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Fremea is tired of this place. Arawn is busy with asking more questions as always. He doesn't seem to realize the hot issue that has presented itself and instead wants to understand more than is needed right now. She sighs and hovers above the lip from where the shifters will be coming up. She quickly discovers that there are a lot of loose rocks here. One thing her mother always wanted her to remember, well that is what she told her after she found her parents, is that she should never leave anything lying around that can be useful. She quickly casts Marbles on the rocks, so they will roll down the ramp and hinder the shifters as they reach the bottom of the ramp.

She feels the heat coming from the wall and instead of waiting to see how the marbles do, she transmutes the rock that is thin, so that it funnels the lava straight down the ramp toward the shifters, and makes it so that the lava will not spray out onto the party. "Well, that should help heat things up a bit."

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         Player        DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  FH.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Al.. Ma
  ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
  W3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
  W2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
  R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
  R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
     Z'leyha ..............Npc...............Normal..Normal/Shaman...Fe
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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      Game Update #127 sequence (file #896)

      Admin Notes: None

        From Mae: [Re: Actions]
          Maelorna lands upon the ledge and gasps for breath....
        GM: Ack.

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          [After everyone is safely gathered on the other side of the
          lava pit]

          More than one had suffered serious burns in the act of...

          "Raki, how are you doing? I'm inexperienced in healing...

          [OOC: As this would occur around the time that Mae discovered
          her neck-wound has healed and the others have noticed signs of
          aging, are any other wounds (including from the lava) showing
          signs of having healed?]
          [In the hallway where the projected image is speaking to the

          "It gives recorded responses to what's needed?,"...

          [To the projection]

          "I am a child of Payan and Morrigan," he said,...

          [Before the yellow flash of light Arawn will ask these
          questions in hopes of acquiring answers from the image]

          - Chosen:
          "Who are the Chosen Few and how are they ...

          "How many challenges are there? What is the ...

          - Cryx:
          "What is the purpose and powers of the Cryx?...

          - Wards:
          "What is the difference between partially ending...

          Other Questions:
          "What can you tell us of this 'journey of a lifetime"?
          "Are you self-aware?"
          "What is the significance of the runes on the wall beside
          "Who is safe from being harmed by the beams fired from the
          [When Raki looks back for a second]
          "What is it?"
          [When the yellow flash occurs and the party members feel
          a tingling in our minds]

          As he returned to his senses Arawn's first reaction...

          "If necessary we can see to breaking through the red...
        GM: Ack.  No other signs of healing.  Either it did not
            work or the natural healing failed?  On projection you
            may need to remind me after current things are over. All
            these questions moved the timeline greatly.  Instead
            of approaching the shifters are now upon the group.
            I did warn talking does things for combats. :) As to
            other questions.  All good but sadly there is a bit
            of a situation namely shifters trying to kill the party
            to deal with.  So may need to ask later.  Requote if
            needed.  Wait so nothing was decided on actions?  Maybe
            do the red hot area later?  There is literally seconds
            to decide not minutes.

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Sensing that Z'leyra's talents were better suited...

          "Can you see to his wounds? Perhaps even try a bit...
        GM: Ack.  How quickly forget the warning about Healing here? :)

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Healing]
          Z'leyra upon snapping out of the trance will do what she can
          to patch Fuk's wounds while saying "We DO NOT want0...
        GM: Ack.  Had to divide this into 3 parts of update since
            unsure where they belonged.

      [New Stuff]

          [Febris 9th, 1635TH]
          [Time: 5:01 pm]

          [Lava tube area - After everyone crosses]

            Maelorna lands upon the ledge and gasps for breath.  All
          the while having had to listen to 'Drop him, let him die, you
          have nothing to prove.' as the voice continues to taunt her.
          She takes a calming breath and then gives Fuk a side long
          glance as he glares at her.

            She almost screams out, "No, stop, I am not a good person,
          just.. just do, don't please, I..  " as she can't explain it.
          She looks at Arawn pleadingly and then lowers her gaze as she
          stumbles back away from Fuk.  She can't explain her desire
          to feed upon him and as much as she is glad to not have to
          worry about him, she fears her control may lapse.

            She says softly, "I promised I wouldn't harm any of the
          group, but please do not tempt me, I'm hungry and I fear I
          will not be able to keep my word." she says as she steps away
          from the group before sitting down and hugging her knees to
          her chest.

