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Fremea is please her arrows are good. Then frowns a bit when she sees the two run down the stairs. That will not do and she takes off after them with her daggers out, she really doesn't want to smell smoke while she is sleeping. If there is not much room to fight, she use her martial arts to subdue the mermen, and if possible will save one to use her new spell on.

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   Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shman/1st Mate
..Brutto..........Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #1
..Finn............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #2
..Ardrackle.......Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #3
..Zepp............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #4
..Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to Z'leyra                         [First Mate]
..Zol.Zim.........Wolf....Npc................Ma..Zehani Wolf/Ix's Friend

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      Game Update #31 sequence (file #318)

      Admin Notes: None.

        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          Kiet will move back to the bow of the ship toward the new group
          of mermen.  He will cast an EL2 entangle spell if any are near
          the piles of rope, or an abandon, if not.

          Kiet will also recast his Iron skin spell in PH6.

          Kiet is happy enough to fight a merman that also only has a
          dagger  to fight with...an interesting experience.  Knife
        GM: Ack.  Ever seen a cruise ship rope pile?  Takes forklifts to
            move.  So a entangle spell might not work well with that huge
            mess.  For this ship is probably half the size but its still
            bigger than most men's legs are around.

        From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
          Our heroic Captain will do the honorable thing and go help his
          dwarf  kin, Barbosa.
        GM: Ack.

        From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
          [OOC: still learning how to figure two phases & how much to put
          in  to cover unexpectancies. If I put in too much, at least you
          kinda  know what he's thinking he might need to do next -
          thoughts can be  faster than action. I appreciate our GM's
          ability to fill in our   actions & to help me not feel too
          stupid at my slow learning, but I hope Raddok lives through
          this (lol)]

          Phases 5 & 6

          Raddok has no idea why several of the mermen vanished, but
          he's relieved as he continues to focus on merman #5 in front of
          him, hoping the upwelling of alertness & dexterous energy that
          he had suddenly felt  (the battle magic, which he didn't
           recognize, as it's new to him) will   improve his fighting
           skills on the slowly rocking deck, making the short rush
           forward to strike the creature with his shield with his full
           weight, bracing it with both arms until contact, in an effort
           to knock the merman back & block the axe, then quickly using
           his     mace to strike around the shield at the merman's ribs
           & body.     He will strike at least twice, & three times (if
           there's time     during the 2 phases, & if it's needed to
           disable the merman). He     continues to keep his shield over
           his left ribs to protect his injury, as well as to block any
           weapon strikes. He does not      understand why someone called
           out not to kill these attackers,      so he will try to kill
           #5, unless someone again tells him not to      kill, then he
           will try to strike it unconscious or only seriously injured.
           (But he really doesn't like  leaving a living enemy behind

           IF he's successful at stopping #5 merman, & seeing that Dorhak
           has gone to help Barbosa, Raddok will turn & run left (he's
           been facing the stern) to help Z'leyra with mermen #13 & 17
           in front of her, or if   she's clear, ask the seaman at the
           wheel if he should stay near    him for protection. He will
           not see the sails on fire unless he has     time to glance
           toward Barbosa. He will do what the seaman at the     wheel
           suggests (unless Z'leyra or Captain Dorhak call to him with
            orders) - stay near the wheelman, help Barbosa or help with
            the      fire, but whichever, he keep his weapons ready for
            anything he  cannot see beyond the lockers center-ship,
            and swiftly looks around to see if anyone at the stern again.
        GM: Ack.  You are doing fine.  Some PCs I can run almost blind
            on auto pilot like Unali.  Been with me so long I know
            their sop well.  While others like Arawn may surprise me.
            But your doing fine.   Combat is fast.  Each phase is only 3
            seconds.  So one must imagine what you can do in 3 seconds.
            Not great speeches.  But you could swing a axe.  Combat is
            in 2 modes Offensive and Defensive.  You will see how
            Z has stated in past which mode.  Above as I gather it you
            are using Shield as a weapon not defensive.  So this will
            put you at a slight disadvantage to attack since losing a great
            asset to defense.  But even weapons can be used as defense
            through Parry.  But as far as posting one can be as elaborate
            as above or just say 'use shield to bash bad guy'. :)  One
            quick line.   Up to you.  But you are doing fine.

