[pnpgm] Status...

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Thu Dec 14 05:53:02 CET 2017

I'm 90% done with Z'leyra's IBT.  Ned to spell check it and have alex 
approve it.
Then will need 1-2 days for char sheet.

Then to start on Fremea's IBT once i get it.

Sadly I had hopedot have some vacation this year.
But it has turned out to be 4 months of IBT work.
Delays for various reasons was biggest issue.
On average losing 19-20 hrs a week I lost
waiting for folks ro get online or answer stuff.  For those who 
showed up early thanks.

Now  I only have 2 days left this year.  Two vacation days out of 36 
days i believe.
This time next week no more time.  It'll be back to only 2 days off 
until next September.
So vacation ruined this year.  :<

Also means 17 days ot finish Fremea's IBT.
Its been taking 2 weeks for these last 3-4 IBTS.
So we can pray fo ra 1/1 adventure start...:)

Maybe next year i cna do stuff i want and have fun...sigh...

Bah Humbug!


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