[pnpgm] Update...

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Thu Aug 19 06:53:24 CEST 2021

Making progress!

* Finished Gilberts's
* FInished Geralds's both need to review

* Tobie - 90% done need to do spells nad gear.

* Wout - working on his sheet about 60% done

* Alex been done for awhlie

So leaves:
* Bess - maybe 60%  done but with her medical issues she has a valid excuse. :)
* Pyan-Panthera - 0% nothing at all from him :<

So once I finish Wout.
Will be eager to start.
Will check wiht Bess and see if pyan still wants to play.

David, John still time ot join!

Would've done a bigger update
but ran out of time.

I may set a deadline since we are this far in with finished sheets
for last 2 to finish.  Maybe 9/1to hear back?  Maybe 9/15 to get sheets done?
Will sleep on it to see.

My vacations start in 2 weeks sept-dec so alot of 4 day weekends till 
end of year.
So will have a lot of free time.

Stay tuned!

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