        From Mournath: [Re: Actions]
          [to GM] Is your 'dead count right'?  In the description you
          say Mourn' kills one but it's not reflected in the body count

          Knowing that fire on board a ship is never a good sign, and
          well.. .there goes the sails now!  That fire has to be stamped
          out, but a man can't leave his back to the enemy while attending
          to business.  Nothing for it but to ...

          Mournath continues to fight the closest targets to himself
          while edging towards where the fire is blazing.  He hopes to
          polish off the ones on him, then attend to the fire as best as
          he can - likely cutting the lower rigging so the sails only
          attachment point is high and away from the ship so that it can
          possibly be put out by the wind.
        GM: Ack.   IT is possible that I..I mean the dwarves of course..
            make mistakes.  But I did double check the stats twice.  Having
            to keep up with 30+ tokens on a map is a bit tricky.  But
            I'm 90% sure I'm correct.  But its possible  I show you killed
            #4 and got that credit.  He's marked dead so dunno.  :<  If
            you have a specific error you spot let me know.  My staff has
            been quite rebelious recently.  So they need order!  Good post.
            But for this ship they'd lower the rigging down literally
            to the deck so top would be on deck.  Using the pulley and
            ropes doing this fast.  Then using a nearby barrel would
            douse out the flames.  It would be impossible to douse out
            flames on rigging that tall from ground.  So this is why
            they need to lower it flat onto the deck.

        From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
          A footnote: Raddok will, whether in phases 5-6 or 7-8, as
          soon as he is able in either case, WILL speak to the seaman at
          the wheel,  in his new Marentian language, "You want I stay? Or
          go?" [OOC: I  think that matches his EL in Marentian at this
          point.] He dislikes eaving the unarmed seaman alone.
        GM: Ack. That works and yes probably could say that in one phase.

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Regretting that she hadn't started off by casting
          clairvoyance, Z'leyra will fight defensively as long as she is o
          utnumbered by those attacking her. When just one on one she will
          go offensive and once all her opponents are down will go to
          help others.
        GM: Ack.

      [New Stuff]

          [Apris 4th, 1636TH]

          [Time: 9:41:13 am]
          [Turn 1: Phase 5]

            Fremea fires her bow at the mermen at the bow of the ship.
          The arrow leaves the bow and magically divides up into 4
          more copies.  Four of the arrows hit their targets while the
          last goes wild into the water.

            Arrow #1 hits Merman #21 in the left lower abdomen going
          deep doing 22 points of damage killing the merman.

             Arrow #2 hits Merman #20 right in the neck doing 18 points
           of damage.  The Merman falls on brink of death. but by time
           folks get to him he'll be dead - bled out.

             The last 2 arrows hit Merman #23 once in lower left abdomen
           doing 26 points and middle right chest doing only 1 point but
           its the first arrow that kills the merman.

             Mae casts her spell at Merman #16 right in front of her
           and smiles as she finishes the words.   The inner voice
           cackles as the trident welding merman collapses onto the deck
           writhing in pain.  The spell is too powerful he can't even
           move any of his muscles.  Mae stands over the downed creature
           and steps to the other side to have his body in between her legs.
           As she does she steps on what is the most sensitive male spot
           most have and is grateful to discover the man cringes in more
           pain proving the merman is equipped there.  She reaches down
           and grabs the trident.  She has no skill in such.  But can
           a person really aim over a defenseless person?

             Corona dives for another Merman in the bow but he is able to
           duck just in time and he misses his claw attack

             Zol Zim comes the 10 feet toward Ix and stands by her
           side still with a bit of blood on his face.  He snuggles
           up against her ready to protect her.

             Z'leyra raises her staff in a diagonal stance but as she
           does she hits the Merman #13's left breaking it for 14
           points of damage as she half strikes him.

             Unali simply side steps a few feet left and stabs at the
           next 2 mermen #25 and #26.  She can do this all day side
           step, stab, repeat.  First magical dagger hits merman #25
           in the neck doing 20 points killing him instantly.  The
           other magical dagger hits #26 doing 30 points in the left
           top chest area killing the second merman.

