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Fremea knows all the humans will be down for a while, and hears talking outside the cave. Though something definitely feels more tension and just casual talk, even if she doesn't understand it, until it is translated to her. At that point, she recons the area to make sure there is nothing more coming at them, figuring that Unali will tell the others the humans are all knocked out.

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Update #109 sequence (file #813)


Notes: None.


   From Kiet: [Re: Actions]

        If Kiet sees
Arawn has the book, Kiet offers "Would you like me …

   GM: Ack.

   From Dorhak: [RE: Actions]

        “This has become
serious!  We found a dead human nearby!  Now we …

   GM: Ack.

   From Kiet: [Re: Actions]

        Z’leyra...you are
the only character that knows what the horses said about the snake.
Gonna say anything to the rest of us?

        Arawn found the
book...is he going to say so?

        Basically, the
rest of us can only react to these things by presuming unless we tell
each other.

        Are there other

   GM: Ack. Horses just reacted in fright and that was about
it.  They did what they do move away from the creature.  Its
obvious Arawn found book to those who look.  But you have a point
there.  POV and rping is important. ;) Part is my fault in that I
tend to forget one detail in every update.  I always say 'oopps I
forgot' but it happens.  But yes players could react for sure. :)

   From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]

        Z'leyra says in
Marentian "These animals are skittish about there …

   GM: Ack.

   From Raddok: [Re: Actions]

        As Dorhak speaks
to the group outside, Raddok translates both sides …

   GM: Ack.


        [Ma 3rd,

4:35 am – Besam, Eastern Lands]

   Kiet sees no other of his Lemasan comrades stirring anymore
and bows back to the main cave.  He sees Arawn holding the book as
the Alfar listens  to the outside voice.

   Kiet offers.  "Would you like me to place a
Glamour on the book to hide what it really is?  Or put it in a bag
and Glamour that if the book is resistant."

   Gnorf yells out, “this has become serious!  We found a
dead human nearby! Now we will need to investigate this and my rum will
get too warm tonight! Surrender now and we'll not smoke you out.”

   "Serious!  SERIOUS!?  We’ve been chasing the
humans that we think killed that other human, though that is no
loss.  He tried to enslave my kin, stole from me, then brought us
here, to wherever this place is.  He received his reward, but his
murderers then stole from him!  They are mine to do with as I
please, as their actions have cost me dearly in gold and effort.  As
for the humans that are with me, they are my crew and all I really want
to do is make my way back to home and my ship."

   “As for surrender, I warn you to reconsider.  I am
Captain Dorhak Red Wall, made red from the blood of those who tried to
pass through this wall!  We are not your enemy, but by Dvallin I
will not yield to some pre-pubescent blowhard that doesn’t even have the
decency to cover himself properly.  I and my crew are not to be
trifled with by the likes of you, nor do I believe you could even come
close to succeeding.  Now, should you wish me to send out the human
thieves for you to take your angst out upon them, then so be it.
Happy to be rid of them.  Once we extract from them what is mine, of
course, with interest, and most certainly including penalties with

   From the woods snickers is heard when Dorhak mentions the
part of be wary of the wall and the details.  Then more snickers as
he insults the outside dwarves.

   Dorhak continues, “Since you now know we are not here by
trespass, but by treachery, will you continue your base and gratuitous
accusations and force us to teach you a lesson in civility or shall we
discuss things like, well, if not Dwarves, then at least like Elders

   Z'leyra says in Marentian, "These animals are skittish
about there being a snake nearby." She looks around and if too dark
for her eyes triggers her helm to allow her to see in the dark.

   As Dorhak speaks to the group outside, Raddok translates
both sides of the conversation to the group members close by. He has
noticed that a few have disappeared (probably heading back to handle the
sleeping group with the book, he earlier had mused, but translating now
kept his attention focused to the group outside). As Dorhak explains
their presence to the dwarves (dwarves?) outside, he begins to find
himself grinning - their sturdy Captain certainly knows how to trim the
beard (uh, no beards?) of those strangers outside. Concise words Dorhak
speaks, with no diplomatic padding on them, but very dwarven. Raddok,
grinning, had trouble to keep from laughing at the straight way Dorhak
spoke. Nice to have things clearly out in the open, for once - no
mollycoddling here.

   Well, now, he wonders, as he straightened up in pride at
Dorhak's forthrightness, would they accept the Captain's angry
explanation, and offer peace - or a truce? Or would there still be a
fight? Thinking of that, Raddok suddenly remembers the sleeping enemy
behind them in the cave - they seemed awfully quiet... He finds himself
feeling very alert as Dorhak's words end.

   Then Raddok notices something. He moves toward the horses
but mainly toward the bags.  He glances at the paralyzed guard
nearby and examines his clothing and hands from afar.

   Fremea slips back to the main cave now that the others are
knocked out. No real threat.  She wonders if she should slip outside
to scout the enemy?

   Raddok kneels near Arawn and begins to look at the bags of
gear quickly.

   Outside Gnorf signals his allies in hand signals.
Dorhak can't read them at this angle and distance.  A flurry of
signals must be sent back and forth.  Gnorf seems a bit
agitated.  Dorhak grins.

   Gnorf turns to his right and signals to the others.

   He turns to the cave.  “This is foolish.  You are
outnumbered.  You are in a land with thousands of us.  If you
say you are stranger here we would welcome you but you must submit
first!  For our protection and yours!”

   With that he shifts his shield and mace in other hand in a
stance.  He then moves toward the cave.  Dorhak raises his
shield and mace as well.

   “Move aside!  I will assess situation.  If further
actions need to be done we'll see then.”

    Gnorf stops 4 feet from Dorhak.  “Move aside
cousin or this will not end well.  If you consider taking me
prisoner this cave will be overrun in moments! You are in our land and
you abide our rules or suffer.  Even ...”  he spits onto the
ground.  “Bearded cousins who don't know their place!”

   Arawn listens and is starting to understand the one known as
Gnorf.  He seeks compromise but is determined to get this settled

   Raddok after opening 3 bags nods to himself.  These
Lemaitre are not warriors but miners.  Based on their gear they are
seeking resources.  This confirms Gnorfs story of raiders from some
place called Harn into Besam.  The Lemasans must want a hold into
the rich deposits the dwarves have.

   Gnorf stares at Dorhak and smirks at the red suit.  But
Dorhak wonders if in a different place and time these two might be best
friends? Dorhak has forgotten his own past like Barbosa.  A outcast
among his own people.

Actions? Comments?

    Next update...Saturday...

        GM: A good
place to stop.  We'll see how others react.  Happy Christmas to
all out there!  I hope the holidays are wonderful to you and hope
you get joy and presents.  Will try for one final update for
2019.  Would try Tue/Wed but its holiday so will try Saturday.

        GM: Damage



        16+4+1+5 [Unclear
fully, Revived]




        1 [1 Healing]




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