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Something about being the the preance of the avatar effects Pyan's perception of time. it seems like an eterity to pyan to get his turn with the Avatar.This give his pleatuse of like for it to slwly dawn of him that something if wrong. Only Keit knows Omavorand yet the avatar in speaking nothing but Omavor and everyone is acting like they can understand him perfectly fine. and hatch a pyan He does know what's happing but he know there is something strange about about the avatars commutation and since the best the the part could do to explain to pyan what the necklace doe was, it allow  you to copy the ability of communication you hear someone use. pyan know he wants a part of what ever is up with the avatars strange speech even those he doesn't know what's happening. But didn't he return the necklace when he was done using? Pyan searches all his all pockets thoroughly for the it in the off chance that he didn't trying his best not to attract the attention to the strange man that seems to know more that he should about the party.
--- It is with books as with the fire in our hearths; we go to a neighbor to get the embers and light it when we return home, pass it on to others, and it belongs to everyone.
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