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Wed Dec 23 06:38:10 CET 2020

Giants!  Why does it have to be giants?  Dorhak hates giants with a passion.  The only redeeming value to them is they make Dorhak seem handsome by comparison.

"I don’t like the idea of walking up to them just to say 'Hi!'.  Most giants aren’t too bright, but they are damn strong.  Getting whacked by a big branch, though, isn’t my idea of fun.  Hmmm."

"if they are close to the cave, we can’t leave them behind us. If we had to leave the cave quickly we might get caught between two forces and massacred. So, is there some way to work around them and try to catch them off guard, Fremea?"

"either way, to me it’s giants first, cave second.  Let’s try not to get killed."

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