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	Game Update #7 sequence (file #48)

	Admin: None.

	   From Rocky: [Re: Actions]
		Rocky aims his arbalest at the man threatening 
them with the 'fire buzzer' and at SR11 pulls the 
trigger. (using the extra time to adjust the aim 
towards the center or head of the target)

		Next he readies his shield and bastard sword 
and prepares to deal with any attackers, with 
priority going to prevent anyone from triggering this 'fire buzzer'.

		[Note: I spotted an error on my character 
sheet. 2H Bastard Sword should read 1H Bastard Sword.]
	   GM: Ack.

	   From Rocky: [Re: Actions]
		While aiming his arbalest, if he won't be 
talking over over folk, Rocky loudly says 
"Legitimate grievance or na threaten'n ta kill 

		<thunk> being when he pulls the trigger.
	   GM: Ack. Good thing to consider.  In Pnp 
talking was short being 3 seconds.  A round is 12 
in RQ if I recall.  So I'll have to adapt accordingly.

	   From Varo: [Re: Actions]
		[I have questions.
  1) Sorry, I don’t remember is a map hex 10 or 20 miles?
  2) you did not mention where Varo’s tent was in 
relation to the campfire, but I believe she would 
have placed her tent 15 feet away from the fire 
pit, with its opening NOT facing the fire, but 
turned sideways toward the horses. (She wants to 
avoid fire-blindness & to be able to see her 
horse.) This probably places her to the west & 
maybe facing a couple feet north of the fire pit? 
Depends upon where the horses are picketed to 
which side of the fire & which way the tent opening is facing.]

		Varo hears the muffled sound of the strangers’ approach. She is 

		[I know we’re not that far yet, but part of her 
after-fight behavior is to go retrieve her 
arrows, to use them again if possible, or save the arrowheads, if not.]

		[I got spoiled by the P-P map diagrams & missed 
them here. Move the tent if you saw it 
differently, mighty GM, but her actions will be 
the same - crouched on tent side away from fire 
pit. She only prays the word one time.]
  GM: Ack. I answered in the quick post I did. 
But for the big area map its 20 miles.  RQ uses 
KM but I’m not gonna convert. :) Wout would 
probably prefer KM but I'm used to miles as a 
concept. :) For battle maps its generally 10 feet 
for a hex.  Most use 8 meters for movement 
(human).  That's 24 feet one can move or 2 feet 
per second?  So 2.5 hexes.  Generally I used in 
pnp Longbow range or so around 100 or 300 feet as 
a map at max.  But generally 30x30 hexes in 
pnp.  I may keep that once I get used to spell 
and bow ranges.  As to tent.  There are reasons 
one use opening at fire to warm up frankly in 
winter.  To face it to horses well smell is a 
factor. :) Ever travel for 2 weeks with smelly 
horses? :) So most use the wind and place them so 
its not up wind of the camp.  I simply used a 
random factor. Campfire, perimeter, patrol so 
d100 with 33% chance.  Then a D6 for hex side (1 
being north).  Usually how I figure this stuff 
out.  Arrows I typically allow them to be 
retrieved if you miss.  But if they hit and 
penetrate they are likely broken most cases.  For 
pnp/RQ.  Especially if they have to penetrate 
heavy armor like chain or such.  A lot of arrows 
are broken by impact or by person pulling them 
out or falling and breaking them.  As to map I'll 
probably do a tactical map once I figure out how 
long combats last in RQ in a pbem. ;) May not be 
worth if its a fast combat.  :)

	   From Juno: [Re: Actions]
		Juno Senses Bad things his birthmark begins to tingle.

		1. He decides to cast a protection spell on 
himself(2).  2. Then detect enemies spell 
(1).  3. He then draws a javelin and his 
shield.  Once he becomes aware of the danger he 
can then react to whatever that threat is.

		A. If there is a threat near
     1.cast Speedart(1) on javelin 2. He will 
throw a javelin to strike the nearest enemy that 
would be the closest threat if in range     3. If 
not in range then he will close in to be able to 
strike with javelin by throwing.

		B. If no threat detected. He was trained in the 
cavalry to use his spells to buff other riders 
and rangers.  1. So he heads toward Varo
2. Cast a protection spell (2) on her.

