[pnpgm] Game Update #120 - File #856 - Who lives? Kell or Arawn?

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Fremea still feeling the hit from the one she had made her thrall, thinks it such a same to have lost it too. She checks herself on her wounds, realizing she is pretty badly hurt. She collects her equipment, checking to make sure nothing has broken or is missing really quickly. She will find her brooch (1.F) and have it handy, just in case, by pinning to her shirt. Otherwise, she will get her quiver and her bow out, putting the daggers away on her body again.

As they all start to work towards the exit, her mind finally plays catch up. Kell is dead, but yet there is this imposter. Should he come with us, or die here? Fremea understands outcasts, being one herself. She quickly looks over at Mae, knowing she must be going through a million thoughts at once. Fremea has not care about her appearance and even feels a little sad that others will again judge her just because she has wings and is dangerous.

"Mae, there is nothing that I have to worry from you. I know what it is like to keep secrets, even from those you are wanting to trust and to have trust you. I do not believe you are evil or even a danger to us. Learning to control your dark is what makes us all equal in this land." She glances around quickly. "Well, our land, not here at least." She smirks a little at her own inside joke. "I do not speak for the group, but I do not mind you being here with us and very much appreciate that you were." Rubbing her neck as she said that part. "Can you turn into this flying form at will? That would be awesome to fly with you. It is fun to fly with Corona, but he has to do other things and does not always get time to fly with me."

She realizes how quiet she had been this whole time. She felt like when she first started with this group again. Needing to hold back, needing to find her way, not sure who she could trust, yet it was not at all like that at the same time. She knows her place in this group, she knows she can trust all of these people; expect maybe the sailor, she has no idea about him, but he has not said or done anything against her or her family. Shrug.

She just kept quiet because this was all so foreign to her, more than even the escape she took to get out of the Fae lands. When she say two Kiets, she knew nothing was right and something bad was happening. It would have been amazing to learn what she could from her thrall, but alas, it is no more. And good riddance.

"Take the one that helped us." She knows if he does try to betray us, she will make sure he is dead.

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         Player        DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  FH.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Al.. Ma
  ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
  W3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
  W2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
  R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
  R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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      Game Update #120 sequence (file #856)

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        From Dorhak: [Re: Experience]
          Yeah!  19points damage!  That should bring some good

          Take that, you formless pile of dung!

          (Can't send to the list, sadly)
        GM: Ack. Yep.  That means difference from those who post actions
            and not.  If you stand around doing nothing you lose out
            on experience and rping.  CDF is 7 so 19*7=? good experience.
            Tough creatures = good experience.  List is back up since
            server fixed by Wout.  Sorry about that.  I listed how to
            test it and such in older posts.

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Choice]
          "Heal Arawn" yells Z'leyra as she kneels next to Kell...
        GM: Ack.  Being leader leads to hard choices. :<

        From Mae: [Re: Actions]
          With the death of her thrall, Maelorna hovers in mid-...

          Maelorna looks at Z'leyra, "I did say, if you survive ...
        GM: Ack.

        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          Kiet is badly torn here.  Kell is his good friend, but ...
        GM: Ack. Such a good RP scene but sad.

        From David: [Re: Last update]
          That last update was great.  Bravo!

          I hate to see our fellow group members wounded so badly, but
          I think we are lucky any of us are alive.
        GM: Ack. You don't know that means to me.  There are many days
            I'm tired and hate doing updates but I strive through.
            Its comments like that which do help.  Thanks.  I thought
            it was good especially with Raki's revenge on Zin.  It wouldn't
            have worked if Mae hadn't sent him to kill Raki.  So it all
            worked out well.  Yes 3 almost deaths and lots of wounded
            from this combat?  Very lucky.  I didn't realize how dangerous
            they might be.  But each adventure I have to toughen up the
            bad guys to balance the players.

