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   HT         Player       Character Name     Type    Status/Notes   Sex
   -- ------------------------------------------------------------------

   FH.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar... Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W2.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #-24 sequence (file #34)

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       [New Stuff]

           * Mae's IBT

           [Decalis 2nd, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Cholan's Tavern]

             The party except Z'leyra enjoy the party atmosphere.  Then
           the party talks about loot.  Dorhak reminds Mae with a smug
           smirk she owes half her share.  Arawn though tells the dwarf
           that this is a one time agreement.  Future earnings are null
           and void.  The ugly dwarf agrees and knows he is due quite
           a lot with his personal collection, half of Mae's and his
           party share.

             Mae ignores the ugly dwarf.  He must just be jealous that
           unlike her when she enters a room she gets looks.  When he
           enters a room he gets sneers and nose wrinkles..

             Mae watches Raki.  The elusive and quiet shape shifter
           enjoying his apple pie like it is the first time.  She
           wonders if she could work her skills in that area.  But
           the shifter could read her mind and use it against her.  No
           seducing him might be dangerous.   She got lucky with Zin
           but lightning rarely strikes twice.

             As the party winds down she asks the others where she might
           find teachers for her crossbows, dancing and dagger skills.
           Several give good tips.  Cholan says one of his best customers
           is a master in crossbows and does need side money.  After
           a bit of job failures he could use the money.  Cholan will
           have him go find Mae at Z'leyra's manor.

             Mae leaves with the others to the tavern.  It has been
           a very busy day.  Technically 10 months in one day.  She
           wants a bath but is too exhausted.  She undresses and climbs
           into the nice bed.

           [Decalis 3rd, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae wakes up to smell of tea and breakfast.  She looks
           around for her clothes but finds them all gone.  There is
           a robe on a chair but since it maybe Z'leyra's she ignores
           it.  She enters the parlor and kitchen naked at a startled
           cook.   The steward hears the startled cry of the female
           cook and rushes in to see Mae in her glory.

             The steward explains the robe was for her.  He goes
           to fetch it after clearly enjoying the scene.  Mae sits
           down to a breakfast in her robe.  The steward explains
           the clothes are being cleaned.

             Mae sizes the steward up judging from his ring finger
           he is married.  Not that has stopped her before.  But the
           man in his 30s has bad skin.  Now the older woman cook
           could be enjoyable if she lost a few pounds.  But it
           would be rather rude to have the staff before noon or
           for that matter without Z'leyra around.

             The steward arranges for a guard to walk Mae to a local
           bath house. Since she will be only in her robe it is good
           to avoid distractions.  The dark and handsome 6 foot 2
           guard with sword on his hip escorts her to a bath house.
           Mae forgets her coin bag and the guard is too happy to pay
           the 2 Brass Bits fee.  As a reward she removes her robe
           in front of the guard and sinks in for a nice long warm
           bath.  The guard leaves and waits outside.

             Mae loves the warm water, soap, perfume and other bath
           products.  This is heaven or so they say if she were
           to go to heaven.  Almost two hours later after a small nap
           she exits.

             Going to the manor the steward gives her the clothing
           back.  It seems he has an excuse to come back into the
           room when Mae is dressing.  "A Sanis is here for you."

             Grinning playfully she dresses and enters the parlor.
           To find a rough looking peasant, In his early 20s.  Very
           badly kept beard and needs a hair cut.  He explains he is
           Cholan's patron and will help teach her.  She explains it
           will be about 2 days every 2 weeks.  Sanis finds this a bit
           odd to spread It out but does give him time to stop at the
           gambling halls.  He explains it is 1 copper per day of
           training.  Mae pretends to find this a bit steep but places
           a hand on his knee to test his will power.  The man may
           be a bit ugly but is strong.  They agree to the deal and
           he departs.

             Mae goes to her room to collect her dagger and some of her
           things for a bag.  Time to head to do some town errands.

             First place is the moneylender she was at before leaving
           and being taken.  She has lost her voucher but after some
           bit of womanly ways the clerk finds her records.  A good
           amount of gold still there.  Mae considers doing fascination
           to hold the clerk and maybe even rob him blind.  But the
           authorities would be upset.  The clerk gives her a new voucher
           for her gold deposit.  She giggles.  If only Dorhak knew how
           much she had!

             In the market district she finds a dance shop.  She watches
           the students dance and prance.  But the older lady seems too
           harsh.  Mae finds another shop later and this woman is much
           better being in her 20s.   Rae agrees to teach her but it
           would have to be here at her place.  Mae agrees and plans the
           dates.  Rae finds this odd as most learn for consecutive weeks.
           But Mae shows her she has some dance skill already.  Rae agrees
           and Mae departs.

             The dagger teacher is a bit more difficult.  Any old beggar with
           a rusty knife can show his skills.  With her looks it actually a
           down side.  She entices any man to teach her.  Even if they may
           be lousy teachers.  Then she spots Tulo.  She is a girl in her
           upper teens.  She is at a blade stall and demonstrating to a
           merchant how to use a dagger.  A female teacher would be best
           for this purpose as the man would not lust after Mae.  But she
           knows some ladies still do.  At first Tulo refuses.  But when
           Mae speaks more of her troubles the blade smith approves.  Since
           it will only be once every 2 weeks or so they agree on a place
           and price of 1 copper per day.