             Arawn scans the deck above and sees the mermen being
           handled.  Then looks below.  This causes him a bit dizzy
           standing in the 'open' with water below as the boards
           are 'invisible' to his sight.  But he sees no mermen just
           fish swimming about.   Arawn ends the spell and moves
           as quickly as he can to the hold.  Moving with spell
           active would be dangerous as he'd hit walls and such.

             Mournath moves around Raddok and tries to spear #5
           but fails to hit.

             Kiet moves back to the bow but doesn't want to get too
           close and be overrun but close enough to cast a spell.
           He watches as 3 then 2 more die from arrows and Unali.
           He hopes there are enough left over!

             Ix pets the wolf and looks around she sees the men
           nearby that might be Raddok and the dwarf.  She is
           still trying to figure out what is going on and who
           is what.

             Raddok grabs his shield with both hands and bashes at
           the merman #5 causing the creature to fall to the deck.

             Pyan moves to attack Merman #22 at the bow but fails
           to hit with his spear.

             Brutto leaps over the lockers and runs to the sails.
           Now with 3 sailors here they unlatch the rigging at
           the base and begin to gently lower the rigging down but
           it will take a few seconds.

             Dorhak sees that Raddok and Mounrth should finish
           off the last one in his area and moves to help his
           fellow dwarf on the other side of ship.

             Barbosa tries to hit one of the ones around him
           but fails to hit.

             Two of the mermen at the bow, one near Pyan ignore him,
           dash for the stairs.  They both enter below deck intent
           on their evil plans.

             The last mermen at the bow still alive moves toward
           the rigging and Finn.  The merman swings his weapon but
           Finn kicks out as he holds the rope to the rigging
           tight in his hands.  This causes the mermen to miss.

             The downed merman grabs for his weapon and kicks out
           at Raddok to knock him backwards as he tries to stand.

             Both mermen at Z'leyra strike but fail to hit her.

             One of the three mermen hits Barbosa while the other 2
           miss.  He takes another 6 points of damage to his left
           chest with the spiked club.

          [Time: 9:41:13 am]
          [Turn 1: Phase 6]

            Kiet watches the two mermen run down the stairs.  By
          now all should be on deck except Arawn where ever he is.
          So he should be fine the only issue is lanterns, oil and
          bed sheets that burn.  But Kiet is likely the only one
          to notice the 2 run down stairs.  He debates to give chase
          but it is dangerous so casts a iron skin spell again.

            Fremea raises her bow but doesn't find any good targets that
          aren't near other allies.  She puts her bow on her back
          and pulls her dagger out.

            Z'leyra swings at one of her attacks but fails to hit.

            Unali moves toward the one attacking Finn and backstabs
          the poor merman both daggers doing 17 and 10 points killing
          the merman.

            Arawn weaves through the inner bowls toward the hatch
          at the hold area.  He ends up a few feet from it.

            Mae smiles down at the mermen in pain and pretends
          she doesn't know how to use the trident.  The pointy
          end should be there.  She points it at the mermen's
          neck.  Simple pressure. How easy it would be to just
          kill him.  She glances up and sees more mermen to
          fight and now the fire.  She would love to toy with
          this one but the others may need help.  She leans
          into the trident and the trident stabs into his
          neck killing the hapless creature.

            Mournath stabs #5 with his spear in the middle
          chest and kills the already wounded merman.

            Raddok runs to go help Z'leyra as #5 falls dead.

            Pyan looks confused the mermen was afraid?  He then
          turns and sees Kiet pointing to the stairs.  Pyan moves
          there but 2 vs 1.  Maybe he'll wait for backup before
          gong below?  But he ends up at the top of the stairs.

            The three sailors lower and lower the rigging.  Now
          it is about 5 feet off the ground at a hefty angle causing
          some sore muscles to ache.

            Dorhak gets behind one of the mermen attacking
          Barbosa and swings his mace but fails to hit.

            Barbosa does hit but the damage is light that the
          natural body of the merman protects him.

            Now there are only 3 around Barbosa, 2 around Z'leyra and
          2 below deck somewhere.

            The two fighting Z'leyra fail to hit her.