      [New Stuff]

          [Febris 9th, 1635TH]
          [Time: 5:01 pm]
          [Unknown Location]
          [Audience Room - Current room]

            Fake-Kell glances around waiting for Z'leyra to answer
          his question.  He stops briefly looking to the south
          then stops again briefly looking east beyond the party
          and glances around behind him as if looking for something.

            Z'leyra considers the choice.  Kell is a good companion
          to the group.  But if Arawn is truly the key to leaving here
          it would mean the life of everyone here.  Then again if
          only a part of him is needed as Zin implied then doesn't need
          to be alive.

            "Heal Arawn," yells Z'leyra as she kneels next to Kell and
          tries to save him.

            With the death of her thrall, Maelorna hovers in mid-flight,
          there is no feeling of loss.  She gives Zin a cold tight smile,
          after all, she had planned on holding him as her toy for, as
          the rule comes to mind.  Four days.  She would have held him
          as her toy for four days and he would have perished, well, as
          a creature capable of independent thought, by the rules, he
          would have remained as a toy and guardian for her protection
          until his body fell apart.

            She thinks momentarily, payment was due, for what she was, no
          healer but corrupter.  She hears Z'leyra order the others to
          heal Arawn. Unfortunately, she knows of only one commodity she
          can offer as payment that may work since she believes Z'leyra to
          be much stronger than she expects.  Landing next to Kell she
          kneels, curling her tail about her knees and using her wings as
          an impromptu cloak.

            Maelorna looks at Z'leyra, "I did say, if you survive this, do
          with me as you will.  I gave my word, thus I offer my life in
          exchange for his if such a transaction is needed to save him."

            She already knew the word she gave to Arawn before her
          indulgence with Lucria, she would not use any of the abilities
          of her other half upon anyone within the group.  Arawn would
          hold her accountable.  She may be aligned with Chaos by birth,
          but gave her word and would not break it.

            Kiet is badly torn here.  Kell is his good friend, but magic
          here is very difficult.  He doubts anyone will be able to help
          Kell now.

            Kiet moves over to Z'leyra and Kell, and puts his hand on
          her shoulder.  With eyes wet from tears, Kiet tells her "Z'
          think you need to do whatever you can for Arawn.  I suspect
          we need him to escape this place, probably conscious.  If he
          dies, not only will none of us leave, but Zin's cohorts will
          still have his body and eventually overwhelm us...then make
          their way to destroy our world."

            Fake Kell nods at Z'leyra and places hands on Arawn's
          invisible chest which he can see.  His left hand he goes to
          Arawn's forehead and his right to his chest.  His right
          hand soon becomes a large flat thing that melts and forms
          over and over.  His other hand he punctures the Alfaar's
          head to make mental contact with the skull.

            Kiet places himself between this demon-thing (Mae) and Kell's

            "Keep your hands off him!" Kiet yells.  "I don't consort with
          demons and I certainly won't turn him over to you!"  Kiet wasn't
          around when Mae turned into this...thing.

            Behind Z'leyra Fuk raises his own sword and others seem
          to raise weapons like the dwarf.  Mae suddenly stands and
          is taken aback.  The loyalty of this person is strange to
          the ex-slave.  Loyalty to a dead person over her?  She steps
          back and considers this strange concept of loyalty.

            Z'leyra finds a very faint pulse that barely is even found.
          Kell continues to read.  She curses to herself for not having
          her satchel that was lost to the lava.  She begins to rip part
          of Kell's clothing for a bandage.

            As both deal with Arawn and Kell the group gather their
          lost gear back to their bodies.

            Fake-Kell flows a bit of himself into Arawn's wounds in
          hopes to regenerate.  He knows his kind can so easily
          kill but if given good they can heal.  As he does he enters
          the dark mind of Arawn.

            Raki aka Fake Kell flies through the mental hurdles of
          the druids mind.  He soon finds the man in front of a
          empty set of 2 thrones in the dark.  Arawn is kneeling
          and staring.  As Raki closes in he can hear Arawn
          murmur, "where are you mother and father?  Why have
          you forsaken me?"

