[pnpgm] Reverse pirates

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Feb 17 02:30:40 CET 2019

Looks like thar will be boarding actions ahoy!

Though I prefer chips ahoy.

So since Z is pretty much out leaves Fremea for combat.  So what I'l 
do is ofr next update..
Do her combat until all are dead and 1 left over (though tobie will 
have to read my note sin updateto reflect that situation.


Move ship within boarding range.

This does mean at 300' folks will hav eot hide from archers.

To speed things along and for defense Mournath can zig zag so west, 
nw, w, ne w, nw...
This is a old naval simple tactic.
1) it causes targets for archers to be off angles at times
2) since moving against wind (west) this allows ship to move slow but 
then speed up as ship turns a bit.
Allowing wind/currents to help out.

So I said what 1160 feet?
over 5 turn if my math estimate is right
720' in 5 turns (1 min)
So 3 turns after that?
So 8 is my rough estimate.
96 seconds.

So once ship gets to 300 feet enemy archers will take shots each phase.
Thus shelter is needed.
Once the maneuver is made to get along side.
Folks will need ot leave shelter for 3-4 phases to get ready to board 
before htey board you.

Once within 2 phases probably....60'? my guess
I'll end there.  ANd then go 2 phases per from then on.

So to speed up 8 turns (32 phases).
give or take a few...

I'll run the math later..

Then once melee starts 2 phases per update..

Gmail - I did a quick poston gmail users last update no bounces it seems.
But may wanna read it.

Boarding - Forgot to explain the physics...
I did in a old update but may be ocnfused.

PShip boards Fore ship-
Since fore is in front spell and winds would speed ship at 60-90' per second.
Ships are typically 100 feet long.
This means ship would have to stop in 1 second.
A very difficult maneuver unless timed right.

Pship vs aft ship
Going against wind slows ship. Down to 10-30 max.
So that's 2-3 sec and a better chance.

One just can't put brakes on in a ship.
So the sailors will hav eot time it.
Just X range they will drop anchor.
based on how long it takes to hit bottom 1-4 sec.
Plus about 2 sec to jerk ship to stlal speed.
Then can board.

This is how I do it but may be wrong.

Course teleport better. :)

So tuesday wil lhave some melee fun!

Technically no one knows Z is captured.
Probably not for a few long moments.

We have Pyan, Mae though guess not active anymore, as archers.
So assume these 2 cna fire back?
Take down enemy archers?
If not let me know.

Kiet/Bess can pick targets within their short ranged items for fire.

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