            The three around Barbosa attack him but 2 fail to hit
          while the 3rd does hit with trident in center chest
          doing 8 more points to the dwarf.

             The two below dash down the hallway.

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update...Tuesday/Wednesday

          GM: Since I was off today and I had enough posts aside from
              Arawn (but got info via chat)) I decided to do the update
              today instead of tomorrow and give myself a free day to
              chill.  :)  Right now there are only 5 on deck and 2
              below deck.  I had considered doing a couple more phases
              but it may take 3 or 4 more depending so didn't.  This will
              allow you guys to react.

              Speaking of free time I have allocated my 39 days of vacation
              from Sept-Dec.  That's about 9 days a month.  This will give
              me 3, 4 or even a rare 5 day weekend.  I am off Tue/Wed
              normally.  So for Monday (Sept-Dec) I have 15 of the 18
              Mondays off.  For Thursday I have 14 of the 17 Thursdays off.
              For Friday I have 4 so (4.  This means I'll be able to do
              updates faster Monday and Thur/Fri.  Assuming my staff
              wakes up in time and such.

          GM: Mermen Info
               3 around Barbosa/Near Dorhak
               2 around Z'leyra/Near Raddok
               2 below deck.

          GM: Player comments:

              Arawn - You are about 10 feet from Forward Hold and the
                hatch to the insides/bowels.  Then once inside can
                probably smell smoke and look up via the cargo hatch
                to the top deck (2 decks up) and deduce fire.  Thus
                your plan will be done soon after.  BUT keep in mind
                the thing you create may not work.  I was thinking on it
                and it'd be stationary and ship is moving.  So it would
                depend on if its a instant effect or not. :<  Else to
                move to the top deck probably take 3 phases.

              Dorhak - Will assume help Barbosa.

              Fremea - You probably saw the two go down stairs.
                You can help the ones in rear or go after them?

              Ix - Unsure if wanna help Z or Dorhak with those or do
                 something else? Didn't see ya in chat.
                 Sorry about not posting your actions in the actual
                 update section I had them in my notes file but didn't
                 cut/paste to the actual section for new stuff.  Or
                 rather the dwarves helpers I have didn't blame them!
                 Was going to use bracelet but with others in the way
                 like Z it might be risky.

              Kiet - Do you go after those 2 that went down with Pyan
                 and probably Unali? I suspect unali will beat both of
                 you down since she moves faster.

              Mournath - Will assume you go help Z and then Barbosa?

              Mae - Do you go help the cute sailors with the sails
                or go help Barbosa?

              Raddok - Assume will help Z then Barbosa.

              Unali - Assume will go down stairs to find the 2 that
                escaped or do you help with sails or Barbosa?
                Will assume stairs if no posted actions..

              Z'leyra now that Raddok is nearby do you go offensive for
                your two then help Barbosa?

              Dorhak  - Assume help Barbosa.

          GM: Mini IBT [Marqi 24 Present

                 Player        Skills
               Arawn        Study God's Eyes
               Dorhak       Seamanship *
               Fremea       Seamanship *
               Mournath     Spear - Fighting *
               IX           Dance *
               Pyan         Seamanship*, Eagle
               Raddok       Learn Seamanship, Then Dagger, Marentian
               Unali        Swimming *, Seaman *
               Z'leyra      Seamanship *

             * Notes that you can find a teacher/master for more points.

          GM: Language Necklace Use: Roll W+EM or less
              Buff: +Em Mar 24th, +W Mar 29th

                Character           Date         Learning       Notes
              Raddok              Mar 26th   Marentian          Success
              Pyan                Mar 29th   Eagle from Corona  Fail
              Pyan                Mar  30th  Eagle from Corona  Success
              Kiet                Apr  3rd   Bhamotin           Success
              Unali               Apr  4th   Bhamotin from Kiet Success
              Fremea              Apr  5th   Bhamotin from Kiet Success

          GM: Seamanship Info
                As explained by Z'leyra those without Seamanship skill
              will suffer 50% reduction in OCV/DCV and all Weapon ELs
              for a moving ship.  Here is a current list of who does
              not have such skill.

