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Thu Jun 24 03:15:34 CEST 2021

  Updates -

  To - http://nrgcomputers.com/pbem/

   1) pbemsum.txt - Campaign Summary with Adventure 8 info.  Game 
time 21 years but actual pnp time it was 5 years.  Not many campaigns 
go that long:


    2) Updated people of the current adventure - people.txt
Kits of the hostage.

    3) Updated characters of the campaign:

    Updated -
      Arawn, Aren, Caladan, Chion, Cholan, Damon, Dorhak, Etain, 
Farseeker, Fremea, Kaylle, Kiet, Mournath.

    Added-Adventure #8
     Vox, Khias, BArbosa, Qamon Velf, Gnorf Knarlfinger, Crix 
Stonehand, Grif Strata, Largen Mragren, Asaria, Varilla, Narget,  Bellanda,

      Raddok, Tsia, Upus, Kimis.

Thas last file is huge.  Probably at 232 Personalities.  Not many 
games record stuff like this.  but it allows followup and coming back 
to those pc/npcs.

The website cache may not update right away.  So give ita few 
days.  If it does not.
Or force browser cache reset - shift-F5 I believe.

Not heard from others.  So unsure on those who have not started characters.
Hope all is well.

Since I have nothing to do will work on ibt. Opus is first and only one given.

Stay tuned!!!

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