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When the Vily drops down from her perch, Kiet is surprised.  Certainly he's not the reason.  He’s never seen such beauty in a woman, though the wings are a bit of a distraction. Still, Kiet can’t help but to stare.

She stares back...at Kiet's chest.  Well, any attention from such a beauty...

He has to admit to a little bit of pride.  He's met vily before, though that was a dangerous time.  Knowing he and they have a language in common that the others do not makes him feel more valuable.  It may not be true, but he likes to think so.

After she motions him to rise, Kiet is perplexed by her interest in his chest.  He explains their predicament, though she seems rather distracted.   After he finishes, she finally looks into his eyes, and he in hers.  Wow!  He goes breathless, lost in her eyes.  He faintly hears her tell him her name over the rushing sound in his ears but then starts at her reaching out to touch his armor, even identifying it!

"Yes, this is Windwall" Kiet lamely replies.  He doesn’t answer Windwall when he objects to being touched, afraid he might insult Asaria If he told Windwall out loud "Hush!"

Kiet is very surprised about her knowing of his armor, and floored by the revelation about its age!  So much so that it takes him a second to realize she was still talking...Raka?  She knows Raka?  But she has already turned her attention back to Arawn before he can ask her about Raka.

Kiet nods when she asks about the desire to go back to the middle world, and again when she asks about Fremea.  He hope it teaches the faerry a lesson that her sneaking about isn’t always successful.

Asaria continues with more information about an old Bes building.  An odd thing that it still stands after so long.  Wait!  Magic?  What magic?  But then she start touching him again, and he loses his thought line.

Kiet begins to panic somewhat when Asaria makes her pronouncement...almost a condemning judgement...about how Windwall was obtained.  But before he can defend himself, she changes tack and declares him safe, if not completely innocent.  She claps her hands and sends us away, but then gives us a boon!  We get one question.  

Kiet quickly tells the others...but what one thing should we ask about...?

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