[pnpgm] Deadline?

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sat Aug 28 04:43:03 CEST 2021

Alex 	- 	100%
Gilbert -	100%
Tobie   - 	 99%
Gerald  -	 95% Need background, Possible any last minute gear
Wout    -        95% Gear? Background?

Bess    -        80% Need to review sheet. Gear/ Spells/Background left?

Pyan    -  	 10%

So on a sheet review looks like we are almost there.

Those @ 95% probably only a hour or two of work?

Tobie - I believe your at 100% I don't see anything to do? Gear? If 
you are done let me know so can mark you as 100%

For those at 90+ let me know when done.

Bess - Know you've been sick.  Its been a month or two so need to 
review sheet.  Then we can figure out what's left. Believe gear and spells?
Maybe background.

Pyan - I believe in discord you hinted at being too busy so bowing 
out? if so let me know.

Since we are at 83%? if average is correct We've been at this for 3 
months. I think I'll set a deadline.
How about...

9/9? So that's 2 weeks.
This is a flexible deadline but can work.  if not...holler!
If this isn't good let me know.  I can extend it. But at times a 
deadline helps urge folks. :)


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