             Finally after avoiding glares, leers and lustful smirks Mae
           finds a tailor shop.  She enters to get her clothing repaired
           or replaced.

             Walking through town she spots a brothel in one area.  Entering
           she asks about services and possible board.  But the clerk says
           that all entertainer rooms are filled up. He explains of another
           place 3 streets to the west near the ware house district.

             Entering The Soft Hand she finds the owner a older woman in
           her 50s.  Mae explains the situation.  "You aren't under 16
           girl? Last time I got into trouble."  Mae shakes her head.  "Well
           from the looks.." As she is talking Mae removes her clothes to
           show her wares to the owner and several men in the parlor.  "Well
           that is ..nice..I didn't need to see.  But you will do very nicely.
           Based on their stares you'll fetch a nice copper or two."  The woman
           Pa'mor explains the rules.  "Each fun date will give me 20% of
           your income.  Room is another 5%.  The other 75% is yours to do
           as you see fit.  Supplies you will pay for yourself.  Food we'll
           supply.  Gifts by the men are yours but should let me know if
           anything of great value like bags of gold.  I require at least
           6 dates a day.  This covers my own expenses.  Beyond that you
           are free to do as you please."

             Mae considers this.  Six men a day might take at least 2
           maybe 3 hours a day.  She might be done by 9 or 10 at the
           most maybe 11am.  Giving her time for other things.  Mae agrees.

             "Board is 4 copper a day.  Do at least 4 men and get that
           back easily."  Mae checks on her room and tells she will
           use it soon.

           [Decalis 4th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae listens to Arawn talk about getting a place but does not
           know of a place.  She had planned to stay with him.  But
           to learn from other eroticist artists is a plus.  She
           will use the brothel tonight and tells the steward that she
           is grateful but will be leaving.

             Mae makes plans for her time in this city she was groomed
           in.  She hopes she does not see any of the men who had fun
           with her or the cultist again.  She will do repeating crossbow
           practice.  Next day practice her fire darts.  Practice her dancing
           skill.  Then on 4th day do some hunting.  Not for animals but
           for things to leech force.  She made a promise not to take
           men unless they are willing.  But in her dates she is sure
           they will be willing to do anything.  Next she plans to practice
           her dagger skill.  After that she will practice her pain spells.
           Day 7 she'll practice her crossbow.  Day 8 then she will try
           her locksmith and climbing skills. Finally she will spend the
           last 4 days improving her will power.  She will then repeat
           and start it all over.

             Mae suspects she will not be needed by the party.  She will
           need to form a long term plan.  The odds of her going on some
           new adventure are slim.  She laughs could it even be worse
           with Dorhak as party leader!

             Sadly after talking to Kiet and Arawn the plan to test the
           summoning is out.  With her low skills she can't really summoing
           anything at all.  She finds this confusing.  Why can't one
           summon once first learned.  Plus finding a chaos master to
           teach her in this lawful land would be difficult if not dangerous.

             But she has hope that Arawn can find some books or scrolls to
           learn summoning.  It seems only through study can one improve
           such things to do it on their own.  But Mae leaves for Kaylle's
           library.  Maybe the scholar has such rare book in his library
           or knows of a place.

             The faerry Scholar looks fascinated not by her magic but
           by her words.  "You are...aligned that way?  Fascinating!
           We have histories of such things.  But as to actual magic
           tomes sadly we have none.  The King would not appreciate
           such things.  But I can....quietly ask around."

             Before she starts with Sanis she decides to find a place
           around the manor outside out of view.  Then she casts Knowledge
           to download some summoning help.  She needs to learn the
           spell much better.  She feels the information in her brain flow.
           So that is why she needs to use the exact words or risk a bad

             Dressed in some warm clothing she finds Sanis and he spends
           the next 8 or so hours teaching her the repeating crossbow.
           Sanis finds it thrilling to hold her arms and waist.  Mae doesn't
           mind it at all.  As they fire darts at targets setup.

           [Decalis 5th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             At the brothel Mae settles in for her first clients.  This
           day she has 12 clients.  She earns 185 Brass bits.  Plenty
           to pay her daily rent.

             Mae walks to a park and practices her fire darts.  When she
           feels she is alone she tries 5 times.  Two fire off while 3 fail
           to come out.

           [Decalis 6th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Today she only has 8 clients at the brothel.  She earns 75
           BB today with 2 clients giving her a nice 2 coppers each while 2
           others were rather cheap and just wanted fondling for only 5 BB.

             Mae heads to Rae's dance studio for private lessons till
           mid afternoon.

           [Decalis 7th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae gets 13 clients earning 178 BB.

             Mae has no plans to train today but knows she needs to hone
           her hunting skills.  She knows doing such with her clients would
           bring bad luck and attention.  She stalks the streets.  She
           does not feel need for feeding.  But there is that always present
           lust for life force.

             She has a promise to not feed from innocents but doing so from
           bad folks is free game to her.