		He silently prays to his master ORLANTH.

		"Dear ORLANTH King of the Gods, Master of Storms, Death Wielder, 

	   GM: Ack. Good post.  Reminds me of Arawns 
stuff. :) To everyone if you do not wish to say 
what spell you cast in public just email me.  RQ 
may not be as visual as pnp for spells.  I've not 
sat and thought on this in decades but may add visual aspects for story.

	   From Juno: [Re: Protecting Varo]
		That is if varo wants to be Protected by my gifts?
	   GM: Ack.

	   From Tobie: [Re: Actions]
		<Sorry I have not posted, been working a lot 
recently and my creative juices are low>

		Klorgar does take his time after the "fight" between the troll and 

     GM: Ack. No problem same here.  Long delay :<
       [New Stuff]

	[Clayday, Death week, Storm Season, 1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
    	[Town of Demark]
       [Time: Evening]

	[After Troll Fight]

	   Klorgar does take his time after the "fight" 
between the troll and the dwarf. Odd that, 
figured it would come to blows and a battle would 
take place. Most trolls are not known for holding back at all.
He goes back in the Inn and gets his food, takes 
his time eating, watching, then checks on his 
gear on his horse and in his room. He cleans 
everything, preparing it for battle, because 
though nothing happened this day, there is always tomorrow for something.

	[Windsday, Death week, Storm Season, 1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
    	[Town of Demark]
       [Time: Morning – North Gate]

	   Klorgar rides to the meeting location, but 
when he sees the reaction between his new boss 
and the other horse, the gets down and sets 
himself to walking pace with his horse, moving in 
military fashion as his training persists at all times.
Klorgar will talk to anyone near him, in his own 
tongue to see if they know it. Otherwise, he will 
do his best in his other tongues to establish 
better communication, because without quick 
commands, how can they be expected to protect 
this one. (Tarshite main, he will also test out 
Herotling and stumble through Stormspeech)


	[Firesday, Death week, Storm Season, 1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
    	[North Forest out of Demark]
       [Time: 6:10 pm – using earth equivalent for ease]

	   Whenever they stop for a quick rest or once 
they are going to set camp, Klorgar will check 
the perimeter for defensive positions. He will 
set himself to be able to respond from any spot 
in the camp to get to the outside quickly. 
Sitting by the fire pit, cleaning his axe, he 
hears the hail and quickly readies himself for 
anything. When the speaker says something it 
seems the leader gets annoyed and then an axe 
fly's and hits the speaker. Seeing two others 
ready to do battle, Klorgar moves with speed to 
intercept one of them from getting too close to the camp and dispatch them.

	[Round 1]

	   All four newcomers have short swords in 
hand.  The one holding the Fire Buzzer is holding 
it as he holds the buzzer.  The one man to his 
right that stands next to him speaks a few words 
and taps his sword.  The sword then ignites into 
a fire sword.  The light of the sword shines like 
a beacon on a moonless night.

	   The man behind the man (#2) with fire blade 
speaks a few subtle words and flicks a hand 
toward Jaren the bodyguard.  Then backs up a foot 
lowering his sword about 30 degrees.

	   Jaren the bodyguard, had pulled his rapier 
already out.  But starts to frown, “no hope”, he whispers to himself

	   Juno casts Protection on himself and moves 
from the dark woods toward the campfire.  He 
clearly sees a threat so does not need to cast a 
spell to tell him. He moves the 25 feet toward 
the camp, moving toward Varo's position.

	   He silently prays to his master 
ORLANTH.  "Dear ORLANTH King of the Gods, Master 
of Storms, Death Wielder, and Bringer of Light. 
You made the world what it is with your strength, 
and your virtues.  Your Holiness Forever am I 
your servant for the gifts you bestowed upon 
us.  Your Strength to protect us from our 
enemies. Your Bright light to see our enemies. 
Your Power to strike like lightning with my 
javelin against our enemies.  Your Understanding 
of becoming a virtuous death wielder against our enemies when warranted.”

	   The man with the fire buzzer (#1) speaks a 
few words and stands as he waits for the party to surrender.