            All around Raki can see memories fly past in the speed
          of the mind.  The memories seem to flash by and then dissolve
          as if they are being lost.  Sometimes a memory will stop
          and spend days or weeks but in the mind it is nanoseconds.
          Raki can see friends like Jordi or Farseeker.  Lost friends
          like the Fae found in the Vong mountain.

            Raki finds it fascinating but kneels in front of the druid.
          "You must want this.  I can't save you without your help.
          If you resist we are all dead.  My poeple will leave with
          just your body and release armagedon on the middle world.
          Do not be lost in this?"  He waves a hand.  "This is in
          your self doubt and despair only.  If this is your destiny
          to die here today it will be.  But you must decide."

            Arawn looks up.  Why would he say destiny for a creature
          that can shape their own reality?  Arawn can feel himself
          fading. It is almost like falling off a cliff with no bottom.

            In Arawn's mind, Raki explains, "in order to save your body.
          I must merge slightly.  To share my ..flesh..my body.  This
          is new to me.  I can guarantee it will heal your body.  The
          mind I am not sure.  I know what you are thinking.  I am here
          in your mind.  Will I remain?  Maybe.  Over time I should
          fade away.  But you will have a perspective no one else will
          ever have.  What do you say?"

            Arawn stands and looks around.  Then behind Raki's shoulder
          to his parent's empty thrones.  They raised him to be true
          to himself and to the Sidh.  To be fully independent.  The
          need to pray for help is just a crutch.  Today Arawn realizes
          that his work has yet to begin.

            Arawn stares at Raki as a ghostly form of Cholan's son
          being blessed by Arawn draws the priest to glance  Then
          he nods.

            Raki nods and dissolves into nothingness as the being
          quickly flows all over Arawn's mind to rebuild and then
          re-shape lost memories back.  All this in the span of
          seconds but it seems like centuries.

            Z'leyra can't understand it.  The wound is deep yes but
          the blood is flowing slower now.  Something is wrong here.
          She wonders if anyone has any device to heal him.  She
          notices Unali digging in bags.

            The entire combat lasts only 30 seconds but it seems like
          a lifetime ago.  One minute the party wakes in this
          strange room the next 3 are dead.

            Unali finds what she needs.  She grabs it from her bag
          and rushes to Z'leyra.  She hands Z'leyra a small cross
          with a small topaz gem on each end of the four points.  IN
          the center is a small ruby gem.

            Unali activates the talisman and green healing energy
          exits the cross and into Kell's wound.  It quickly heals
          8 points of damage.  Z'leyra checks and finds a bit of
          a stronger pulse.  Feeling relieved she continues to stop
          the bleeding.

            "It is too late for him."  Fake-Kell says as if in
          a bored tone.  But more a tone of no emotion.  Do these
          beings have emotions?  "When he was stabbed he was given
          part of his flesh.  That flesh now rushes through his
          body like a poison. It has already started to eat organs."

            Kiet glares at Raki in horror and desperation.  He looks
          to Z'leyra for help.  He stands with fist balled ready to
          kill something.

            Kiet moves over to his friend...his friends body...and kneels
          on one knee in front of it.  He bows his head, and the others
          can see his shoulders move with his silent sobs.  Tears begin
          to fall, his grief obvious to all.

            Kiet stands after some time, and turns toward the thing that
          was fake-Kiet.  He suddenly draws his tulwar, yells an
          inarticulate scream, and begins to assault what is left of
          this horrid creature.  Taking the sword in both hands he begins
          laying about with the blade, hacking, slashing, and slicing.
          He continues until his strength and anger and hurt are spent,
          then crashes to the ground, his chest heaving from the exertion.

            For a moment everybody is quiet and still.

            Fake-Kell removes his hands from Arawn.  "It is done."
          He reaches for the discarded Cryx.  Then moves toward
          the fallen Kell.