           [Time: 12:21 pm]

             She notices a scummy looking beggar pick the pocket of a merchant
           and run off.  She finds her target.  She finds the beggar in an
           alley and approaches.  She tries to fascinate the target but for
           some reason he seems unresponsive.  Getting close the smelly beggar
           begins to claw at her chest distracting him so he can paw at her
           coin bag.  Mae knees the beggar and he collapses.   Plan B it is.
           She leans over the man and begins to invisibly leech from the man.
           Before the beggar can recover Mae leaves satisfied by her feeding.

           [Decalis 8th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae has 6 clients today earning 62 BB.

             Tulo spends the day after her clients leave at a local park on
           dagger fighting.

           [Decalis 9th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae has 11 clients earning 97 BB.  One client after a nice
           massage only has 1 BB to give.  The bouncer has to kick the
           man out and ban him.

             That afternoon Mae finds some insects and ants and tests he
           Pain spells.  Based on their reactions she finds that 3 worked
           and 2 spells failed.

           [Decalis 10th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae has 11 clients with 83 BB earned.

             Sanis brings a crossbow to help teach Mae the skill.  She already
           has repeating crossbow but more simple crossbows will be taught.

           [Decalis 11th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Today Mae has 6 clients earning 96 BB.

             Mae packs her lock picking tools in her pouch and decides to
           spend the day trying her old thief skills.  To pick some random
           locks and doors.  While also climbing up the side of buildings
           and get to second floors to pick windows.  She could just fly
           up but that isn't the challenge.

             She picks dozens of doors and windows without being seen.
           But she doesn't enter.  The party would not like her breaking
           such laws.

           [Decalis 12th-15th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Over the next 4 days Mae works to improve her will power.
           This may include taking no clients to control her lust for
           sex.  Exercises to balance long term on thin ledges or railings.
           Avoiding temptations of candy and the love of mint tea.  She
           spends hours each day working on her will power.

           [Decalis 16th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 12 clients and is happy to be back in the
           bed having some serious fun!  She earns 100 BB today.

             Sanis teaches Mae more on the Repeating Crossbow.

           [Decalis 17th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 8 clients earning 62 BB.

             Mae practices on bugs 5 more fire darts.  Three fail but
           two incinerate the poor bugs.

           [Decalis 18th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae tries another knowledge spell but finds nothing is
           learned so the spell may have failed.

             Mae takes 9 clients earning 90 BB.

             Mae learns the modern young dances today that are popular
           in Maren City with help from Rae.

           [Decalis 19th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 13 clients in the morning earning 137 BB.

             She decides to hunt and stalk today.  But since starting
           late due to one merchant's two hour bondage date she can't finds
           any good victims.  She decides to get near a lone horse and
           leach from him.

           [Decalis 20th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae helps relieves the stress from 9 clients earning 90 BB.

             Tulo helps to improve Mae's Dagger skills.

           [Time: 10:04 am]

             While Tulo goes to get some water in her skin Mae stretches
           alone in the park.  Suddenly a old man in his 80s approaches.
           "You are not welcome here!  This land is for lawful beings
           not of your ilk!  If you do not leave I will cause you to regret
           what happens."

             Mae's anger boils as the old man speaks.  Does he know she
           is chaos?  His robes seem to indicate a wizard.  He is probably
           far more skilled than her.  She begins to build energy to try
           to fascinate the man but he raises a hand and a glowing ring
           stops her.  "Don't even try it.  If I see you again I will not
           be so kind."

             Suddenly the man goes invisible and leaves.  Much later when
           Mae talks to others she figures the man must've been what is
           termed a Master.

           [Decalis 21st, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Still a bit reeled by the old man she takes a few clients.
           Taking only 4 as she is a bit distracted  But she earns 47 BB.

             Mae tries to find some small lizards and frogs to test his
           pain spells.  But all 5 seem to fail.  In fact the first one
           she stares at the lizard as it starts to dance?  around the
           lizard it looks like colorful lights shine.  Mae blinks and
           figures this must be what they called a Abysmal failure.  The
           inner voice upset though forces Mae to stand and stomps the
           lizard killing it.  There now you have pain.

           [Decalis 22nd, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 9 clients earning 104 BB with 3 clients giving
           20 BB each.

             Sanis teaches Crossbow today and she improves her skill.

           [Decalis 23rd, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 15 clients giving her earning 196 BB.

             Mae leaves the brothel and practices  her locksmith and
           climbing technique again.

           [Decalis 24th-27th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             For the next 4 days Mae tries to improve her Will again
           taking no clients at all.

           [Decalis 26th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 8:44 am]

             Mae is walking back from the bath house to a park to start
           her day's Will training.  But she notices a large dog pass
           her and growl.  From an alley another dog seems to approach and
           also growl  These dogs must detect her chaos leanings?  Even
           the party doesn't just attack.  Mae tries to walk past when
           suddenly both dogs lunge.

             One dog bites Mae in the left shoulder doing 7 points.  The
           other clamps down on her neck doing 2 points.  Mae begins to
           panic as this is such a sudden attack.   Mae stabs with her
           dagger Dog #1's left chest doing 6 points.

             Mae screams as Dog #1 clamps down on her left arm doing 6
           more damage.  The other dog fails to make contact.  Mae swings
           wildly but misses the dog.

