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Maelorna looks at Kiet incredulously and gives an exasperated sigh, "By the
Court, are you serious?  Do I look like I want him?  I just offered my life
in exchange for his if it will help him," as she takes a step back, the
dagger in her hand gives her little comfort, especially when the others
raise their weapons.

"As well I gave Arawn my word that I would not harm any of you.  Believe
me, it's hard enough having to listen to the voice trying to goad me into
feeding on every one I can see, but now you honestly sound like one of the
religious zealots I was constantly running into or from in the city.  I
tried more than once to explain, I'm not a demon," as she sighs, "Ok, half
of me is.  I don't make the rules and I guess take it up with the Court and
the Princess as to why I was allowed to be borne, as it's something to do
with her."

She looks at Kiet evenly, "I do not break my word lightly, Thus when
Z'leyra asked me what I was, I spoke truthfully and the offer was given.
If she survived this, do with me as she chose.  Besides, I've already
learned that no matter what I desire it will be denied to me.  Zin killed
Lucria, one of the two I was drawn towards and thought I might find
companionship with and care about," as she wipes angrily at tears, "Then to
add insult to injury, the revenge I wanted, truly thought I would have, I
only needed to wait for a few days and that thing, Zin would have perished
while still being a toy.  Denied as well, since you killed him,"

She throws the dagger at the ground at her feet, "I did promise I would
repay the kindness you and the others had shown me when you freed me of the
collar.  So if it will assuage your fear of me, I can offer the one thing a
succubus that Master Gniled had summoned to teach me, she had instructed me
to fear one thing above all else," as she rolls her eyes, "Ok, apart from
dying that is, I will give Arawn or Z'leyra my true name or to them both,"
as she sighs, "I will accept enslavement in the manner that is more
effective than a collar, since I can't remove my name or run from it."


She sighs upon Raki's warning from Lucria, "Foul them?  Why ever would I
even want to do that," she asks and sighs.

Upon hearing Z'leyra's instruction, she goes to the pile and looks for the
ceremonial dagger that was hers.  As for her gear, it was still back at the
lodge.  The scraps of cloth that had been her gown do little more than
tease rather than hide her modesty and she seems little troubled by it.
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