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   Arawn grinned back. "Name... hmm. You were here before any Fomorian names you recall?"  (OOC:   Scott, I'll assume whatever name sounds Fomorian or else eavesdrop on the fomorians as he walks to get a proper name to fit his cover. You can pick the name.)

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[Thought GM said we're at a small town with 6 docks - not Port Vahear. re: other questions (good ones) - offering this below]

Raddok asks, "Okay, how many places are we going to have to look for to find Khias's contact, or is it plural - contacts? I think that Arawn, whatever he calls himself as Khias's replacement, & I (being his aide and probably flunky - as strangers might think.." Raddok grinned at the elf. "We have to ask the locals where those meeting places (like the tavern) are. If questioned, we brought whoever-it-is's delivery, and need to find him. But I don't think we can all go into all of these places - a tavern, maybe an inn and business offices. I think those of us (he gave the hand signal for quotemarks) who are guards would probably wait outside with the dwarves, unless obvious we can all enter. Arawn and I should enter, and maybe one other guard? Just until we see the situation as visitors seeking their client would.

"Do you agree?"
"Arawn, if your Khias's replacement, what name do we call you by - to your face - sir," he added with a big grin. You might be a hard taskmaster, boss."

Bess L. Hadley

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    I was confused as well. I thought we're in
 Port Vahear but from a prior post it was stated that the
 guide is in another town that's not near Port

    So I thought we were going to see the Tal-Kor rep
 in Port Vahear and then head out of town to where the guide

    Scott, can you clarify things?

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 I guess I am missing something.  Don’t we have to find
 the contacts at the inn or tavern first in order to deliver
 our two fine dwarves?

 or are you just going to be seen hauling along two dwarves
 in chains thru town?

 i just figured you would make contact and arrange for an
 exchange dwarves for gobs of gold.  At least, the dwarves
 think they are worth that much!

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