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OOC:   I typed this up last night but haven't had a chance to update this to reflect Dorhak's post. Hopefully Scott can work this is in as needed.


  Arawn cocked an eye when Dorhak chose to challenge the king, his attention flickering towards the Bes ruler when he then shifted from humor to advice. The dwarf was rough around the edges and hopefully the king's wise words would sprout within and begin to soften his edges. If not, at some point a less tolerant ruler or entity of power might choose to flex their might in return.

   When Dorhak called teams with the goal of splitting up Arawn shook his head, agreeing with the Bes king when he warned against it.

   "I would agree with King Strata. The Lower World is the natural home of dwarves, elves, faeries. But it's also home to Elder powers that guard their domains fiercely as well as the children and followers of the Great Serpent (OOC: Kototh). We should travel together or at least in larger teams."


   When Opus and Kimis moved to join him Arawn gave the pair a warm smile.

   "Your presence is quite welcome and I hope we can learn a little more about each other while we journey. If we do continue separate from the others, I only ask that you allow me to speak to any we encounter here and to treat them with respect as best you can. The creatures here are proud and not fond of humans."


   "It makes sense," Arawn chimed in when Barbosa and King Strata discussed the idea of a key. "We should let you know that we arrived in your lands through what we believe was a similar portal. In fact, it's opening might be linked to the one you discovered.

   It's a long story but suffice to say we have uncovered an item that was hidden by a combination of forces - elf, bes, and dwarf at the very least. Evil men sought to steal it for use as a weapon but we managed to thwart that and it now has a new Guardian. Your archivist, Crix, seemed to know of these tomes, the Hurricane tomes, and it is being safeguarded until our return.

   If you happen to have more insight it and the Coalition it would be welcome as well as an idea as to what the key might appear as."


   Upon exiting the cave Arawn looked out upon the twilight world, hoping to spot something familiar. Unlike most of the Sidh and Elder races the Lower World was not his native realm but it was a close second home. He hoped that he might recognize something in the landscape though he did not hold his breath - the Lower World was a vast place with so much he had yet to explore.

   When news of the missing guards was brought to the party's attention Arawn pursed his lips in concern.

   "We should move in teams to try and track your men down."

   Following after the king he was then surprised by the sudden collapse of the cave entrance.

   "You should've spoken to us! We could've called upon magic to do the same!," Arawn said, alarmed to find that the bes guards might be dead. He was already running towards the cave-in even as he finished speaking. His hope was that they lingered and he would be able to use his magic to spot them and pull them from the wreck.

   OOC:   God's Eyes at max EL. If the bes seem potentially salvageable based on his skills and observation (no skulls crushed in, for example) Arawn will attempt to Translocate them out and then heal them (Healing Mist, Sidh Tongue to boost)
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