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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate

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         Game Update #110 sequence (file #823)

         Admin Notes: None.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]:
                 Arawn gave Kiet a weighted 
smile, gently shaking his head when 

                 "I can do so or else spirit it, and us, away if need be. But 

            GM: Ack.

            From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
                 Fremea knows all the humans will 
be down for a while, and hears talking outside 
the cave. Though something definitely feels more 
tension and just casual talk, even if she doesn't 
understand it, until it is translated to her. At 
that point, she recons the area to make sure 
there is nothing more coming at them, figuring 
that Unali will tell the others the humans are all knocked out.
            GM: Ack. I assume you mean leave the cave?

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 Raddok was becoming distracted 
from translating - his discovery 

            GM: Ack.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 Dorhak turns to Raddok and says 
in Marentian "understood.  Go do 

            GM: Ack.

            From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
                 Kiet does a 
double-take.  Snake?  Who the hell said anything 
about snakes!  He whips out his tulwar and casts 
an EL3 Detection spell for serpents. If found, he 
will attack it without hesitation.
                 Why did it have to be snakes.
            GM: Ack.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 As Dorhak invites the Besamar 
into the cave, he calls out to the 

                 "Z'leyra.  Mournath. You two 
watch the cave entrance and make sure 

            GM: Ack.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
                 Not sure if Arawn heard about 
the snake but if he did or notices Kiet about to 
kill the snake Arawn, as a druid, will attempt to 
save it (assuming it's not a kotothi or chaos 
serpent). He'll call to it in Tongue of the Tonah 
(casting Forest Talk instead if the snake doesn't 
seem to understand him) and pick it up to be 
carried to safety (if it's willing) or else at 
least ask Kiet to not kill it before urging the 
snake to seek cover away from hooves and feet.
            GM: Ack.

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 Raddok, looking quickly about himself, sees their group 
            GM: Ack.

            From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
                 Z'leyra will assist Raddok in 
his search while keeping a sharp eye 

            GM: Ack.

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 3rd, 1636TH]

         [Time: 4:35 am – Besam, Eastern Lands]

            Arawn gave Kiet a weighted smile, 
gently shaking his head when the acrobatic 
elementalist offered to glamour the tome.

            "I can do so or else spirit it, and 
us, away if need be. But thank you."

            The Alfar turned his attention back 
to the conversation taking place at the cave 
entrance, confident in the ability of Unali and 
Fremea to keep the humans in check. His brow 
furrowed, lips pursed as Dorhak addressed the 
Besamer with the crude grit common to dwarves. It 
was one thing to act entitled when a stranger in 
a strange land - bad enough that is! - but it 
seemed Dorhak little understand his cousins.

            The besamer, as he recalled, were a 
peaceful and gentle people, preferring to heal 
and protect without prejudice. A far cry from 
most dwarves indeed! In fact, what he knew of 
them endeared such folk to him, the Alfar having 
wished to meet the Besamer if the stories were in fact true!?

            Gnorf seemed wise enough to not push 
for a battle without necessity but if Dorhak 
didn't adapt the Alfar worried that an 
unnecessary battle could ensue. Stepping out from 
cover, the tome carefully tucked away, he made 
his way towards the entrance where the kin-folk 
argued.? When he came into Gnorf's field of 
vision the druid smiled, his manner indicating a 
peaceful approach. He stopped close to Dorhak's side.

            "Greetings, wise Gnorf. I am Arawn, a 
healer by nature and druid by training," he said, 
trying to ease any wariness of the besamer's part.

            "These are not dwarves," he quietly 
informed Dorhak. "These men are besamer, kin but 
as different to dwarves as night and day. They 
are gentle but strong, preferring peace in a way 
most people would fail to understand. I know you 
speak honestly with them but try to think, they 
do not know you to trust you and only seek a fair 
investigation of the truth. Perhaps a more diplomatic approach might be best."

            Gnorf glances at Arawn over Dorhak's 
shoulder, he frowns and lowers his mace slightly 
but raises it again.  “You got to be...a elf with 
him..and them?”  He nods at Dorhak and then the 
humans.  He steps back a foot, “there are some of 
them,” he nods at Dorhak, “who help the raiders 
for rum.  But you...you!  I’ve never heard of such in my life!”