             Not carrying anymore of who is watching Mae transforms into
           her succubus form and flies up.  A bit dizzy and woozy from
           the blood loss.  She flies down the alley. The dogs follow but
           this is what Mae wants.  She grins as she loads her repeating
           crossbow.  The dogs bark and try to leap up but can't reach her.

             The dart hits the dog #2 in the leg doing 5 points of damage.

             Mae hits Dog #2 again for 5 more points in his chest.

             The dogs turn to flee.

             Mae raises her hand and speaks the words to fry a dog.  But
           the fire dart fails to shoot outward.

             Mae turns invisible and fires her repeating crossbow again
           hitting dog #1 n the shoulder doing 8 points.

             Dog #1 collapses but is still alive.  But Dog #2 is fast
           and runs out of sight.  Mae lands and leeches from the dog
           not caring if it dies.

             Mae changes to her human form and limps to a healer's shop.  She
           almost collapses as the healer treats her.  The healer magically
           and naturally heals her.  Mae pays the 5 CC fee.

           [Decalis 28th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Still a bit sore from the wounds Mae takes no clients today.

             She does get help from Sanis learning the repeating crossbow

           [Decalis 29th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 15 clients earning her 109 BB.

             Mae fries 2 large frogs with her fire darts but fails 3
           times to do more.

           [Decalis 30th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Rae shows Mae how to dance seductively but Mae laughs as she
           certainly knows how to do this.

             Mae only takes 5 clients due to dancing in morning earning her
           60 BB.

           [Decalis 31st, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae wakes up feeling weak from hunger.  She heads to town
           to do some stalking and hunting.

           [Time: 5;10 pm]

             Mae is walking behind a tavern and discovers a naked woman
           with a man up against a wall. She is talking softly to him
           and caressing his chest.  Mae blinks and suddenly the naked
           woman looks totally different.   She now sees a 9 tailed silver
           fox with green glowing eyes.  Razor sharp tiny teeth.  Mae's
           inner voice yells "Kumiho!"  Mae is surprised.  She knows of these
           creatures are they are like herself.  But why isn't the man
           seeing the true form?  He seems enthralled by her naked flesh
           to his eyes.

             Mae then notices the Kumiho begin to feed off the man
           and Mae knows this as she does the same mannerism.  Mae
           is torn.  If she interferes she could get a ally in this
           creature.  To learn from.   But why help the man as she
           could feed from as well.  No.  Chance of learning is too great.
           She rounds the corner and startles the creature.  It turns
           and snarls.

             The Kumiho releases the man and he slumps looking confused.
           So the man is aware but not scared yet.  To him he only sees
           2 girls.  The Kumiho in its true form approaches a few feet.
           She studies Mae.

             Mae tries to communicate to convince that she is like her
           and that they could learn together.

             "Stay away!  He is mine!"  the Kumiho hisses.  "I don't care
           if your needing help or not."  She turns and moves back to the
           victim who smiles at seeing her lower half.

             Mae is torn to just leave, leave or just make contact for a
           friend.  In this dreadful land there seems to be much less Chaos
           oriented folks than expected. To find even one person with the
           same leanings is a opportunity.  The inner voice urges her to
           make contact. Mae steps forward and taps the naked female on
          the shoulder.  The Kumiho twirls around and changes back into
           the natural fox form.  It lunges.  Mae easily dodges away.

             "Hey..where'd she go?..you there get naked!"  The drunk victim

             Mae draws her dagger but knows she still has a chance to
           influence the creature.  She begins to back away and speak
           as best she can to convince her she is like the creature in
           nature.  But the fox hisses.  It runs and leaps toward Mae
           but again she easily dodges.

             Mae gets the impression this creature doesn't like her.
           Mae begins to turn around.  Fine let her feed.  There are
           others in town.  But as Mae turns the fox lunges at her back

             Mae hears the tails as the fox leaps and turns around swiping
           the fox's neck doing 1 point of damage.

             "No need to fight..lad..lad..ladies...there is plenta of
           me for both of you!"  The drunk slurs

             The fox runs through Mae's legs and tries to bite on her leg
           but fails to hit.

             Mae twists and kicks the fox but it is too agile and it
           jumps away.  Mae lunges and stabs the fox in the right arm
           doing 9 points of damage. The fox collapses.

             Mae kneels down and rubs the fox.  She could've been a
           nice friend.  But she understands the hunger.  Mae still
           finds the fox-Kumiho still alive.  She could let it live
           and recover even help it back.  But she might not forgive
           Mae.  Mae glances at the drunk who is staring at a bit
           of ear wax on his finger and sniffing it.  Mae still needs
           to hunt and feed.  She is weak today.  Mae feeds on the
           Kumiho and kills it.

             Not satisfied she moves to the drunk.  He may be a
           innocent.  But would Arawn even know?  Feeding just a bit
           is still good when its a free lunch in front of you.  Mae
           sits down on the man's lap and he paws her as she feeds
           on the drunk's energy.

             Mae leaves the drunk alive and confused why the wall
           in front of him won't move so he can leave.  By end of
           the day Mae finds 2 humans - the drunk and a father who
           was beating his kid for not minding him.  Plus the Kumiho,
           one horse and a very ugly cat to feed on.