            'You know it's only a matter of time Little Sister, before I
          take over and enforce that which you are.  Feed on one of
          them, if you do not.' the voice taunts with a dark promise.

            Fuk approaches and kneels in front of Mae.  "I had a cousin
          back in Tic-...back home.  She was addicted to a foul drug.
          I've seen this type of problem.  We can work it through.
          I adm-..I respect your will power.  But I suspect we have
          little time."  He stands and raises a hand to help the
          ex-slave up to her feet.

            More than one had suffered serious burns in the act of
          crossing and Arawn moved to address the injuries as best he
          could. He started with Fremea, his mundane skills better
          suited to healing the fae, but cast an eye to the other wounded
          before landing on the shape-shifter.

            But Fremea was lucky to take anything but a glancing
          blow by the lava.

            "Raki, how are you doing? I'm inexperienced in healing
          your kind but I'll do what I can for you if you're unable
          to regenerate your wounds."  Arawn asks the Shifter.

            Raki looks down at his body.  "I forget.  I shut down
          my pain receptors.  My body has already started to regenerate
          some of it. It appears I will live.  I suspect once we
          leave this world we will all fare better.  If I have
          an issue we can use the Cryx to help heal me."

            Sensing that Z'leyra's talents were better suited towards
          healing Fuk's considerable wounds Arawn asked the shamaness
          for her assistance.

            "Can you see to his wounds? Perhaps even try a bit of
          magical healing if possible. I think we'll all need to be in
          top form for the final run."

            "Fuk, I am suffering from a failed spell and this area is
          magicked to make spell use harder and more likely to fail. I
          can try to cast a healing spell now but will more likely
          succeed once we are out of here. Your choice, do you want me
          to risk a healing spell now?"  Z'leyra asks the constable.

            Fuk looks to Raki then back to the shaman, "didn't he say
          healing magic doesn't work here?  So maybe we could try
          one of those items Unali had?  If they can be used again."

          [Before the Yellow Flash at Ward Entrance]

            "Who are the Chosen Few and how are they determined?
          What help can you give the Chosen?"

            The image shifts and dissolves for a half second before
          reforming.  "The chosen and selected and pre determined.
          Beyond this point there is no help.  You will be on your
          own at your own peril."

            "How many challenges are there? What is the first
          challenge? Can you describe the others?"  Arawn asks.

            The projection raises both hands, "this is the first
          challenge.  As to others you will have to see as they
          are dynamic."

            "What is the purpose and powers of the Cryx? How can it
          help us to overcome the challenges?"  Arawn asks.

            The projection shifts and reforms.  "What is the world?
          What is a ant?  What is order and chaos? These things you
          will have to figure out.  So as to prevent others from doing
          so.  As to overcoming the tests the mind, the heart and the
          universe will only

            Arawn continues, "What is the difference between partially
          ending a ward and allowing one person through? And must the
          challenge be repeated each time per individual chosen to be
          allowed to pass through?"

            "When you say that 'if we use it to allow passage of our
          fellow beings it will allow that as it deems', what do you mean
          by 'it deems'? Do you, the ward, or the challenger decide this?"

            Image takes a half second, "Challenge does not need to be
          repeated.  In some cases a test may require the challenger
          to remain at the ward or not.  As to the ward it will decide
          if worthy ones are able to pass for the challenge.  Failure
          to override this could be peril.  A challenge must be completed
          before the ward can be ended."

            Z'leyra upon snapping out of the trance will do what she
          can to patch Fuk's wounds while saying. "We DO NOT want the
          wards destroyed, nor will selecting just one to go thru allow
          the party to escape, then we must select the partial and hope
          that it deems all of us suitable for passage."

          [At the Wards Entrance after Yellow Flash]

            Raki glances back to the slope as he wakes folks up.

            "What is it?" Arawn asks.

            Raki, "my fellow shifters approach fast."

            As Arawn returned to his senses Arawn's first reaction was
          to scan the surroundings. The mental effect caused him to
          quickly ponder the possibility that the entire scene before the
          party might prove to be one held in their mind, the first of
          the challenges. His hope was that a hint might exist in the
          form of discrepancies, the insight adding to any effort to
          break through the psychic hold. But of course there was the
          very real possibility all of this was occurring in the physical
          realm and the effects of the yellow flash something different
          to be pondered later. So as he extended his senses over the
          environment he addressed the party as Unali and Dorhak moved
          to investigate the tunnel behind them.

