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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Brutto..........Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #1
..Finn............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #2
..Ardrackle.......Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #3
..Zepp............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #4
..Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to Z'leyra
..Zol.Zim.........Wolf....Npc................Ma..Zehani Wolf/Ix's Friend

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         Game Update #67 sequence (file #547)

         Admin Notes: None.

            From Pyan: [Re: Actions]
                 Pyan looks around, half 
expecting to see some coward that let the

                 "Do you think Kell's absence 
could have such a big impact on them?"
            GM: Ack.

            From Raddok: [Re: Loot]
                 Update #65 re: treasure

                 Raddok is interested in easily 
portable goods - jewels, jewelry, coins. Willing 
to ask for tapestries with plan to have them 
shipped to his home in Donara from Dechat (if 
able to get someone to ship it). If list below 
does not translate properly, this is basically what he asks for.
                 Treasure Applied for:
                 Tourmaline armband, med, min 
flw, av.cl (17SC) --- (for personal 
ornamentation) Sm., nr fwless, dull snakestone 
(1.6 SC) Sm., min flw, misted Lapis Lazuli (4 SC) 
Med., min flw, fine topaz (4.8 SC)
Keg, 10 qt, spices, cinnamon, 9 qt full (9CC) --- 
(to be shipped along with tapestries he might 
attain, as a gift) *Hanging, fine covering, 5'x14', 3 GC
Eating utensils, silver, x9, 9 CC
*Tapestry, 4'x18', 41 SC
*Tapestry, 6'x18', 54 SC
Jewelry, jade, sm, sl flw, brill (17 SC) Jewelry, 
turquoise, sm., min flw, brill (26 SC) Unenhanced 
Lapis Lazuli (doesn't need it enhanced, altho 
will accept offer from someone to enhance it, & 
will keep for use) ***All loose jewels/jewelry 
that it's fair to have (looking for small, 
portable wealth) Metal helmet (if it fits only) 
Bracelet, Protection from Chaos, MEL7/EL3 --- for 
personal use, not to sell Amulet of Detection, 
Brass, MEL7/EL1 (if able to figure out how to 
use) ---for personal use, not trade
                 Fair share of any coins found

                 *sold proceeds Curious about the 
Mysterious Magical Chainmail, but only willing to 
ask for it if it's safe to use & not too heavy 
for him.  a Banded Shield, if in better shape 
than his own current, similar shield Other items 
seem better to sell & accept a share of the proceeds

                 * wants to ship tapestries home 
to Donara, or to Mahelas - whichever is easier & 
if can get merchant interested in buying weapons 
(or someone else honest enough) to get them all 
shipped safely. If a storage area of loot is 
available to the party, he may have it moved 
there, if easier (like a compadre's estate, temporarily)

                 He is willing to share fairly, 
but states these are his preferences.
            GM: Ack. To clarify.  Its best to 
select what you want.  When you say 'any coins, 
any small X, I have to go through line by line to 
figure out if it qualifies.  Plus I can just 
cut/paste to add to file :) Just cut/paste said 
item and add to list.  As to fair coins all get 
share of coins.  Some feel they will deduct a bit 
of coin if they take X treasure.  But as GM I can 
only do as I see it.  So gotta say such things in 
advance or it'll be equal shares. If getting 
items to sell its kinda a waste might as well 
sell the items in bulk since the trader dealt 
with will give better coin for bulk.  So if 
Raddok sells stuff might get less.  So folks just 
sell all and divide equally the share.  I simply 
add items to sheet once done. You can then sort 
to 'home' or gear later.  So I'll try to remember 
which is shipped.  Keep in mind its best to keep 
items on ship and it return to Sivas then ship to 
Donara.  Leaving at Dechat with possible pirates 
you don't trust? :)  So if its not listed above 
as specific items I don't know what to 
list.  Other items I added to treasure report.

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 Update #66 – Raddok

                 Sorry forgot to mention Raddok 
digs out his Healing Kit to care for his wound, 
since minor. He feels the magic healing should be 
for those severely or moderately injured first. 
He will not refuse healing, if offered, though.

                 Raddok is nervous about 
debarking at Dechat (It's full of pirates!), 
although he would like to get off the ship for awhile.

