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Dorhak makes his comments about his things (HIS things!) but this brings up some thoughts.  Magic has many uses, as these humans show.  It's not just power, but creates ways to do things that normally cannot be done.  For the first time he wonders about what his future could look like with him being able to make magic items.  His main motivation lately has been just trying to create a name for himself that overshadows his given name that cannot be spoken.  He determines to consider plans for this.  And soon.

The Runemasters.  Dorhak had never really thought about entering their ranks before.  They were all holding so much importance and prestige in the clans, and so much respect.  His own station and training never seemed to make that even a dream, let alone a goal.  Now, perhaps, just perhaps, he might be able to make some moves in that direction.  Dorhak considers himself fortunate to be of a long-lived people.  Such a goal might actually be possible.  But how?
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