            "If necessary we can see to breaking through the red-hot
          wall we passed earlier, flooding the lower level with lava.
          This should deter pursuit, forcing them to find another way
          around. And should the lava rise enough to threaten us then
          it's my hope that the Cryx's crystal matrix can block off
          the tunnel behind us to prevent or slow the lava flow. But
          let's see if we can find another option for now."

            "Good idea about filling this with lava....ONCE we are
          sure we can pass the wards."

            After the momentary rest, Mae follows the group,
          uncertainty filling her eyes as she glances about her.

            With alarm, she awakens from the stupor as she can hear Raki
          warn them about others approaching.  "I..  Need to feed," she
          whispers as she turns to look at the direction indicated for the
          enemy, wondering if she can repeat her success with one of them
          as she had with Zin.

            As the others wake up for a 3rd time in hours Arawn
          studies the projection.

            "It gives recorded responses to what's needed?," Arawn
          said, repeating Raki's words back to the shifter. "What
          questions have you asked of it and what answers has it

            Raki glares at Arawn for the first time since learning
          the expression from Kell.  He whispers, "no time for
          that! If I can hear them..."

            "I am a child of Payan and Morrigan," he said, addressing
          the image and holding the Cryx aloft for it to see. He imagined
          it would sense this or else, on the other end of things, not
          care but he said it nonetheless in case some benefit might
          occur for it. "And we ask for guidance."

            Raki shakes his head confused why the group is wasting
          so much time talking.  He rushes toward Unali and Dorhak
          at the edge of the slope.  "They are just below the slope
          about to come in view."

            At that instant the 3 shifters slow and look up the
          slope at Raki, Unali and Dorhak.  One points to Raki
          and speaks something not understood.

            The projection shifts into a handsome Elf, "approach
          Alfar and if you are skilled you may deal with the
          first ward."

          [Phase 1]

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Wednesday...

          GM: Sadly this was a lot to do in a little time.  All the
              talking made the shifters go from maybe 500 feet away
              to only now 100 feet (about 80 down slope and 20 or
              so feet down the passage at base of slope).  Sadly we sort
              of have plans?  Lava yes? No.  But how it was not
              covered.  I've warned before that talking can make
              a simple ambush a slaughter by the time you say
              "hail friend who goes there what are your intentions
              this fine day?" The enemy is in camp and killing folks.
              So actions have to be brief and concise at time.

              So at this point since the flash only a few second
              pass.  But I don't know what the leader and others
              have planned.  The prep time that was given before
              the talking which would've been maybe 5 minutes is
              now seconds.  All the shifters have to do is climb
              the slope and start killing.  I will say there are
              skills and abilities that some can do that can
              help delay things.  It is up to you guys to figure
              that out and let the ball dice roll.  We will move
              into Phasal Movement - 1 phase = 3 seconds.  The
              prep time has passed and any ambush is gone.  So will
              do 2 phases per update.  Clues and hints do abound.

              I will hold for now.  But if no real plan of action
              for Wednesday it will just be a random free for all.
              Unless requested to hold for more time to plan?

              If need updated sheets let me know so can be
              reminded of those skills and such you may need. :)

          GM: Arawn - Can't be in two places at once.  So do you
                fight? Handle the ward (if so how?) or other stuff?  If
                you ask those 'other' questions above or of the ward
                keep in mind words take time from phases. :<

              Fremea - This area is not great for flying due to small
                (width) areas.  But one can take a chance and roll
                the odds.

              Unali - Offer the talismans to Fuk and others again?

          GM: Maps/Data
              Passage leading to Slope    -  60 feet
              Slope (40 degrees)          -  80 feet
              Corridor to Stairs at Slope - 120 feet
              Party stands away from slope-  40 feet
              Image/Wards from party      -  60 feet
              Height of Ward Hall Passage -   8 feet
              Width of Ward Hall Passage  -   6 feet
              Height of Slope             -   7 feet
              Width of Slope              -   5 feet

 Ward Hall

..........D\   \__ 80 feet
............\    \
A= Stairs?
B- Party's position
C Unali/Dorhak looking down slop
D Area of hot spot just below slope about 5-10 feet
E estimated area where shifters are

    Once shifters move forward (E) about 6 feet (1) on diagram
    above they'll be in full view.  At (1) they'll be about 90
    feet from the top of slope.

    Once shifters get to the Ward Hall level I'll do a hex map.

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