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Thu Aug 31 23:08:49 CEST 2017

* Website edits:Make Adventure #8 site.
* Update Character of Campaign file.
* Character sheet updateS: Cps and send updated sheets for IBT

For those who want Spreadsheets I use Office 97 Excel on old ancient 
pc.  On this one I use openoffice calc so would have to be matched up 
with those.  If I ever get rid of my old pc Still plan to one day.
Then just openoffice.  But for now I use old pc for all pnp stuff as 
its faster and all my files are there.

Perfect spreadsheet?
* Attributes: Native, Multi, Current,  Max, Temp Mod
   For Temp I'd say 10 boxes Since some wear lots of items (like 
Z).  So it could be all the various mods
   or some table elswhere on sheet Yes/No.  Item and Mod.  So if take 
off Ring then No and bonus goes ot 0?
* Bonus info
* Basic Formula: MDV, EL, Hpvd, etc. But again it would have to take 
into acct temp mods.
* Gear: Frankly thisis optonal.  a LOT of work.  perfect sheet would 
have a table lookup of gear.  item, item #, wt, fv, etc.
   I think folks juse this gear weight totals.  But since riding is 
nota huge factor (won't in next adv as first part is a boat after 
that may ride?) but these #s can be done quicly ontext copies.
* Skills: To handle partial and MAX ELS
* Spells: Same as Skills, CNL, etc.

Otherwise is just extra icing.
Since some sheets are huge (Z, Unali, Arawn) this isa big undertaking.

I learned Lotus 123 back in teh day.  I was a expert in 2 days and 
helped Teacher in HS teach.
But I've not done practice in ages 20 odd years.

I could figure out 90% of stuff above.
But Table Lookup and Data Entry would be a bear.

If this is the last adventure is it worth it?
if itis the last.

Stay tuned...

As to loot..keep in mind Tributes been gong on for what....3000+ years?or 1-2?
6310/3000=2 silver per year not much.

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