            Kiet sees this and comes back to see what Raki has in mind

            Raki, the fake-Kell, tentatively reaches over to touch Kiet's
          shoulder, but hesitates.  Then he goes ahead and gently places
          his hand on Kiet's left shoulder.  Kiet looks up, eyes red and
          wet, smiles at Raki and pats his hand and drops his head again.
          He takes a high sigh, then stands up.

            "Is there anything you can do for him?" Kiet asks of Raki.

            Raki tries the smile he sees the humans do.  "You must
          have been in my mind as we melded earlier.  This is one
          thing I can try."  Then Raki glances to the south to
          a area where no one is there.

            "I will tell him....You do?  But I can still."  Raki
          glances at Kiet.  Then back at the spot in the south.

            Z'leyra can smell something odd in the air.  A very
          odd odor she can't place but it annoys her.

            Raki shakes his head.  "No.  I will try this first."

            Then he kneels at Kell's body.  The others soon wonder
          if this being is insane.  Raki places a hand on Kell's
          chest and the Cryx in the bandaged wound where it is
          slightly still exposed.  The orb begins to spark.  "I
          may be able to fight back.  I may be able to transmute
          the flesh into Kell's flesh.  If it is not too late."

            Z'leyra and the others soon realize blood begins to
          pour again.  She opens the bandage.  The wound which
          was healed seems to have opened back up again!  She
          realizes this being is hurting Kell. She looks for
          her great sword.

            But as if reading her mind, Raki states, "we can
          regenerate fast.  His foul flesh is regenerating and
          decaying as well as healing.  It is a fight.  I will
          try to enter his mind.  He must-"

            Raki looks to the south.  "But if you do not let me
          then...you must fight.  Human will is one of the strongest
          thing...you are half human?"

            That is when Z'leyra and others Raki never merged
          with Kell.  He must've Kiet maybe he got that info
          from Kiet.  Unless?

            Some look to the south but see nothing.  The two
          shamans know spirits can be around and helped.  Could
          Raki see Kell's spirit?

            "..it is ..I can't fight this without you ...That
          is why you refuse?  That event?"  Raki frowns.  "You
          know what this will mean?"

            Kiet realizes what this means as well. Could Kell
          be fighting back?  Why?  Kiet drops his tulwar and
          balls his fist.  He wants to yell to Kell to fight.

            "I refuse.  I will fight for you if you do not wish
          me to."  Raki then with his other hand forms a finger
          probe to link with Kell's mind.  "You are too important
          to the group...and others."

            What seems to be 3-4 minutes.  Skin heals and then
          decays.  Blood stops and then starts.  Raki begins
          to seem to sweat but why would a being with no obvious
          oragans sweat?

            Raki shakes his head.  "Stop resisting!"

            Arawn then wakes up and checks his chest.  His
          wounds are all healed.  He sits up still invisible.
          He watches as the being he learned to be named Raki
          is over Kell.  A bit weak he moves little bit by
          bit to Kell.  If only he could lend his help.

            "No!  Stop!"  Raki yells.

            Kell's face coughs up blood as internal organs begin
          to eat away their insides.  Z'leyra tries the cross
          again and it seems to heal a bit but as quickly as it
          does it decays again.

            Raki shakes his head and jerks his hands away.
          The Cryx stops sparking.  "I'm sorry.  It was
          draining the Cryx.  We will need it to escape.  We
          can save him but at the cost of staying here."

            Kiet falls to his knees and reaches for Kell's
          body as sobs choke his throat.

            Raki turns to Kiet.  "I'm sorry.  But he says
          everyone must leave.  What he does now is for
          the greater good."

            Dorhak looks to the group and scratches his
          head.  Such loyalty and companionship.  He may
          have joined a good group.  If they can escape this

            Raki looks to the south.  He speaks out loud.
          "He says he is happy to do this.  To Kiet he
          says watch your step.  Those snakes are everywhere."
          Raki tilts his head a bit confused by that.  He
          turns to Kiet.  "I think that is what you humans
          call a metaphor?"

