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- Dwarf Elder -

   [The day following the battle with the mermen Arawn will approach Raddok]

   "I realize we'll likely be encountering other dwarves soon, assuming we make it to where they're imprisoned. I figure that the more of us that are able speak with them the better. No pressure but would you be willing to allow me to learn the dwarven tongue from you?"   OOC: If the answer is, yes, then Arawn will cast Tongues to learn the language permanently.

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As Raddok saw the last of the mermen disappear, he came to a stop, startled at what Ix seemed to have done. It made him uneasy. But he tried to counter his doubts by giving credit where it was due, and after hesitating for a few moments, turned toward the blind (shaman, was she?)  and called to Ix, saying "Thanks." He nodded toward her although he didn't know if she'd be aware of it or not.

He moved around the lockers to find that the seamen nearly had the fire out - it was the sails that had been on fire, and he could see them all laying out on the deck, still smouldering a little, and nearly soaking wet. "Quick thinking!" he called out to the seamen still sweeping water from a tipped barrel across the heavy canvases. He looked to see how he could help, but suddenly he became aware of his shield's weight upon his injured side, and carefully lowered it to the deck with both hands, biting his lip as he tried to keep a groan from escaping. He decided that he wasn't needed here, especially when Z'leyra called him over after seeing his bloodied side to have him get in line to be healed.

Once Raddok's been healed, he will receive his watch assignment from Dorhak. He's pleased that both he and Ix, the new members to this band of adventurers, would be on watch with their Captain. This would provide Captain Dorhak, a chance to get to know his new team members better, so the two new members could work more effectively with the entire group; they would all also learn about each other's skills a bit more. Ix was a mystery to him, as they had spoken little more than to exchange hellos so far (the wolf being a discouraging factor, Raddok admitted to himself), and Dorhak, being the Captain, had been busy all over the ship, while Raddok, himself, had been busy learning seamanship under Z'leyra or whichever seaman she had assigned him to for that particular day.

After being treated for his wound, Raddok helped, as allowed by Z'leyra, with ship's repairs, but was glad to rest and relax that evening over his supper. He reflected that these adventurers had skills he had never seen, and he felt a bit safer among them, and a challenge to try to live up to what they might need from him.

A song began to rise above the sounds of the sea, and Raddok found himself caught up in the dwarves' song, catching enough of the words to hear the hope and dreams within the melancholy melody.

It was a good evening overall, and he hoped he would sleep fairly well, once his watch was over. Being on first watch, he would be able to sleep the rest of the night uninterrupted - unless something else happened. He carefully finished cleaning his mace and shield, and lay his leather [OOC: or the quilted - whichever is cooler to wear - please inform me - thanks. If he has residual soreness from his healed wound, the quilted might be more comfortable to wear…] armor beside him, ready to don for his watch duty.

Bess L. Hadley

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