            Raddok was becoming distracted from 
translating - his discovery in these gear bags 
among the sleepers needed to be shared 
immediately. "Dorhak!" he called softly. "Listen 
to me - these 'raiders' are not warriors! They 
are carrying mining gear and ore. They are 
probably thieving from the folks outside. We need 
to let them know what we found & let one or two 
of them in to see what's here & who we are." He 
spoke first in Marentian, for the party to 
understand his discovery, then repeated it 
quickly & more quietly in Dwarf Elder. He notices 
Arawn with the book, but pays no further 
attention, as Arawn could deal with that issue easily, he was sure.

            Gnorf looks at Raddok and then at 
Dorhak, “see your labor-human is even aware we 
speak the truth. Based on those hands of his he 
knows what he speaks.” Then he realizes 
something, “wait..wait...you?” He looks at Dorhak 
surprised.  “Is the leader of this party you ..brought these raiders?”

            Gnorf glances over his shoulder and 
speaks in his native tongue which isn't close to 
Dwarf elder and speaks quickly to those 
outside.  First a few chuckles are heard then surprise silence.

            Dorhak turns to Raddok and says in 
Marentian, "understood.  Go do a thorough search 
for bows and red fletched arrows. Take whoever you need to help. Quickly!"

            Turning back to Gnipp? No, that’s not 
right. Gnopp.  No!  Gnorff!  Yeah, that’s it. 
Gnorff.  Anyway, turning back to Gnorff, Dorhak 
looks at him for a moment while he sucks on his 
teeth, as if while trying to decide 
something.  Then he silently nods his head and 
says, in Dwarf Elder, "Well!  It seems there’s 
more to you than just being an 
exhibitionist.  You’re a brave one too, coming 
here alone.  I’ll tell you what. How about I 
invite you into this little cave so you can see 
for yourself what is happening.  But know this: 
only slaves surrender their arms on demand.  And 
none of us takes kindly to that thought.  We 
won’t surrender. But you have my word you will not be harmed or held here."

            Fremea slips quietly and invisibly 
toward cave entrance and past Dorhak and 
Gnorf.  Gnorf feels something brush past him but 
is busy hearing Dorhak be a stubborn dwarf.  He 
quietly mentally shrugs it off and ignores it to be wind.

            Gnorf shoulder gently but overtly 
pushes Dorhak to the side and moves inside the 
cave.  “Invite into our cave...that's funny young hairy one.”

            As Dorhak invites the Besamar into 
the cave, he calls out to the people outside of 
the cave, "If he's in here longer than 15 
minutes, do what you think you must."

            "Z'leyra.  Mournath. You two watch 
the cave entrance and make sure they don’t try 
anything foolish."  Then he looks over to Gnorf 
and says, "While I would not kill you, I would 
make sure you understood that if they try 
anything you will regret ever meeting us."

            "Oh, and watch out for snakes."

            Kiet pulls his tulwar out making 
Gnorf watch him intently.  Then Gnorf sees Kiet's 
face.  “Lemansan?” He turns to Dorhak.  “You are 
working with a Lemasan so the story you give is false?”

            Kiet cringes his eyes and face.  If 
Unali is aroud and he might call her one as well?

            Raddok, looking quickly about 
himself, sees their group rather scattered out 
now,but asks Z'leyra to help him search for the 
bows and red-fletched arrows Dorhak is asking 
about. He requests her help in the search, 
sending her to head back behind the horses, and 
that end of the cave, toward his left, & he heads 
to the right, already remembering some 
interesting things he had found among the mining 
gear, checking into the shadowy areas behind the 
supplies and heading to where the miners were 
sleeping, staying toward one wall and leaving the 
other wall for Z'leyra, and searching quickly but 
thoroughly. He gathers some items he feels are 
interesting, taking a few & leaving others where he finds them.

            The miners are either deeply asleep 
or unconscious, it seems. Raddok doesn't bother 
to spare a quick glance around for Fremea, merely smiling slightly grimly.

            Z'leyra will assist Raddok in his 
search while keeping a sharp eye out for any snakes.

