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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Upus............Warrior.Gerald.Ford........Ma..Normal/Barbarian Warrior
..Kimis...........Warrior.NPC................Fe..Normal/Diumgi Companion
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Bes (3).........Warrior.npc................Mo..Bes..............

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         Game Update #150 sequence (file #1118)

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            From Kiet: [Re: Actions[
                 Kiet is take aback by the wrath 
of the vily.  Why is she blaming 

                 If Kiet gets a chance, and the 
Vily permits, Kiet volunteers to get information 
out of any enemy that yet lives, though he 
doesn’t really know just yet if any did 
survive.  He will stop the Earth Strength spell 
as soon as he is fully healed, then ask around to 
the others and offer the dagger to heal them, 
letting them know how to use it and not to hinder the vibrations.

                  OOC. Kiet needs more time to 
work on his magic.  I can’t wait for the next IBT.
            GM: Ack. Good role play.

            From Bess: [Re: Mournath's tribute]
                 Hear, hear! To Mournath!
            GM: Ack. Hope you guys liked it. My 
dwarf staff refused to spell check it for me.  So 
typos and all.  They wanted a tribute for the Bes 
guard.  I said no. Good news Gilbert has said he 
wants back in asap.  So working on a new pc for him.

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 Raddok sees the vily arrive & 
her apparent anger in speaking to 

            GM: Ack.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions[
                 When the vily shows up, Dorhak 
wipes off his sword and sheaths it. 

                 "What is she saying lad?" he 
asks.  When he tells him she wants 

                 If the vily gives us a chance, 
Dorhak orders the bodies searched, and the 
cylinder searched as well.  if the vily requires 
any portion of what is found, so be it.  Best not 
to anger such women.  Uppity wench!  If she 
doesn't give us any time, Dorhak will call over 
the members of the group and move on.  Once the 
Vily is done, we will stop and share info.
            GM: Ack.

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 9th, 1636TH]

         [Time:  2:30:27 pm]

            Kiet is taken aback by the wrath of 
the vily.  Why is she blaming him? He's helping 
solve the problem, not part of the problem.  But this gives him an idea.

            Kiet kneels to the Vily, hand on hilt 
of sword and point to the ground. He calmly 
speaks to her using The Elder "Your Grace!  We 
help to cleanse the Forest by eliminating these 
vile and perverse beings.  I beg you not to 
destroy all this yet.  We should, perhaps, first 
find out what we can from their structure here 
and, if any still live, from them."  He looks up 
pleadingly and says "Your Grace...if there is one 
such as this that you did not know 
about...perhaps there are more. Can we take that chance?"

            Raddok sees the vily arrive & her 
apparent anger in speaking to Kiet. Since he does 
not understand her words, he will look around to 
see where everyone is & notice some are missing. 
The fighting seems to be over for the moment, at 
least as far as the witches are concerned. 
Raddok's concerned about the missing people, but 
knows the Bes King needs a Healer, & the guard 
can also use one, so he looks around for anyone 
who can help, while getting his Healing Kit from 
his pack. The hair on the back of his neck is 
still standing on end, so he roughly toes the 
dead witches bodies near him and the king to be sure they're dead.

            Opus was glad he didn't run and hide. 
He sighed some relief in his head and is happy 
that Kimis is alive. He stops dwelling hearing 
Kimis's grunt. As he follows her he tries to calm 
down and focus from the fight that just occurred .

            Kimis glances at Opus and hopes he 
didn't see her axe fumble.  She cleans the blade 
and places it on her back once more.

            When the vily shows up, Dorhak wipes 
off his sword and sheaths it.  She seems to be 
reaming Kiet, but he moves over to Kiet and put's his hand on his shoulder.

            “What is she saying lad?" he 
asks.  When he tells him she wants them all to 
clear out in 10 minutes, he turns to her with no 
deference obvious.  "Tell her we would like to 
check if any of these horrible women are left 
alive and see if they can provide any information 
about their invasion of this forest."

            "Your skills might be helpful with 
this.  Or, we could just turn any live ones over 
to the vily.  I'm sure they would enjoy that!"

            "I really would just like more info 
about where we are going."  He winces a bit and 
says, "Laddie, might I also be able to use your dagger for healing?"

            The Vily looks around at the 
carnage.  Listens to Kiet's plea then turns and 
stares for a few seconds.  Then a smirk forms but 
very subtle.  She reaches out to caress Kiet's 
right cheek with the back of her hand.  “Shiny 
man speaks well. Maybe you did not bring these 
here.”  She places her bow on her 
back.  “Rise.  I sensed a great area of magic and 
found traces of a portal.  I've seen the Sidh and 
Dwarves use these before so the signature is the 
same.  But the trace of power was beyond what a 
normal Sidh, dwarf, Elf or even a human I dare 
say – could use.  Either one of these were powerful beings or they had help.”

            “I am disgusted that 
this...place...this shaft...thing was here and I 
never knew it.  How I could be so blind.  The 
Nymphs and other forces surely would've told 
me.  This also seems of great magic.”

            From behind Tsia reaches 
topside.  She explains Fremea is below as well as Unali both are safe.

            The Vily glances back and frowns, “it 
goes underground as well?!?”  She seems visibly 
shaken.  Slightly pale.  “My power..my awareness 
is so diminished by this blight..I do not deserve...to be the guardian here.”