            Kiet smiles but knows it is that indeed but much

            Raki stands.  "We will take his body with us.
          He does request that.  Maybe he could still be
          resurrected later or at least given a place of
          rest of his body and...spirit."

            That is when Arawn becomes visible.  The group
          looks at him and sees no wounds but dried blood
          on his tunic.  Raki helps Arawn to his feet as
          Arawn is a bit weak.

            "Gather your supplies.  We must move fast." Raki
          tells the group.

            Fuk steps forward.  "I do not understand this whole
          mumbo jumbo stuff.  But you see Kell?"

            Raki nods and points to the south.  "You do not
          see or hear him?"

            Fuk shakes his head.  These beings can see more
          than humans ever wish.  He looks over his shoulder
          then at Raki.  With a lump in his throat.  "Do you
          see him?"  He nods toward the body of Lucria.

            Raki nods, "yes.  He is quiet.  He just stands
          there staring at his body."

            Z'layha places her dagger in her belt and glances
          at Mae briefly then at Raki.  "Some spirits are
          shocked by their hosts death. Can you tell him to
          go with us?"

            Raki walks a few feet forward.  "He hears us but
          is not responding."

            Fuk steps alongside Raki.  "You fool!  Look at
          me Luc!  If you remain here you will not be at rest!"

            Raki speaks slowly and lightly.  "He did glance
          up urge him more."

            "You have one last bounty!  Do not shirk your duty!"
          He points to Z'layha.  "I will take her back but you
          must come with us!"

            Z'layha looks confused but remains silent.

            Raki looks over his shoulder.  "He looked at the
          one called Mae.  He smiled and says he doesn't blame
          her.  He was not scared last night.  He does urge
          you, Mae, not to foul this group.  You must respect
          them and they will do likewise."

            Fuk balls his fist, "he did not say that!  You

            Raki says, "He says remember the time you let
          Lanz Net go?  You saw good in him."

            Fuk almost drops his sword and becomes pale. "How
          do you know that?"  He shakes his head.  "This
          is a trick.  You read our minds?"

            Raki shakes his head.  "We can only do so with
          touch not at range.  Even the person I did touch
          Kell, Arawn and Kiet did not know this."

            Fuk shakes his head.  "No.  Of course not."

            Raki continues, "he still refuses to leave."

            Z'layha steps forward.  "I can help."  She
          leans to Raki and whispers.  She then pulls out
          from her winter tunic a small locket of what
          looks like fragile wicker?

            Z'leyra recognizes the attempt instantly.  To trap
          the spirit.  She is impressed by her sister's powers
          that she has learned.

            Raki nods, "then do it."  He turns to the others
          as Z'layha steps forward toward Lucria's body.

            Raki glances around.  "We must move to the stairs
          fast.  Gather your gear.  If the others find us we
          are doomed.  It took all of you to kill just a few
          and you lost 2 almost 3.  We'll never survive against
          hundreds.  He moves toward the threshold that leads
          to the passage he came from. He glances south.  "Kell
          can you scout ahead for us?"

            His face move west and then the wall assuming that
          Kell's spirit must've left.

            Kiet dries his eyes and feels a bit proud of his friend
          for still helping the group.  A small laugh exits his
          mouth wondering that Kell would be great in a trade
          deal now!  He'd listen to all the secrets and relay
          it to Raki.  But then he frowns in grief.

            He walks to fake-Kiet and removes his second ring from
          the flesh bag. He does one final kick to the creature.

            Z'layha casts her spell taking two attempts.  She
          whispers to the wicker-thing.  "I got him."

            Fuk points, "he's in there?"  Z'layha nods.  "Is
          he safe..or hurt there?"

            Z'layha smiles, "He is fine."

            Z'leyra then realizes how does her sister know
          Marentian?  Before she could ask Raki speaks again.