             But she maintains her control and no one dies.  Aside from
           the Kumiho.

           [Janaq 1st, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae has 12 clients today earning her 113 BB.

             Tulo continues teaching Mae better dagger skills.

           [Janaq 2nd, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae tries to cast knowledge again but fails.

             Mae takes another 12 clients today earning her 131 BB.

             Later that evening Mae practices 5 more Pain spells on haplesss
           animals like insects and butterflies.  Three spells show they
           work but 2 fail.

           [Janaq 3rd, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             There is some national holiday, something about King
           Maros's birthday or something, so the brothel is not very
           busy.  So Mae only takes 5 clients today earning her 34 BB
           with one paying 20 BB alone.  Since it is slow she takes
           extra time on each date.  Her first triple date with another
           female happens today.

             Sanis comes later in afternoon and helps to improve her
           crossbow skill.

           [Janaq 4th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 15 clients giving her earning her 160 BB.

             Mae spends the rest of the day and some of the evening
           practicing her locksmith and climbing skills.

           [Janaq 5th-8th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae continues his Will improvement plan.  Based on suggestions
           from Fremea and Arawn.  At least a few hours she spends at
           the local bath house watching men bath.  This alone is  a strong
           temptation to avoid.  Especially the well toned men.  Her lust
           calls but her will is controlled.  The men don't mind her being
           there as well watching.

           [Janaq 9th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Twelve more clients earning her 121 BB.

             Sanis comes late due to eating bad food the night
           before but he teaches more repeating crossbow.

           [Janaq 10th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes only 6 clients today and earns 58 BB.

             Mae practices her fire darts in the woods.  She fires on a
           annoying blue jay that was bugging other birds and fries it.
           The spells go off 3 times but fail twice.

             After fire darts practice a messenger arrives and aks for Mae
           to go to the library.  Mae heads there and finds Kaylle smilling.
           He waves her inside his office and closes the door.  "I found a
           book for your...ahem...leanings...personally a scholar sees
           the light and dark only as a tool.  To me..." Kaylle stops and
           realizes he is babbling.  "Sorry...it is located in Bhamotin.
           Which our neighbor to the south.  A merchant I hear has it.  I've
           heard back.  He is willing ot sell it for 15 gold.  It is a
           Chaos magic book of some sort.  I do not know the contents.  Are
           you interested?"

             Mae nods. Kaylle says, "Fine.  Bring the money in the morning
           and I'll send a voucher to him by a moneylender.  I suspect it
           may take up to a month to get here.  But we'll see.  I do not
           know what language it is in though."

           [Janaq 11th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 11 clients earning 106 BB.  But the bouncer has
           to kick one client out when he tries to cut Mae on her chest.
           Mae is tempted to kill the man but knows the rules of he

             Today Rae teaches Mae how to do slow dancing with a male

           [Time: 4:06 pm]

             Mae leaves the dance studio and a dog runs up and growls at
           her.  What is it with dogs in this city?  She enters a boot
           shop she is right at and waits for the dog to leave.

           [Janaq 12th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 5 clients earning 77 BB.

             Mae hunts again today.  But she find it difficult to
           find targets.  She finds no human targets and only can
           feed on 2 animals a free roaming chicken and a cat.

           [Janaq 13th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae gets 5 clients giving her 56 BB.

             Tulo helps train her on the dagger again.

           [Janaq 14th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae tries again to cast Knowledge to learn Summoning but fails.

             Mae takes 5 more clients earning 53 BB.

             Mae heads to the park to give some cute forest animals
           some pain.  Three of the spells fail but two do work.

             Mae finds that trying to give a cute furry rabbit pain fails.
           But about 30 seconds later someone appears out of no where.
           A being 6 feet tall wearing tattered grey robes with a skeletal
           appearance.  He is winged, hollow-eyed and humanoid.  Mae
           panics is this the master again?  No.  Her demonology tells
           her instantly this is a decay demon!

             Suddenly trees and grass decays all around the demon within
           70 feet around him.  Mae screams as her own flesh begins to
           be affected taking 7 points of damage.  How could this be?  She
           did not summon this demon.  Unless the spell failed abysmally so
           bad it summoned this demon!  Wouldn't that be ironic for Mae
           who can't summon demons to summon one for using a pain spell
           on a cute bunny!

             The demons stares at Mae and moves forward.  Mae panics.
           This is no simple demon.  The power of this one decaying
           things all around means this is a major demon.  Mae could
           try to fight but likely would not survive.  She transforms into
           her true form and flies away.

             The demon gives chase.  As it passes tree all around things
           decay and die.  Mae concentrates and becomes invisible and loses
           the demon.  She turns right away from the area and tries to flee
           as quickly as possible.  She rests on a tree limb.  She could try
           to dispel it and gain some experience but if its a major demon
           the best she could do is maybe 20-25% chance.  But she might die
           form getting close.  She hopes the demon will not kill much in
           the city.

             Mae finds a healer later in human form and asks her to negate
           the curse and heal her.  The Healer questions it but Mae says
           she was bit by a animal that gives a bad disease.  Mae has to pay
           the 12 copper.  She knows she got ripped off but if this healer
           keeps quiet she will be safe.

