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   When Pyan questioned Corona's absence Arawn couldn't help but wonder to Z'layha's tonah as well.

   "He's referring to your sister's tonah," he said, though guessing Z'layha likely knew that already. "I'm curious, are you an eagle shaman as well? And do you think they're, both your guides, alright since our absence? Can you sense or call to them?"



 - If the party's hunger is bad enough to impair them Arawn will use the Scroll of Sustenance to conjure some food to be split among the hungry crowd while in the basement (or clearing if you prefer)

 - Arawn knows that shifters can see invisible things but is curious to test out the elvish ability to hide in forests. He'll use the ability while Z'layha speaks to Edell, and ask Raki to alert him to the effectiveness of this.If the ability to hide in forests is effective Arawn will do so on the way to meet the Lone Shifter

   If the ability to hide in forests is effective Arawn will use it to travel in hiding on the way to meet the Lone Shifter.

 - Using his ability to Hide in Forest Arawn will spy on the area to see if someone else is with Edell/if there's anything for the party to be concerned with.

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