            Raki, "are we ready?"

            Fuk looks to the group still bleeding here and
          there.  "Can we heal or at least bandage some of us

            Raki looks to the others and forgets how humans are
          so fragile.  "If it will be fast."

            Raki moves toward Kiet.  "His body is dead but there
          is hope."  Raki forms into a perfect copy of Kell.
          "I have all of his memories.  His skills.  His hopes
          and dreams.  I do not know if I have his magic yet
          until we return to your world.  I will never replace
          him but if you take me I can try to be Kell as Raki
          is a person I would prefer to forget.  What do you say?"

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update.. Saturday...

          GM: It is sad to see Kell die.  But when me and
              David worked on fake-Kiet's stuff we came up
              with a psychology.  Do not blame David on this.
              Do not blame him on the items lost to Lava.  I
              gave only a simple outline and he filled in
              the gaps I already randomly determined.  Technically
              Kell's wound is not fatal.  BUT what the shaper did
              with that wound.  Not a poison but a nanobyte type
              machine cell erasing 'stuff' was done.  There was
              little hope.  Don't blame Arawn as he did try to save
              Kell by a tranaslocate and insubstantial spell.  But
              could not use one due to range and the other failed.
              I do NOT like to kill pcs (unless its april fools).
              Only two reasons I kill is stupid actions (sure you
              want to run on lava to escape? sure ok) or just
              too much damage that nothing could be done  This was
              not planned at all and I feel sad to lose Kell. But
              as above there is hope.  I doubt Mark will return but
              if he does there is always resurrection though I
              guess he'd have to be preserved?  But as npc I will
              not decide on that myself.  That is up to Mark. As
              above Raki could become Kell v2.  That is if the
              party does not wish to take him with you.  If you
              plan to leave him you best say so soon.  But only
              Raki knows where stairs are but at that point might
              be good to betray him if you do.  Also the party
              will have to decide what to do with Mae.

              Tue/Wed will work on experience and other reports.
              I'm busy Tue mostly but can do it for sure Wed.
              So will try next update Saturday.  I would try
              Wed.  But not time for you guys to reply.

          GM: Many folks are wounded.  Magical healing will be
              futile here.  But if you have items let me know
              if you want to use them.  We can spend 5-10 min
              maybe here?  Z can decide on that.  It may have
              to be priority of healing.
              Actually looking at notes most have 1-3 hits which
              is minor.  So guess simple bandage work by Arawn and
              Z?  But Fremea and Fuk are the worst off.  They may
              want to be healed.  Fuk will take item healing.
              Fremea do you want healing?  You are 10 hits down.
              Again if you guys have magical healing items let
              me know and if you want to use them.  But in some
              cases I am unsure if you took all stuff like Fremea.
              Most are still back in village.  Tomorrow when I
              work on experience I'll see what items I can quickly
              find and note them.

          GM: Arawn - I should've emailed you to see if you gave
                a yes to Raki.  But would've delayed update.  And
                frankly doubt you'd say no?  You are a bit weak
                but will gain strength soon.

              Fremea - 10 hits is bad.  So best stay back if
                more combats unless you get item healed.

              Kiet -  Based on our emails I hope it all meshed
                 well above based on 'if Kell lives' if Kell
                 dies responses.  I loved your rp stuff.  You
                 get rp points for sure!

              Unali - Based on email to help and items I hope
                 this is fine.

              Mae - Kiet refuses the life-transfer.  Plus the
                magic is a bit complex and hard to use.

              Z'leyra - Will have to decide what do with Mae
                as well as others.

          GM: Spells -

                 Player          Spell              Start  End
                Z'leyra     Magical Boots - Speed   Ph 5   Ph 77
                Kiet        Magical Boots - Speed   Ph 9   Ph 81

              Boots might last another few minutes I'm guessing.
              At least 40-50 more phases I estimate (120-150 sec).

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