            As folks clean and sheath weapons 
some check the bodies.  Most seem to be dead 
indeed.  One shows signs of life but bled out.

            Down below Unali turns and heads back 
down the hall to the other room. Fremea continues 
to place her bag and weapons on her body.  She 
glances around the one by the shaft seems to be 
still breathing but shallow.  The other two seem 
to be dead fully.  Fremea is unsure why this 
section of wall was destroyed.  The second she 
glanced over here before knocked out by the man 
there was a desk and some kind of parchment on 
the wall.  But now the Destruction spell must've 
destroyed it all. Now just bits of stone, dirt and wood remain.

            Whatever was here these witches did not want the info found.

            Unali slowly moves the sheet-curtain 
on the threshold of the room.  IT is dark aside 
from a single candle half way melted down from 
its tallest point.  She sees a cot nothing more 
than a poorly made cot with a cloth reinforced 
back a few inches high off the ground.  A single blanket and pillow on the bed.

            To the right is a chest.  To the left 
is a make shift primitive night stand that is 
simply a square wooden slap poorly and hastily 
made.  On it is the candle stand, quill, ink and 
a small notebook that may be a journal or 
book.  She flips it over and seems to be hand 
writing so must be notes or a journal not a story 
book. But it looks garbled or she doesn't understand it.

            She turns to the chest and opens it 
finding about 3 sets of tunics, pants, underwear 
and a few odds and ends of clothing like sandals, 
winter coat and a belt. There are some dishes 
here a few plates, utensils, box of spices, a 
dagger, few knives, some rope and a bag.  She 
ties the bag probably of coins on her hip for later viewing.

            Fremea prepares to leave and gets 
closer to the rubble.  A stack of wood dust 
separate from the “desk”.  Maybe it was a book or 
such.  A faint smell of ink is near but she 
doesn’t see it now.  Around the desk to the right 
she notices a bit of parchment about size of a 
palm.  It looks to be a corner to 
something.  There is writing and its in Marentian 
says “the cave” a line seems to go in a 45 
diagonal to top and left.  Maybe it was pointing 
to it? A map?  Too bad its destroyed.

             Fremea recalls the man.  Maybe this 
man knew of the cave they seek and could he have 
the key as they speak of?  She hopes Raban was 
here he could find secret hidden areas.

            Fremea meets Unali and exits to top 
side.  Fremea is shocked briefly by the 
carnage.  This was an intense battle and she missed it.

            Kimis returns to the ash pile she 
found earlier, north of the shaft.  A boot is 
lying down but one is upright so whoever was here 
the boot stayed in place. There is clothing of a 
green tunic and tan pants.  A simple belt.  In 
the bush nearby she sees a short sword.   Kimis 
glances up to the other pile of ash in the distance.

            Pyan inspects what is left of 
Mournath.  His clothing, boots and gear remains 
but his body seems to gone to ash.  The hunter 
glances around looks like they lost Mournath and 
a Bes Guard.  Overall a good victory aside from the lost ones.

            Asaria looks around once again then 
turns to Kiet.  “I will need to assemble help 
to  remove the bodies or bury them.  I will need 
to prepare to destroy this place.  Will ask for 
help from some wood nymphs and 
friends.  This...blight will be here but we can 
at least tear it down for slow removal by nature.”

            “I will double it to 20 minutes.  But 
you are pressed for time as well. Longer you 
remain here...the longer the humans suffer on return.”

            With that she flies off to assemble her allies.

         [Time:  2:33 pm]

            The party has been here a bit over an 
hour already and more time to travel out of the forest.

            Kiet rummages for his magical dagger 
then hands it over to Dorhak.  He shows how to 
use it and it heals 8 of his 19 points.  Kiet 
puts the dagger back since its use for the day is gone.

            Kiet uses his spell to regenerate and is fully healed.

            A quick survey of the bodies finds:

            * 28 Fighting Daggers
            * 12 Throwing Daggers

            Damaged useless leather and 
clothing.  Around 135 SC is found in total from 
them but nothing else is found on them of value.

            The witches seemed well trained in 
Shape Change, insanity (failed attempts), 
Fascination (failure), Darkness Powers, Stillness 
(failed) and destruction.  Those who know magic 
like Arawn would eventually figure out the auras 
and use of spell effects.  It seems the witches 
were as skilled as Z'leyra or even higher in power.

         GM: Actions? Comments?

         GM: A short update.  Hope you guys liked 
the tribute.  BTW That post has gear found on 
Mournath if you guys wanna grab that gear let me 
know.  How long do you stay here?  You have many 
miles to go and time is ticking.  Let me know 
what you want to do.  A full work day tomorrow 
(normal day off) so only have Wed/Thur to do 
stuff but I need to do Benefits for 2021 and that 
will take a few days.  So may not do a update till Sat or next week.

         GM: Groups- [here to remind me of walking groups]

            Kiet/Dorhak                  1
            Raddok/Mournath              2
            Unali/Barbosa                        3
            Z'leyra/Tsia                 4
            Arawn/Opus/Kimis/Pyan        5
            King/2 Bes                   6

            5 2 1 4 3 6 – Spread out skirmish line.

         GM: Player Damage:

                 Character       Damage
             Dorhak              11
             Opus                9
             Pyan              26
             King          20
             Z'leyra       1

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