	   Varo hears the muffled sound of the 
strangers’ approach. She is still wearing her 
weapons & will quickly duck her way out of her 
tent & look to the south, still crouched on the 
shadowed side of the tent (away from the fire) & 
drawing her self-bow, nocking an arrow ready to 
use. She aims at the man next to the speaker as 
Rocky makes his shot, silently prays a word to 
Ernalda (“Balance”) & releases her arrow. She 
will continue to aim at each of the four visible 
men in turn (depending upon their visibility to 
her & where others in the party are), firing 
arrows until all bandits are down, or someone is 
close enough for her to draw her rapier. She will 
continue to make quick looks around between 
shots, looking to see if anyone is coming from another direction.

	   Varo does sneak out of her tent and crouched 
on her knees to see the enemy.  Just in time to 
see the man with the burning blade.  The angle to 
the fire buzzer is just a bit off and could be 
harder to hit.  She loads a arrow and aims it at 
the man with the fire blade (#2) and fires.  The 
Arrow hits with a critical strike doing 4 points 
of damage bypassing his armor it seems, to his 
right abdomen. The man continues to stand but is 
clearly hurt.  The fire on the blade flickers out 
as the man is damaged and he loses focus.

	   The man just hit by the arrow (#2) reaches 
and grits his teeth. People are idiots they yank 
what hurts.  He yanks the arrow and breaks 
it.  Then tosses the broke arrow to the ground.

	   Npc #3 and #4 move forward seeing them being 
attacked and attack in retaliation. Npc #4 which 
just demoralized Jaren moves toward him and 
swings his short sword at the bodyguard – and it 
falls to the ground.  He fumbles it so so badly 
it just slipped out of his hand.

	   Npc #3 sees a shadow to his right and sees 
Juno moving he moves to intercept and runs toward him.

	   Razgor stands up and readies his pike. He 
says "Me think you should leave." to the man 
holding the fire buzzer.  He moves quickly to the 
man with fire buzzer (#1) and slices with his 
Pike.  The blade cuts off the man's left arm 
which is holding the buzzer.  The Arm and buzzer 
go rolling away. Blood gushes out and the 15 
points of damage is so massive it takes the man 
out.  Even with his magical protection of added 
magical armor the man I skilled.

	   Klorgar who was on patrol moves about 25 feet 
closer to camp to help the others.

	   While aiming his arbalest, if he won't be 
talking over over folk, Rocky loudly says 
"Legitimate grievance or na threaten'n ta kill 
<thunk> us all ga's o'er the edge n inta tha 
chasm." <thunk> being when he pulls the trigger.

	   But that Pikeman was so fast!  His aimed 
target is down.  As he finishes the words the man 
falls and he changes targets.  The one near Jaren 
is risky shot and the one Varo hit is near 
death.  So leaves the one heading toward 
Juno.  While he can't do a called head shot he 
aims and fires.  Firing at a moving target he 
does hit the man in the left arm and the arm goes 
limp, useless.   But the man is still standing and running.

	   Tarek pulls his Rapier and thrusts at npc #4 but misses.

	[Round 2]

	   Varo cocks another arrow and fires again 
hitting #2 same one she hit with yet another 
critical hit in the right arm doing the final 
damage to kill him.  This arrow isn't broken so can be recovered.

	   Npc #4 thrusts at Tarek but misses.

	   Npc #3 runs and swings on Juno hitting with a 
critical hit in his left abdomen doing 3 
points.  Since a critical the armor does not 
protect this time. But this is a minor wound.

	   Klorgar enters camp proper and charges to 
help Tarek.  He swings his battle axe and hits #4 
in the right leg.  The man falls to the ground 
with his leg useless and now pretty much easy prey.

	   Tarek smiles and stabs #4 in the chest and kills him.

	   Jaren looks down and is a bit confused as the spell wears off.

	   Juno had hoped to cast a spell on his javelin 
but it was not the time due to range.  Now with 
javelin in hand he stabs #3 hopefully in chest 
but the blow goes high and he hits the head doing 
11 points.  The man is killed instantly.

	   Just like that 14 seconds its over.  Rocky 
runs to check out the fire buzzer but the guide 
steps out of the shadows – where was he?  He 
picks up the item and laughs.  “A child’s toy!  A 
rattle!  These bandits are stupid it seems.”

