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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Upus............Warrior.Gerald.Ford........Ma..Normal/Barbarian Warrior
..Kimis...........Warrior.NPC................Fe..Normal/Diumgi Companion
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Bes (2).........Warrior.npc................Mo..Bes..............

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         Game Update #161 sequence (file #1173)

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         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 10th, 1636TH]

         [Time:  5:03 pm MW time]

            the party is now about a mile away 
from the edge of the mountains and the forests 
that are abundant on them.  Fremea flies ahead 
fast to scout ahead.  The temperature is a 
temperate mid 70s so not too hot or cold.  A 
breeze from the left seems to keep the party cool.

            Fremea can fly 10 feet per second or 
about 90,000 feet per hour which is about 17-18 
miles per hour.  Far faster than humans or their 
horses.  The art of flying recon can be tricky to 
find the correct place to go or find as things 
fly past far faster and the brain has to be trained to decipher what it sees.

            The silo notebook, not tree one, did 
mention a Eagle Rock. Not a true rock but a 
overhang.  But from the silo it would've been 
impossible to see it even with the magical 
spyglass so he must've known about it by other 
methods.  The cave drawings / message King Strata 
talks about the same thing.  The area or cave 
where a possible portal is located.  It speaks of 
a rock that has the appearance looks like a creature of flight.

            Fremea gets to the edge of forest in 
only 5 minutes.  She flies over the tops not 
really looking much down as she watches the 
mountains.  There are a half dozen mounts in 
sight.  All but one is rounded and last one is 
pointed.  Rounded ones imply recent volcanic 
activity.  As well as a lot of rock 
slides.  Fremea flies higher about a thousand 
feet to get a better view.  She spends 30 minutes 
so far back and forth looking over 3 
mountains.  Soon she'll have to go back to meet the party.

            The fourth mountain she covers the 
north side and finally on the east side is a 
overhang that perks her interest.  Doing this by 
land would've taken hours to find so a Faerry is 
certainly a great bonus.  She dives down to about 
50 feet and spots the overhang.  The mountain is 
about 2-2.5 thousand feet high so a small one 
indeed.  The overhang looks to be dark black and 
brown that juts up and out.  The base juts out at 
45 degrees for about 30 feet.  Then levels out to 
a flat surface that is a strip of rock 40 feet 
long and 30 feet wide.  It looks like a cross 
with the sides jutting out 20 feet on each side 
from the middle.  So in fact with the sides its 
about 70 feet.  The 'sides' jut up and down like 
a arc which from below does look like a possible 
'wing'.  The front juts up about 3 feet then out 
and curse like a 'head' and 'beak'.  This has to 
be Eagle Rock as seen from below. But in fact its 
just a natural overhang.  While it is not uniform 
in proportion the overall structure is lop-sided if truly study it.

            Fremea studies the rocky surface of 
the mountain.  It raises upwards another thousand 
get or so at a incline of about 40 
degrees.  Below is a forest where the tree line 
is about 200 feet below.  Fremea scans for a cave 
and spots what could be depressions covered by plant life.

            But as she moves closer she hears a 
sudden crash of a tree falling below. It is 
followed by more crashes and noises.  If a tree 
falls by itself it may only make 1 noise.  If its 
this noisy there must be something behind 
it.  She moves lower and below the canopy of 
trees.  That's when she spots a forest giant 
knocking over a 50 foot tree he just knocked 
down.  Fremea can also seeing about 80 feet away 
another forest giant sitting against a tree 
eating something.  Besides this giant is a human 
skeleton in a pile of bones.  Unless it was a 
elf? Then again it could've been a dwarf it is 
hard to determine size from bones.

            Fremea wonders if these are just 
resident Giants or Guardians?  She decides it is 
time to report back.  As its been 40-45 minutes 
and party should be at forest edge soon.

         [Time:  5:50 pm MW time]

            The party nears the forest now maybe 
a few hundred feet away.  Barbosa looks to the 
Bes king.  “This seems all too easy? What are the 
odds of us finding a silo and the chance of 
finding a cave in all of this 
wilderness?  Whoever used that Silo thing...was 
there for a reason.  In all this terrain hundreds 
of square miles we just find it by luck?”

            King Strate shrugs, “Bes and his 
fellow gods are mysterious.  They may not have 
direct influence but indirect influence may be 
possible.  It does seem...odd that those females 
came at the exact time we did.”

         [Time:  6:04 pm MW time]

            As the party reaches the forest 
Fremea finds them.  She lands to explain what she 
saw.  It is probably 2 miles to the north east 
and she explains about the 2 forest giants.

            Barbosa turns to Dorhak, “what's the plan?”

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next update....Saturday?

         GM:  A short update but heard from Tobie 
so figured why not.  A couple days early.  That 
way my last 2 days off can chill before 
Xmas.  Happy Christmas and Holidays to all out 
there.  I may delay next update as its only a day 
after Xmas and folks may be busy or away out of 
town.  So may do it next week (Tuesday) or such. 
We probably have 1 or 2 updates for 2020.  I'm 
sure we'll be glad to see 2020 leave!  Happy 
Solstice!  Below marching order may be useless now?

         GM: Groups- [here to remind me of walking groups]

                 1st Triad – Dorhak, Barbosa, Raddok
                 2nd Triad – Z'leyra, Tsia, Unali, King, Arawn.
               3rd Triad – Pyan, Opus, Kimis, Kiet.

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