She carries a 
leather armor cap under one arm & her 
wide-brimmed smoky gray leather hat hangs down 
her back by its leather strings. [Her other gear 
- shield, other weapons & so forth - are with her horse in the nearby stable.]

	   Tarek smiles, “Welcome Varo Mineholder. 
Indeed I am concerned a trader can support 
herself in battle. But you stand confident so I 
accept your word. Besides a cute face among 
these...men.” He even glances at the dwarf. “Would be rather refreshing.”

	   The Bar keep yells at the Troll, in a few 
languages, “I said leave! Don't make me call the militia!”

	   The troll spits toward the bar's direction in response.

	   The bar keep moves to Tarek.  “Hey 
buddy!  Want to see if these folks you just hired 
are worth it? Kick that...thing out of here.  The 
less damage the better to the bar.  I'll give 
them and you free meals and drinks.  What do you say?”

	   Tarek looks around looking for a bouncer but 
sees none.  He sighs.  He speaks out but in a 
lower voice.  “Any...” his voice breaks up a bit 
worried for upsetting the troll.  “Any 
takers?”  He hopes he they heard the bar keep and 
understood his words.  “It is optional to you however.”

	GM: Actions? Comments?

	    Next Update...Next week...Tue/Wed

	GM: A good start.  You do not need to give 
spells in your intro.  That's probably personal 
but up to you.  If you hadn't figured it out the 
stuff on Varo was from Bess.  Roster updated 
above.  If no one takes the offer to kick out the 
troll – won't be so easy and may require injury – 
then the militia will arrive to deal with it so 
its fully up to you guys.  If no takers by next 
week will move on. We have 2 more that may sign up.

	   Player map is online:
	I will have on site a Legend file on the icons 
used.  Demark is on very bottom middle on 
map.  Destination will be top right.  Keep in 
mind I have 0 art talent so this is my first ever 
map of this style.  Since I was not happy with 
RQ's maps at all unlike PL's maps.  So I did this 
map from scratch every hex. Keep in mind there is 
a issue it seems with the sea/lake blue hexes 
(0523, 1723 or so) On my end its fine but on 
other browsers its black /empty.  Go figure.  But 
it supposed to be a lake or small sea.  See 
Legend file for details.  The legend pnp flie 
shows the icons and the legend text file says which icon is what.

Change map /lgend links files to .png not .pnp
until tobies sites are updated

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