                 He volunteers for extra guard 
duty as needed & any seaman work needed in port & 
on the next leg of their journey. This is as much 
to use his nervous energy (now that they are 
approaching their goal), as to add to his experience.

                 His other main focus is being 
sure his armor & weapons are in tip-top shape, 
sharpening blades of sword & daggers, cleaning & 
replacing what must be replaced out of the pirate 
treasure hoard (weapons, armor, if better than 
what he has) (& if anything need replacing – lol)

                 But, most especially - Raddok 
will be practicing the Fomorian language with 
anyone on board he can get to converse in it. [I 
don't know how many exp points he would get from 
using the necklace anymore, & he would prefer to 
be sure the others have all used it to learn 
Fomorian as best they can.] He might squeeze in a 
little dagger practice if he has a sparring 
partner. Doesn't sound like there's time for any 
swim practice while in port - but he will use it if available.
  GM: Ack. All can go ashore.  I've not seen 
orders otherwise.  Its not like pirates will stab 
any random soul fr 1 BB on street.  Cerulean 
guards are on city patrol.  But its a gray line 
of authority.  So its safe as long as you aren't 
stupid and pick a fight in a pirate bar with 50 
pirates.  Fomorian for IBT for5 days or 10 
points.  Gotcha.  So it'd give you a  eL34.

            From Mournath: [Re: Actions]
                 As for loot - Mournath isn't 
pushy and will accept whatever is determined to 
be a fair share, declining items and looking for 
jewlery, gems, and other such portable wealth.

                 Feeling the exhiliration from 
the recent combat, he feels that his skills need 
to be honed further and will ask for sparring 
partners and to get pointers on other weapon use. 
[currently Mournath uses spear, bow, and shield 
and wants to train the lower of those skills up 
but is interested in picking up a bit more skill 
in the use of swords and other weaponry that can be had]

                 As for duties, Mournath wants to 
build a bit more raport with his fellow crewman 
and will take the opportunity to know more about 
them, scribe their names in his journal, find out 
a bit about their families, their desires, and why they choose to sail.
            GM: Ack.  Same with Bess.  Need to 
select for my sanity and ease of book keeping 
items you want.  Since I don't know what a 'fair' 
share of gems or such is. To me its 1 gem to 
others ts 100 gems. ;) You will get equal coin of 
sold items.  As to skills you are lowest in 
Dagger and Long bow.  Which do you want for the 5 
days? Oddly, I see no Shield skill? Guess never 
got one. :< Last part is good. RP activity. ;)

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 [Sorry - as this is still new to 
me, I feel I need to clarify sometimes Raddok's 
thoughts when we're dealing with something new to 
the adventure - like gathering/sharing out the 
treasure, etc - therefore, this footnote]

                 Raddok will not want to push his 
wishes on treasure items. When he turns his list 
in, although he might stare longingly at some 
items on his list, he states he doesn't want to 
cause any rifts over popular items asked for & he 
is willing to just take his fair share (in 
coinage, etc) of coins found, treasure items sold 
& small, wearable items (he likes the tourmaline 
armband, for example, which is not only dressy, 
but practical in that it protects a part of his 
arm - he sighs over it [lol]) & a share of any 
jewels/jewelry (he tends to like colored or 
exotic stones, like turquoise, lapis lazuli, 
etc., due to his just liking bright colors, but 
will accept anything) - he's trying to build up a 
small fortune to take home to show his father 
he's a worthy provider (& to his girl).

                 In reality, he will be pleased 
with anything with which he is awarded - 
especially if one or two items on his wish list 
are included [lol]. During the journey to Vahear, 
he will be willing to spar with Mournath with any 
of his weapons to M's sword (M's choice), altho' 
he suspects the navigator to be more skilled than 
Raddok is - which would be good for Raddok, too. 
They could also practice Fomorian during the 
bouts - the action will force concentration on 
the unfamiliar words. (Raddok can be a little 
sneaky about the Fomorian, you see - hee hee)

