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   In the aftermath of the battle Arawn will make his way up to the deck to inspect things up there. He'll look over both the injured and the mermen, scanning for magic (Mana Sense/Reading) as well as any marks, notes and equipment they might have. Loot aside he's hoping to identify this tribe and if they were a random encounter or instead ordered to target this ship.

   - I'm guessing Z'leyra will probably be healing everyone. However if no one volunteers Arawn will use his Healing Hand EL 0 on Ix and Healing Mist at max EL (group version) on the others. Over the next couple of days he'll use Healing Hand max EL on those still damaged (Barbosa).

   - He'll help oversee any repairs that need to be done to the ship using his Naval Architect skill

- Ward Pact/Rail Guard:

    "We should see what can be done to avoid a surprise like that again. Aside from guards to watch the railings perhaps a Ward Pact could be placed on the hull or sides of the ship, something that could alert us if anything man-sized maintains contact with it for a few seconds? With some fine tuning we could have it set so that it can be turned off when repairs and such need to be done," Arawn suggested. "Such wards are not my specialty but I know some among us are skilled in these enchantments, should they find this reasonable and worthwhile."

- Speak with the Dead:

   OOC: As there was interest in capturing one alive for questioning, if someone wishes it Arawn can cast Dark Knowledge to question the dead if someone has a way of communicating with the spirit. Arawn knows Elder Water but isn't an expert yet and he's not sure if the mermen will be able to communicate back. Someone just post if you want this done.

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