           [Janaq 15th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes on 6 clients earning 56 BB.

             Sanis teaches Mae more crossbows.  Sanis reports that a park
           was hit by some odd disease killing trees and grass.  Mae ignores
           this hoping not to touch the subject.

           [Janaq 16th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 5 clients only earning 43 BB.

             Mae explores the city and practices her locksmith and
           climbing skills at various places.

           [Janaq 17th-20th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae continues 4 more days of Will training to improve her
           overall will power.

           [Janaq 21st, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 14 clients earning 138 BB.

             Sanis teaches Mae the basic maintenance of the repeating
           crossbow.  Most females can't even use a bow due to their
           strength.  But he explains it must be well maintained and
           not get very dirty or broken.

           [Time: 12:54 pm]

             While Sanis is eating lunch Mae sits and relaxes on the
           patio.  Suddenly a female cat with 2 kittens approach and
           seem to like Mae's legs.  It seems they want milk or water.
           Mae is tempted to feed.  But one of the other brothel workers
           comes out and finds the cats too cute.  Before Mae knows it
           a group of naked or half naked girls are playing and feeding
          the cats.

           [Janaq 22nd, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 8 clients earning 102 BB.

             Mae practices 5 more fire dart spells.  Three go off and fry
           a tree or small bird.  The other 2 fail.

           [Janaq 23rd, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 15 clients giving her 166 BB.

             Rae teaches Mae how to dance for formal occasions.

           [Janaq 24th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae skips clients today for a good hunt.

           [Time: 7:58 am]

             Mae walks in a poor district and encounters a group of 8 boys.
           They are clearly some gang of some sort as they have all one
           style of red cloth on their arm.  But then she spots a boy she
           knows.  Almost five years ago she was held down by a man who
           bought his younger brother of 12. The younger brother then
           raped Mae at the urging of Gniled over and over. So the young
           boy could become a man.  The boy is now 17 or 18.  They are
           joking and laughing.  But there are 8 of them.  She ducks in
           a alley and transforms.  She then flies invisibily toward the
           boy.  She taps the boy and fascinates  him.  She then laughs
           and tells the boy to kill the others then flies away.

             The boy stabs two before the others even discover this
           odd turn of events.  They draw their own blades.  The boy
           stbs a 3rd but is then attacked by 4.  They stab the boy in the
           back and arms.  The boy falls to his knees before he kills
           another boy.

             In the end the boy who raped her is dead.  There are 4 others
           dead and 3 flee.  Not wanting city guards to question them.  Just
           like thugs they turn on their own kind.  Mae finds one of the boys
           still alive and feeds on him.

             But for the rest of the day there are no other humans to
           feed on.  Mae has to find a mule to feed on.

           [Janaq 25th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae fuses clients today.  She is unsure why.  The inner voice
           is happy.   But Arawn's voice rings in her head.  Could it be
           guilt?  Probably not.  The boy was not innocent.  The gang was
           likely also all not innocent.  So why does she feel a bit depressed.
           Maybe because she didn't kill the boy?

             Mae learns from Tulo more dagger skills.

           [Janaq 26th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 15 clients earning her 162 BB.

             Mae imagines the boy on innocent bugs as she gives pain to
           them.  Four of the Pain spells work but 1 fails.

           [Janaq 27th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 8 clients earning 89 BB.

             Sanis teaches Mae more crossbow usage.

           [Time: 3:52 pm]

             Mae is walking back to her brothel when she encounters 11
           merchants.  They are arguing with a nicely dressed man who looks
           like a noble.  They are arguing over market stall rental fees
           going high.  The small group seems to get more hostile so Mae
           decides to give them plenty of room and leaves.

           [Janaq 28th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Sadly another Knowledge attempt is tried but fails.

             Mae takes 14 clients earning 138 BB.

             Mae spends the practicing her locksmith and climbing skills.

           [Janaq 29th-Febris 1st, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae spends 4 more days on her Will training.  On the 3rd day
           Mae encounters a very nasty Ox who almost hurts Mae.  But she
           is able to escape damage.

           [Febris 2nd, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 6 clients earning 65 BB.

             Sanis continues to teach Mae her repeating crossbow.

           [Time: 6:22 pm]

             Mae is heading home after getting more oils and supplies
           for her clients.  She encounters a large group at a square.
           Must be 30 or 40.  A speaker is talking loudly of fame he
           got from the L'p'nth recent war.  That he is selling a book and
           that he is here to recruit men for the Marentian military for
           their own fame and glory.  Mae ignores them and moves on.

           [Febris 3rd, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 9 clients getting her 89 BB more.

             Mae is very happy frying 5 bugs and insects as all 5 of her
           fire darts spell works.

           [Febris 4th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 15 more clients earning her 168 BB.

             Mae continues her dagger practice today with Tulo.

           [Febris 5th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae finds 2 victims to leech from in her hunt today.  This
           is enough to make her full.

           [Febris 6th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Due to a funeral the brothel closes.

             But Mae practices with Rae dancing.  The normal schedule
           had to switch dance with dagger teaching this week due to
           schedule conflicts.