                 [I don't know the state of his 
current gear. If he finds anything better, that 
he is capable of using, among the loot than his 
current gear (e.g. - one of the metal helmets) he 
will put in a bid for it, and sell his old gear 
(or keep for backup, if that's more practical - 
weight is a definite factor for him - I'll let GM 
decide about his need to bid for gear at this 
point) Thinking that if he gets enough points to 
elevate stats, his IBT/actions will probably have 
improved his S or St, if not both]

            GM: Ack. No one stats improve until 
after adventure.  Then Cps are spent Doing before 
is a nightmare to do for book keeping.  Your fine 
on treasure.  In my table game we just say A, B, 
C ad folks select what they want.  If B is 
selected by more than 1 we just let them roll or 
play cards or arm wrestle.  So we are easy going 
here.  If conflicts they tend to resolve 
later.  Stay tuned.  As to gear any damage to 
gear was listed in mana report.  Aside from ammo 
I don' think there was any damage.

            From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
                 Z'leyra thanks the party, in 
particular Unali, for her and Arawn's rescue.

                 Z'leyra collects the raw 
materials she will need for the various 
enchantments she has promised or thinks would 
help the party out. A small forge and required 
tools, copper, tin and zinc for making buckles, 
iron ore and leaves (for carbon) for making 
steel, raw leather for tanning and making belts 
and straps out of as well as some of the correct 
wood. As time is available, mostly when the ship 
is not on duty or when the ship is at anchor, she 
will forge a buckles and weapons, make belts and 
a shield. After she has fully recovered her mana 
she will work on enchanting them.
            GM: Ack. Enchantments? We'll 
see.  Depends on what items go where.  No forge 
on ship.  Too dangerous.  Largest thing is like a 
cauldron for cooking and that's risky and hated by sailors.

         [New Stuff]

         [Apris 27th, 1636TH]

         [Time: 2:30 pm]

            Pyan sits with Corona and listens to the eagle.

            Pyan looks around, half expecting to 
see some coward that let the fighting up to 
others being led up from below decks, it hadn't 
dawned on him that there was no survivors.

            Pyan recalls the initial 4 boarders 
who snuck aboard – probably elite divers – one 
fled but was taken out by Corona.

            "Do you think Kell's absence could 
have such a big impact on them?" Pyan asks.

            Corona looks around, “The one called 
Arawn...he has a calming voice to this 
group.  But with him gone...it was a free for 
all.  The one called Kell might've done little but to kill as well.”

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update...Saturday?

         GM:  Still not heard about issues asked 
about from first update after combat like healing 
and others.  Hopefully that'll be resolved 
soon.  Arawn has been quiet lately and I emailed 
him so hope all is good. A small update as 
waiting for others to react and the deadline to 
end.  So looks like 1 more update before deadline 
is out.  I'd do more but had to do some last 
minute work and lost a few hours.  I've not heard 
from Dorhak on opposing orders with Malic and 
such.  So after next update will figure out what 
is sold then.  Loot file updated with new loot 
choices.  Last update got sections 
jumbled.  Recap stuff in New stuff 
section.  Doh.   If don't hear from Tobie/Arawn 
on healing will assume Z does it all.

         GM: Wound Status -

                  Player         Status
                 Z'leyra Light (13) Wound
                 Barbosa Heavy (15) Damage
                 Mae             Light (11) Damage
                 Pyan            Light (2) Damage
                 Fremea  Moderate (6) Damage
                 Ardackle        Light (5) damage
                 Finn            Moderate (10) Damage
                 Arawn           Moderate, (12) Damage, Burnt
                 Dorhak  Light (6) Damage
                 Unali   Light (3) Damage
                 Raddok  Light (2) Damage

       GM: Language Necklace Use: Roll W+EM or less
               Buff: +Em Mar 24th, +W Mar 29th

                 Character           Date         Learning          Notes
                   Pyan          Apr  27th     Fomorian From Unali Failure

         GM: Watch Assignments:

                 First  ( 7-10pm) - Dorhak, Raddok, Ix
                 Second (10- 1am) - Arawn, Mae, Pyan
                 Third  ( 1- 4am) - Fremea, Z'leyra, Mournath
                 Fourth ( 4- 7am) - Unali, Kiet, Barbasa

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