[pnpgm] Sheets

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Mon Feb 18 17:58:24 CET 2019

I've been avoiding this for awhile.
I finally sat down to study which program keeps sheet format.

Old pc I used old Dos Edit.com which kept it 80 column format.
It never EVER messed up by adding tabs or CRS or line feeds.

Now I'm down ot 3 optons.

1) Notepad: In view mode doesn't seem to change format.  But I do 
notice in editing it MAY add stuff like tabs or CR/LFS.
2) Wordpad: Same as Notepad but not as quirky.
3) Open Office: Tthe Big issue is font and margins.  When you load 
the file it wants to format it and that messes up things.  This is 
good for updates doing it from scratch.  But not so with old files.

So I think for editing office is out.

I thikn for quick viewing notepad is good.
I think for editing I'll have ot use Wordpad.

I think everyone who uses windows has this as well.

So now that I seem to have a software and it doesn't (so far) mess 
with format I'll use Wordpad.

So will be editing and updating sheets.

Sorry for the delay on this but I avoided due to alot of work that 
would be needed to figure out formats.

Just a FYI.

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