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Mournath's spear and other gear:

   I'm good with Kiet taking the spear and Raddok grabbing a token to remember the sailor:)


   When Raddok drew his attention to the magical amulet Arawn gave a nod. "I'm not sure if it's ability to detect brass will come in handy but you never know. Go for it," he said, encouraging the man.

   Arawn realized that looking over the journal was going to take some time but decided that looking at the last entry and going backwards might offer better insight into things. He knew that time was limited and so speed read for only a few minutes, looking for any clues or names that might stand out.

   [OOC: You described the journal as looking almost like it was coded or had uncoded itself. If he truly feels it might be coded and his investigation doesn't offer anything valuable, he'll cast Decode at EL 0 just in case it uncovers a code]



   Before heading down below to investigate the hidden lair Arawn made sure to collect the tourmaline back from Z'leyra, securing it away from the others so as to not blind anyone.

   He then turned to Raddok, Barbosa, and Dorhak. "If either of you are free to join me your skill as miners might provide some insight," he asked of the trio.

   Arawn takes out the Toadstone as he investigates, hoping it will alert him to any poisoned traps he might stumble on. His enhanced topaz was also active, the alfar hoping his training as a smuggler along with the magical stone will help him discover anything of importance.

   He walked the entire lair, using his skills as a Smuggler and Architect to search for hidden chambers or unusual construction. He also checked out the chest, searching it for a false bottom or secret compartment before moving to the makeshift nightstand to do the same.
   He paused at the section of collapsed wall, wondering if a room or tunnel had been hastily closed off to hide something. If either Raddok, Dorhak, or Barbosa are with him he'll seek their thoughts on whether they think there might be a hidden room or tunnel on the other sight.


Back Above:

   Arawn tended to the wounded and then studied the key, sensing for any magic around it. He then glanced at the ashes of the dead male, kneeling down beside it to offer a rite to help put its spirit to rest.

   "If I didn't expect trouble ahead I'd be tempted to speak to his spirit in hopes of answers," he said after he was done. "But I'm guessing he was the keeper of the portal we seek, this being the key, and perhaps the reasons the witches killed him."



   OOC: Arawn has a Talisman of Summoning. He'd like to summon an alfar if possible and ask his brethren if they can heal the wounded of the party with Healing Mist, explaining the recent magical drain the part has experienced.
   If this doesn't work, he'll offer to cast Healing Mist on the wounded. He'll definitely do so for King Strata and Pyan, while offering it to Dorhak and Pyan if they want it now or save it for later.

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