           [Time: 12:52 pm]

             Mae is leaving a tavern after eating lunch and heading back
           to Rae's studio.  When she encounters a peasant.  He runs into
           her rounding the corner.  "They are after me.  Delay them."
           Then runs off before Mae can react.

             Soon three men holding swords come around the corner and
           look around.  Mae decides they don't look so sweet so tells
           the men he went in the opposite direction.  The inner voice scolds
           Mae for doing a good deed.

           [Febris 7th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 11 clients earning 91 BB.

             Mae casts 5 more pain spells.  Three work but 2 fail.

           [Febris 8th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae enjoys 7 clients with 89 BB as a reward.

             Sanis continues his crossbow training for Mae.

           [Febris 9th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes on 12 clients earning 112 BB.

             Mae practices her locksmith and climbing skill.  But around
           4:30 in the afternoon, she unlocks a ship back door.  The ship
           is closed and dark.  But unforunately a city guard notices her
           and yells.  Mae panics and flees.  Soon a foot chase is done.
           After almost 3 minutes Mae is able to climb over a garbage bin
           and slide between it the wall as the guard passes by.

           [Febris 10th-13th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae continues 4 more days of Will training.

           [Febris 14th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes only 5 clients today earning 58 BB.

             Sanis takes Mae to a park for repeating cross practice with
           targets.  He is testing her long range skills with the weapon.
           As they walk toward the park they pass a man on a camel again.
           This one has armor on so must be made for war. It seems far
           more tame than the last one she encountered.

           [Febris 11th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae casts Knowledge and learns more on Summoning.

           [Febris 15th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae entertains 8 clients earning 91 BB.

             Mae fires 3 more fire darts at random targets but 2 fail.

             Kaylle summons Mae to the library.  The Bhamotin book arrives.
           "It seems ot be written in Bhamotin. Can you read that?"  Mae
           shakes her head knowing she can't read anything.  "Having a
           scribe translating could be dangerous. Being such subject
           material.  Maybe when Arawn come sin town he can read it?"

             Mae takes the book and flips through it.  It is rather large.

             But Kaylle continues, "good timing.  Just today I heard of
           another book here in the province.  It is being sold by a low
           noble for 9 gold.  It is written in Marentia."

             Mae says she is interested.  She will have to learn both
           languages for reading eventually.  She asks how long it would take
           to learn a language ot read?  "With a book and a teacher about 15

           [Febris 16th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             The ex-slave takes to bed 6 clients earning 61 BB.

             Rae teaches Mae ball room dancing and some very fancy

           [Febris 17th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae only takes 3 clients today earning 21 BB.

             Mae hunts the city again.  She stalks and finds 3 victims
           that show a mean streak or steal from others.   She feeds from
           them.  Then around 4pm she sees a man she thought she would never
           see again.  Master Gniled is walking past talking to two other
           men.  Mae has a panic attack and loses her breath.  She runs
           down a alley and tries to breath.  She collapses to her knees
           as all the emotion and abuse from the past hit her.  The inner
           voice demands justice.  Mae slumps against a wall and throws up.
           Then slumps and cries.  She is not ready for justice.  Not
           yet but soon she will be.

           [Febris 18th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Still reeling from seeing Gniled she takes no clients.  She
           locks herself in her room until Tulo arrives and reluctantly
           learns more dagger skill.

           [Febris 19th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 15 clients giving her another 174 BB.

             Mae enjoys casting her 5 pain spells.  She imagines the
           abused creatures as Gniled.  But 3 only work while 2 fail.

           [Febris 20th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae entertains 12 clients pocketing 137 BB.

             Sanis continues crossbow training but Mae has to visit
           another healer today.  Seems some disease from a man got
           into her through client work.  The Healer has to do magic
           to treat her.

           [Febris 21st, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             The healer demands Mae takes no clients for 2 days so her
           system can recover.  So Mae spends the day working her locksmith
           and climbing skills.

           [Febris 22nd-25th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae uses these 4 days to improve her will power.

           [Febris 25th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae casts another Knowledge spell and learns more on summoning.

           [Febris 26th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             A gain of 127 BB for sharing time with 11 clients.

             Sanis teaches more repeating crossbow.  He believes she
           is getting quite good.  But he recommends more melee weapons
           than a dagger in the future.

           [Febris 27th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Brothel closes due to some kind of bed bug infestation.
           So things have to be cleaned.  But rent is still due.

             Mae tries 5 more fire darts but all fail today.

           [Febris 28th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae has fun with 5 clients earning 53 BB.

             Today Rae sees what kind of foreign dances Maw can
           learn from.

           [Marqi 1st, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 10 clients earning 103 BB.

             Due to a long thunderstorm that comes and goes the city
           is less busy.  So Mae has no luck finding human targets to
           leech from.  She has to feed from a dog and a cow to get
           some energy back.

           [Marqi 2nd, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 14 clients including a boy's birthday.  He is 16 today
           and his dad gives him a date earning 134 BB.

             Tulo teaches more dagger skill including how best to
           parry with it.

           [Marqi 3rd, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae take son 12 more clients earning 139 BB.

             Five more pain spells are cast with 3 working.

           [Marqi 4th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Five more clients earning 57 BB.

