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[Ma 9th   9:12pm]

   Arawn had been studying the plain when Raddok's voice broke his attention. Sensing concern in the man's voice the alfar turned to regard him with soft expression.

   "Normally, roughly 100 days will pass in the Middle World for every day spent here. Time will pass for all but the aging only affects mortals. The dwarves, bes, faerie and those like me are not affected by the passage as we are native. But this land is a dangerous place for humans.

   So, 8 hours would be approximately 1 month for you. If you're worried about aging, that is something we might be able to slow down or reverse. But for anything else, like how long your love will be waiting, that is something too dangerous to risk working around. Playing with time can run terrible risks. I'm sorry," he said, giving Raddok a sympathetic look. "But we'll try to get you back to her as soon as we can."

[Ma 9th   9:21pm]

   After Unali's discovery of the coded text Arawn studied it for a bit in hopes of beginning to decrypt it or find a hidden cipher. He then looked at the triangular crystal, wondering if it was part of the magic of the book and cube. He peered through it as he looked at the coded material revealed by the box. He then placed it on the page in a manner similar to what Unali had done before placing it on top and then under the box as it did its work, playing with it for a time in hopes of finding some combination that worked.

   Later, after the party was fully settled into camp, he pulled out the letters that had been written in Marentian and the book. He then began to read them, committing anything noteworthy to memory. He then finished by the studying the amulet and ring, hoping to find any markings that he could identify as a scholar.
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