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OOC: Meant to send this out last update but I've been dealing with some things lately and didn't have a lot of time to work on the game.

   Sensing Raki's sorrow and confusion Arawn gave the shifter a sympathetic look, resting his hand on the shape-changer in a comforting manner.

- ['This Abary? You speak of. I miss this? If it will hinder Mae we shouldn't tell her?']

   Arawn gave the woman a puzzled look as she had been the one to update him on events during his 'black-out' but let it pass.

   "No, we should tell her so she can do something about it. Not knowing will only place her in a worse situation when the gods come calling on her."

- [Discussing Kameri metal, when Z'layha throws her dagger to the ground]

   Arawn picks up the discarded dagger.   "If it were possible I'd round up all the blades and have them tossed back into the prison. But that would be a prohibitive endeavor.
   Still, I'd feel better disposing of this by fire. One less danger to worry about."

- [Z'leyra speaking regarding the discarded shifter dagger - "...find a way to cleanse the ore of the shifters without releasing them. Perhaps Arawn will give us advice on how to do so."]

   The alfar weighed the dagger in his hand, his lips pursed as he considered the words of the shamaness.

   "I'll see what I can discover."

- [When Raki discusses whether Arawn should return to the village/the beacon]

   "Good advice. I think outside the village is best for now. We can adapt as needed from there."

- [The boy's skeleton]

   "It's cruel enough to lose someone. Crueler to not even have their remains. But you bring up a good point.
   We need to have a good story as there are going to be questions as to what happened and why we disappeared for months. I don't think the truth is in order here but we should be prepared with answers, especially if we plan on arguing for our gear back."

- [Dorhak and Mae]

   The alfar watched the slap, a slight look of disappointment on his face but otherwise held off interfering for the moment. He wanted to see how the two would manage the situation first, before worry of immediate involvement. Whatever his thoughts on the exchange between the two were he kept to himself for the time being. But once it was done he took it upon himself to remove Mae's bonds.
   "I don't think we need worry about another battle anytime soon so I suggest keeping to your current form. Though some clothing would be appropriate."

[OOC: If none of the females have anything to share with Mae then Arawn will do so. Scott, can't recall what Arawn might have that she can borrow - he can keep his robes and she can wear his pants, tunic and such. Otherwise, if this isn't reasonable he'll cast Transmutation EL 0 (using the Sidh Tongue) to transform an array of leaves into an ivy green dress with a proper winter cloak in the same color, just like a proper Fairy Godfather!]

   "As to your sister, let's wait on deciding that later, after some discussion as it doesn't seem a pressing thing at the moment."

- [Akasha]

   OOC: Waiting to hear back regarding using this. Will give you a clear response once I receive some answers.

- Options:

   I think Z'layha, being a respected shaman, should accompany the group when collecting horses and gear. Arawn can send her back to the Moss Fortress immediately after.

   And I think we should rest locally for a day before heading to the village.

   Regardless of things, Arawn isn't leaving Kameri until he and Corsaya are reunited. If need be he'll translocate back and wait for Z'leyra/Z'layha to bring the horses and gear back for him to translocate back.

   Other than this I'm okay with Arawn translocating the party as needed.

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