	   Tarek cleans his blade and sheathes it.  “A 
good bluff.  Glad it was fake. Lets move the 
bodies off for now. Make comp...”  He turns to Jaren and raises a eyebrow.

	   Jaren shrugs, “it...felt...off..hopeless.  Must've been a spell?”

	   Tarek nods, “I hope you resist next time.”

	   Jaren recovers and nods, “they may have 
horses we'll have to go look for them.”
	   Suddenly more twigs are broken from the 
direction the men came from. Varo draws her bow 
up and others raise weapons.  A man emerges from 
the shadows with empty hands raised up.  'Hail! 
Is everyone well?" and he slowly enters camp.

	   Tarek squints, “I know you.  You sat at the 
bar if I recall.  I saw you glance often as 
others joined the party.  What are you doing 
here?  Are you with them?”  He waves a hand to the dead 4 around the area.

	GM: Actions? Comments?

	    Next Update...Next week...Saturday or Tue/Wed next week...

	GM: Three weeks wow.  Been a long wait huh? 
Sorry.  The last 2 weeks were roughish.  I had 5 
days off both weeks but I wasn't as productive as 
I wanted to be.  I guess I just needed some time 
off – even should I dare say a vacation?  But I 
finally got it done.  Now I seem to have a bit of 
arm pain around wrist.  I've typed since 
1983.   So it could be arthritis, corporal tunnel 
or a simple sprain. I suspect it is a simple 
tendon thing so resting it as much I can while not working. It's improving.

	   So this was a interesting combat.  I timed it 
so I know how long it took. It took 2.5 hours to 
gather book keeping logistics – strike rank and 
such.  Then about 2 hours for the combat.  So now 
I know form now on.  But actual combat took 
shorter work than expected.  I hope I did actions 
as you wanted.  I think there was no time for 
some spells. But I tried to get it all done as 
you posted.  As you saw some were faster so that 
kinda shifted posted actions.  This is what I've learned:

	   * Spells: Important to tell me what level 
assume lowest unless otherwise. Some spells need 
to know how much POW you spend. So unless a level 
is given it will be default lowest.

	   * Intent: It was good to see the 
If...thens.  That helped but as you see combat 
can be fast so must plan that way.  If you intend 
to parry you need to let me know as I don't do that as default for pcs.

	   * Combat: As we see combat is fast and 
deadly.  I loved to run Hawkmoon and it is the 
same mechanics.  I'm reminded how deadly it 
is.  A single hit in pnp might be no big 
deal.  But in RQ it is.  So keep this in mind 
that your skills and other stats will help you 
stay alive.   You should not refrain from combat 
as I do not go out of my way to kill pcs.  Its 
not my style.  But keep in mind it is possible.

	   * Ready/etc: You may have seen how folks move 
faster in certain rounds? Its all strike 
rank.  Since most of you guys were not 'ready' 
that was 5 added to your SRS.  While enemy was 
prepared with weapons out and spells ready.  Once 
that initial surprise was over that 5 was gone so you moved faster SR wise.

	   * Skills: Reminder: Unless you say what 
skills you use I will not know.  This helps for 
experience as well.  If you augment with a rune 
or passion same thing.  Let me know.

	GM: Experience:

	      Player	Skill		Results
	    Varo		Self Bow	Fail on experience roll :<
	    Razgar		Pike		Success - +5%
	    Rocky  		Arbalest	– N/A – Maxed ---
	    Klargar		Battle Axe	Success - +5%
	    Juno		Javelin	Success - +5%

	GM: Items/Damage

	    Varo - -1 Arrow (1 Recovered)

	    Juno - -3 HP to Abdomen

		Bad guy lot -
		  1, 2, 110, 129 L so 242 L
		  4 Short swords
		  4 damaged/used leathers
		  (Tarek doesn’t want the loot)

		Happy Thanksgiving folks!  Had hoped to get 
this out a day ago so now a Sat update might be 
rough since folks may be out of town/on holiday.  So probably next week.

Another example the email or list does not like 
the cut/pasted openoffice update.
I can only assume some odd strange character is messing it up.
So I cut/paste from notepad.
So format may be off again here in emial.
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