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   Scott, didn't see the post in my email so not sure if everyone else saw the most recent game update.


[Time: 1:24 pm}

   Arawn nodded as the king warned against speaking of the tome, his face reflecting the gravity of Strata's words. He listened without interruption, committing it to memory as was the way of the druids.

   "Wise words. We shall save further talk until our return to your home."


   As Arawn studied those buried beneath the rubble he listened to the soldier's plea. He keenly understood the nature of religion and culture and had no wish to trample upon those of the Bes.

   "Then may Bes bless their slumber."

 With a grim smile and a sincere look of compassion he then turned to quickly make his way back to the party.


[Time: 1:44 pm]

   Arawn couldn't help but smile upon seeing the unicorn, his love for them reflected in his eyes. Such was his urge to follow after it that he began to take a few steps in its direction before remembering that the party needed his continued presence. Releasing a sigh he spoke a prayer of blessing, wishing the unicorn joy and peace.


[Time: 1:51 pm]


   As a druid and alfar that would have spent time between the Upper and Lower Realms, would he recognize a Vily?


   Arawn, sidh and divine born as he was, knew well that many of the forces in the Lower World demanded respect within their own domain. Indeed such was the way of the alfar as well, though by his own choice he treated the party and those of the Middle World very differently than his brethren might.

   Recognizing a forest-lord/lady, he bowed, offering her respect as he was now a guest within her hall. Recognizing the Neutral tongue he wondered at her affiliation, especially in connection to his father.

   "I shall translate as asked. And I would add, it is an honor and a pleasure to meet with you in your forest, milady," he said, exuding all the charm his nature and training allowed.

    "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Arawn, druid and son to Pyan and the Morrigan. Pardon the intrusion but our situation is a surprise, our story odd, and we only seek a safe passage through to the Middle World."

   Looking towards Raddok he smiled, wondering if the man might actually wish to stay with the elder being but then remembering that his return home would leave him ravaged by time.

   "I will ask the man for you. However I would hope that you might grant us leave to entertain you with our tale and see if such might sway you into guiding our passage."


   Arawn will translate for the party, using either the Neutral Tongue or Tongue of Wood. Raddok and everyone else, please assume I've done so and feel free to post. Just remember to let Scott know what is being translated and what is not
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