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         Game Update #11 sequence (file #67)

         Admin: None.

            From Rocky: [Re: Actions]
                 Rocky casts a Heal 2 on himself, 
then a Heal 2 on whoever most needs it, then 
another on himself then another on the neediest.
            GM: Ack.

            From Varo: [Re: Actions]
                 Varo offers to do a Healing 
spell for Klorgar (worst hit) & anyone else 
needing it; uses first aid on her own wound, 
unless plenty of healing spells available in the 
group. She votes for moving to the stream, 
willing to lead her horse. She'd rather get away 
from the mess around them. She's still a bit shaken by the paralysis episode.
            GM: Ack.  IF you have a higher 
healing like Heal 3 let me (and all others) know 
what level. To clarify you do 2 heals on others not yourself. :)

            From Razgor: [Re: Actions]
                 Razgor casts a Heal 2 on himself 
and on anyone that needs it after Rocky went round already.

                 He looks at his clothes and 
smells the rancid blood that seeped into it.
"A quiet spot near a brook mighty good sound now. 
I is done with the beasts for a day."
            GM: Ack.

            From Juno: [Re: Actions[
                 Juno cast healing (2) on him 
self twice the. Does the same on the worst wounded person.

                 Juno says to Varo , “I hope 
you find peace and solace. That had 

            GM: Ack.

         [New Stuff]

         [Wildday, Death week, Storm Season, 
1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
       [Time: Afternoon – North of Demark]
         [Time: 8:50 pm]

            Back at camp the party can see wounds 
from blood.  Lucky that it was only 1 wound per 
person.  Those unlucky to get splattered with 
intestines are the worst to be smelly.

            Rocky casts a healing spell on 
himself then moves to Klorgar doing a healing 
spell on him as well.  Then the dwarf casts a 
final healing on himself making him fully 
healed.  He then reapplies another healing spell on Klorgor to help him.

            Varo treats her own wound and helps 
Rocky doing the final healing to fully heal 
Klorgor with a healing spell.  She then gives Razgor a healing spell.

            Klorgor is thankful for the healing 
and thankful the smell of his errand is covered up by the gore.

            Razgor does a healing spell on 
himself and Varo to help her own wound. With 
Varo's healing spell he is fully healed.

            Razgor looks at his clothes and 
smells the rancid blood that seeped into it.  "A 
quiet spot near a brook mighty good sound now. I 
is done with the beasts for a day."

            Juno casts a healing spell on 
himself.  Then helps the guide Marusk with a 
healing spell.  Then recasts healing on himself 
but still has a light wound.  Then he moves to 
help Varo for another healing on her.

            Juno says to Varo, “I hope you find 
peace and solace. That had to be traumatizing. I 
will pray to my higher power for you.”

            Agreed we must find a place to clean 
up. After he done healing himself and others, he 
checks his belongings and counts his arrows to 
determine the amount. He then feeds his horse 
gives it waters and brushes them to make sure 
there ok. If time do so before cleaning up of not 
then he do after we find a spot to clean up and camp.

            That leaves just 3 with light wounds 
Varo (1), Juno (2) and Marusk (@).

            The fire is doused and the party 
moves eastward to find the stream.  Four carry 
torches since it is well dark.  Rocky helps with 
his night vision with Marusk to lead the party.

         [time: 9:22 pm]

            It takes time to find the stream 
after 2 false leads.  The new camp is made and 
firewood is re-collected. The stream is now a 
flowing river but about 2 feet deep and 5 feet wide at places.

            Marusk nods, “its not winter thaw 
levels from mountains in the east. But it should 
be good.  Re fill water skins before you....clean clothes and bodies.”

            Before breaking camp the guide 
suggested to clean footwear and pants in depth 
first.  Would be bad to just let a blood trail 
lead prey to them.  Assuming no one is afraid to go naked.

         [Godsdday, Death week, Storm Season, 
1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
       [Time: 6:01 am – North of Demark]

            The rest of the night is 
uneventful.  Varek suggests if need to go find a 
bush to do business maybe take a partner.

         [Time: 1:12 pm]

            The party spots 2 riders who approach the camp.  “Hail!”

            The horses are laden with pelts and 
furs.  They have bows and swords but all stored away.

            “We are hunters from a village 3 days 
west.  Our tent was destroyed by a bear as we 
were out hunting.  Do you have a spare tent we 
can barter for?  We just killed a large 12-15 
pound rabbit.  It's yours if you want it.  If no 
tent how about some rope or a blanket or 
two?  What do you say?  Will you parlay?”

            Varek nods, “I personally don't have 
those things to spare.”  He turns to the party for reactions.

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next Update...Thursday or next Monday..

         GM: By now all are healed POW from 
previous spells. At night camp I'll figure out 
healing you'll get 1 point then so some may be a 
1 point wound left.  BTW I learned that healing 
needs to be done (spell) only once per 5 rounds 
or 1 per minute.  So its good to pause between 
self healing.  This is bad for long combats. For 
experience Varo and Juno got +5% to Bow 
skills.  Now with Xmas this week I may do a 
update Thursday if there's enough to react 
to.  If not then Monday.  If no trade then 
they'll move on.  If no update Thursday Merry 
Christmas or whatever holiday you may 
celebrate.  This week Mon/Thursday and next same 
thing is my last vacation period.  Then it will 
be only Tue/Wed off as normal.  So I'll try to 
get updates out as I can.  Hope you guys enjoyed 
the Whale video I put in last update. :)

         We have a vote to decide on.  In 
researching healing First Aid in RQ2 is basic 
very basic it only stops bleeding.  No other 
effects.  But in RQ6 First Aid actually helps 
heal! For Minor wounds 1d6 or for severe 
1d3.  This is a huge rule change.  Healing spells 
seem to work for RQ2.  But makes 1st Aid kinda 
useless in RQ2.  First Aid RQ6 would make game 
less deadly.  So do you guys want me to use the 
RQ2 or RQ6 First Aid rules?  Let me know.  I'll go for whatever you decide.

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