              Fremea, Zol'Zim, Mae, Ix, Raddok, Pyan, Dorhak, Barbosa

          GM: Spell Info
              Current Turn  : 1
              Current Phase : 4

                Player      Spell      Spell Ends
              Arawn      Battle Mind   Phase  25
              Kiet       Iron Skin     Phase  10
              Fremea     Multiple Arr  Phase  13
              Z'leyra    Speed -Boots  Phase  20

              Battle Mind: Pyan, Raddok, Ix, Mournath

          GM: Player Damage

                Player     Damage
              IX           1
              Fremea       6
              Barbosa      16
              Mae          5
              Raddok       6
              Z'leyra      6+1

          GM: Player's Ship Map

          Scale = 1 Hex=    - 10 feet
                  1 Row     -  5 feet
                  1 Column  -  5 feet

      * First Deck (Top Deck)
        1         2
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_ A   = [F 6] - Stairs to second deck ( 5'x10')
\__/ ____________  __/  B   @ [F12] - Rigging               (30'x30')
/   /            \   \_ C  ~~ [F 6] - Port Gangplank pullway area
\_ / []   U      o\  /  D  ~~ [F20] - Starboard Gangplank pullaway area
/ /                \ \_ E     (Railing is able to be removed here)
\_IK =    @        I_/  F
/ I      @@@       I \_ G   # [N12] = STorage/Gear lockers  (5'x5')
\_I      S at S       I_/  H     Locker is 5 feet tall with interior shelves
/ I       S   X    I \_ I
\ ~~            M ~~_/  j   U4-U20 - Start of poop deck (raised by 3
/ I                I \_ K     feet so have to step up.
\_I    #      #    I_/  L
/ Io   #      #   oI \_ M   * [T11] - Wheel station (raised 3 feet)
\_Io   ########   oI_/  N
/ I    #      #Bm  I \_ O  [] [D 6] - Hatch to 3rd floor hold
\_I    #      #mm  I_/  P     Shaft is 8' by 8' and 22 feet deep
/ I%$Iz        D  %I \_ Q     from top deck
\_Io              oI_/  R
/ Io E      R Z   oI \_ S  o - Rope piles (heavy dock rock) to tie
\_I      **   mm   I_/  T      up ship to dock depending on side docks are
/ I_______S________I \_ U
\_I                I_/  V  % - Anchors (Q4, Q21) heavy metal anchors
/ I________________I \_ W  X - [I12] - Cooking area
\__/  \__/  \__/  \I_/  X  $-- [Q5] - Secret hatch to smuggler's hold
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_ Y      hidden by Anchor/Ropes
        1         2

 Players - * - Denotes not on this map but Coordinates show placement
   Arawn     - *[E10]  [-2 Below deck in bowels
   Fremea      *[---]  [F] Bow/Dagger On deck not in Air [In Air]
   Ardrackle -  [I12]  [S]                Barbosa   -  [O17t] [B] Mace/Shield
   Brutto    -  [H14]  [S]  Sword         Finn      -  [H11]  [S]
   Dorhak    -  [Q17]  [D]  Mace/Shield   Kiet      -  [F 4]  [K]  Dagger
   Mae       -  [J18]  [M]                Mournath  -  [S 6]  [E]  Sp/Sh
   Pyan      - *[F 6]  [P]  Spear         Raddok    -  [S14]  [R]  MAce/Sh
   Unali     -  [D12]  [U]  Daggers       Z'leyra   -  [S16]  [Z]  Staff
   Zepp      -  [U12]  [S]                Ix           [Q 6]  [I]  Dagger
   Zol'Zim   -  [Q 7]  [z]                Corona       [Sky]

 Mermen - Tri - Trident, Dag-Dagger, SpC - Spiked Club
   #11- [m] - [P17]  Spc       #12- [m] - [P18] Trident
   #13- [m] - [T16]  Spc       #14- [m] - [O18] Axe
   #15- [m] - [T17]  Spc       #16- [-] -*[---] Trident
   #22  [-]  *[---]  Trident

   #11, 12, 14 - By Barbosa
   #13, 15     - By Z'leyra
   #16, 22     - Down stairs second deck

Forgot to update the TUrn # above
will do next update.
This is actually Turn 2
phase 1+2
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