[pnpgm] Game Update #33

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OOC Stuff:

Healing -

   I'm good with having Arawn pass on primary healing duty to Z'leyra if she wants the role. And he'd like to assist/learn from Z'leyra while she performs first aid/healing on the humans he'll do so if time permits.

   Z'leyra/Alex, are you going to perform magical healing for the wounded?   If not, or if no response is given, Scott, please assume Arawn will do so as previously posted.

Arawn's Attire/Guard Duty Attire -

   He'll keep his attire minimal - breathable pants and, during the day, his katai hat to block the sun.

   Daytime gear -  Elven Dagger and, when the sea is calm, his Wand on him.

   Night/Guard Duty gear - Elven Dagger, Elven Bow and Elven Arrows, Elven Buckler and Helm. If the sea is calm he'll also bring his Wand.


IC Stuff:

   Arawn busied himself in the time prior to setting sail once more, from healing to writing detailed notes on the mermen marks and range through to mopping up the drowned hold. And when Finn mentioned the need to anchor lest his magical currents drive them off course for now he give a curt nod before dismissing the magic. He had heard of sea magics that could navigate vessels to a destination and decided it would be worthwhile to learn such a spell in the future, his heart already set on further adventures at sea.

   When Dorhak gave the watch order Arawn nodded in assent, preparing to sleep through most of the day until his beloved night cloaked the sea in a reflection of stars and moonlight. Before he did however he swung by to visit with Mae.

    "The rats are growing scarce in the hold," he affably commented. "Hope you were able to sate yourself on the mermen. But let me know if your hunger starts to grow unreasonable.

   Though I'm sure some of the sailors might not mind your attention. But just let me know if that comes to pass so I can tend to them."

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