             Sanis teaches more crossbow skills today.

           [Marqi 5th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Nine more clients earning 117 BB.

             Mae spends rest of the day on locksmith and climbing.

           [Marqi 6th-9th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae continues her hard training on will power.

           [Marqi 10th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 8 clients but only earns 55 BB.

             Mae feels like her repeating crossbow may be coming
           to an end soon.   But she works on it today.

           [Marqi 11th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae casts Knowledge and learns a bit more on summoning.

             Mae takes 5 clients earning 59 BB.

             Three fire darts go off today for Mae with 2 failures.

           [Marqi 12th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae finds 6 clients today and serves them earning 49 BB.

             Mae stalks and finds 3 hapless but not so innocent victims
           today to leech from.  She realizes she may need to use disguises
           as doing this for months on may get attention as she is dressed

           [Marqi 13th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae serves 13 clients and is rewarded 103 BB.

             Tulo continues her dagger practice with Mae but explains
           he may have to leave down soon so may not be around.

           [Marqi 14th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 12 clients for 112 BB.

             Mae cast 5 pain more spells but only 2 work.

           [Marqi 15th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae helps relieve stress for 14 clients earning 109 BB.

             Sanis helps with more crossbow skill.

           [Marqi 16th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae enjoys 14 clients taking in 125 BB.

             Mae has some fun with her locksmith and climbing skills.

           [Marqi 17th-19th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Four more days Mae spends on her will exercises.

           [Marqi 20th, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 15 clients for 118 BB.

             Sanis says next week he is leaving for a family thing.
           But for today he teaches more repeating crossbow skill.

           [Marqi 21st, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes on 7 more clients pocketing 63 BB.

             Four more fire darts are cast with 1 failing.

           [Time: 7:12 pm]

             Mae is heading home from the markets when she notices a
           woman dart into a alley.  She is dressed in rather drab clothing
           that might be torn or worn out.  Mae figures she is some street
           person.  But when Mae approaches the alley she spots no one.
           Curious she enters the alley and finds a man on the ground.
           It looks like his blood has just been drained.  Wary Mae looks
           around for the woman.  But the woman is gone.  Could that have
           been a Lamia?  She quickly leaves the dead man not wanting to
           answer questions from city guards.

           [Marqi 22nd, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 9 clients earning 89 BB.

             Rae learns more dancing today.  Mae wonders why the
           party hasn't gotten together recently.  Maybe they
           will do so soon.

           [Marqi 22nd, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae takes 8 more clients earning 87 BB.

             The brothel owner gets Mae in her office.  "You have done
           quite well over the last almost 4 months.  You've 583 dates.
           You earned 6,619 BB.  The house takes almost 1,655   Rent
           is 440 Copper.  This should leave you 564 copper and 75 Brass
           Bits if my math is correct."

             She sits back, "Five gold for almost 4 months.  Very decent

             Mae hunts that day finding 3 victims and 2 animals.

           [Marqi 23rd, 1636TH] - [Sivas, Marentia]

             Mae skips clients today as Tulo needs to start her
           dagger training early so he can prepare to leave town.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Soon..

           GM: Don retruned his IBT back with heavy edits. I ask for
               asterisks (***) to denote changes.  But I only saw a few
               entries for a few days.  So in case I missed something
               Don is free to post his version of edits.  You are free
               to read his revised version.  He did add to scenes.  Sadly
               I don't have time to read line by line so I only did a scan
               for ** and found only a few entries.  But Don is free to
               post his version. In the future you guys are welcome to
               add changes.  Dialogue is welcome.  But instead of
               rewriting a scene best thign to do is add a few lines.
               Add it with *** at start of the line and maybe comments if
               needed.  I can't compare word for word on what I did and
               what edits may be.  I know for example Mae was made longer
               in every place Mae was.  Sadly I'd have to reformat te
               entire post which is not easy using my editor.  It would
               take hours to change.  So this is why I welcome his
               version.  :) A simple but fun IBT.

           * Expenses

                      Expense                 Price
                  Bathhouse fees (over IBT)  - 48 CC
                  Clothing fees/repairs      -  3 CC
                  Healer Fee x3              - 77 CC
                  Brothel Grand Total        +554 CC + 75 BB
                  Brothel supplies           -180 CC + 42 BB
                  Dart/Pellet replacement    - 10 CC
                  Erotic oils/candles        -150 CC
                     Total Expenses Net      + 94 CC + 23 BB

                  Chaos Magic Books          - 24 GC

           * Skills/Spells

                  Skills/Spell       MEP Expertise   Notes
                Knowledge             30    18      +1 EL  x3 Succ x3 Fail
                Will                                +9 from training
                Locksmith                   49      +7 EL
                Climbing                    18      +2 EL/Maxed now
                Crossbow                    18      Learning
                Summoning [Knowledge]       17      +1 EL
                Dagger - Fight              68      +1 EL
                Repeating Crossbow          20      +1 EL
                Entertainer - Dance         20
                Pain spell           198   220      +5 EL x23 Cucc,x22 Fail*
                Fire Darts  EL1      225   249      +4 EL x26 Succ,x24 Fail

                * 2 Abysmals

                MEP: 453
                CEP: 110

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