            Gnorf keeps one eye out on the shifty 
Lemasan and shifts the torch in his right and 
mace in left.  His shield is on his right arm but 
at a moments reach if drop torch.  Gnorf eyes the 
horses.  “Yes Harn brands.  One day we'll just 
keep the horses and not deport them.”  He moves 
to paralyzed guard and nods.  “Lemasan as well I 
see.  Is he dead?”  He kicks the paralyzed man 
but sees no reaction other than his eyes 
flicker.  With a right boot he slips the man's 
left sleeve upwards. To reveal 2 small stripes – 
brands.  He nods, “so this one has been deported 
twice. A 3rd he won't return home.  So this is his last chance.”

            As Z'leyra and Kiet search around the 
horses the shadows are long and drawn.  While it 
is cramped space the snake could be hidden anywhere.

            Gnorf moves to back of cave and 
watches Kiet, “what is he looking for?”

            Raddok follows Gnorf and rounds the 
corner.  The torch shines brightly and reveals a 
small niche about 30 feet long and 25 wide at 
places.  But still shadows prolong due to rocks and outcroppings.

            Dorhak wonders where Unali is not seeing her?

            Gnorf waves the torch over the 
sleeping Lemasans.  He kicks one or two and gets 
grunts so realizes they are knocked out.  The 
Dwarf sighs, “that will make things difficult to 
transport to the village.  But sure enough all of 
these are Lemasans.  A smaller group than 
usual.  But it is a early season for them.”

            Raddok with the torch light sees a 
few daggers and swords.  But notices the one bow 
and a quiver of red, orange and green fletched 
arrows.  He motions for Dorhak and nods to the 
Quiver. Dorhak subtly nods and finds the killer more likely.

            Gnorf moves back to main cave.

            Kiet has cast his spell to find 
snakes but it doesn’t' seem to give him clues?

            Arawn tries to call to the snake but 
gets no response.  Could the snake have left cave?

            Gnorf stares at Kiet and Arawn 
speaking oddly especially Arawn.  He leans over 
to whisper to Dorhak, “is he a bit..slow?  And 
that one he trying to find spiders?”  He nods at Kiet after looking at Arawn.

            Outside Fremea flies up and then to 
tree level.  She tries the best she can to be 
quiet and scout the area.  She knows dwarves 
aren't elves so can not hide as well as 
elves.  But in a few seconds she counts 4 other 
dwarves on this side of clearing.  There may be 
as many on other side.  But will have to move to 
find them. At one point a dwarf hears her but does not spot her.

            All of them have no beards as well.

            Back inside, Gnorf turns to 
Dorhak.  “I assume you are 
.the leader.  Our 
cousins do not tend to help these...raiders.  But 
some do.  I take it you are one of 
them.  Especially with that one over there.”  He 
shrugs to Kiet.  “So it is late and I'm 
tired.  You can yield your arms and escort the 
Lemasans to our village. The Elders will decide 
your fate and theirs.  Or...we can make things 
ugly. We are in your rights here.  This is our 
land...you cousin share our land under our wise 
eyes. But don't dishonor that by fighting 
back.  By disarming this ensures your safety, 
theirs and our village.  We have females and young ones there after all.”

            Moves to entrance, “I'll let you 
decide...I'll give you 5 minutes.  After that 
things will need to be dealt with.  Frankly, I 
prefer this to go down peacefully. So I can go 
home and drink my ale.  Who knows!  I could even 
share some ale with you cousin if you cooperate.”

            He shoulders past Mournath.  Then 
turns around.  “It is your decision.”

            “Of course,” he turns around, 'the 
murder on our land will have to be 
investigated.  If what you say is true you'll be 
deported.  If we deem followup then a visit to Kril Bes maybe in order.”

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next update...Saturday...

         GM: Wanted to do more.  But lack of 
sleep fubared that.  So I think we are at a good 
place.  Stuff happened.  I would try a update Wed 
but it is new years and gotta do year end stuff 
and may have stuff to do that day. So best is 
Saturday.  Monday is my last day off till 
September.  Then its 8 months of 5 day work 
weeks.  :<  So back to old routine.  So either 
Monday/Wed or Sat updates.  Since Monday would be 
my 'Friday' its end of week so I can try updates 
those days and chances are good.  If not can try 
Tue/Wed and then try again Sat for 2 updates a 
week depending on things.  Happy New Years as 2020 approaches!

         GM: Damage

                     Player              Damage
                 Barbosa         16+4+1+5 [Unclear fully, Revived]
                 Unali                   6
                 Raddok          1 [1 Healing]
                 Arawn                   5
               Z'leyra           4

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