[pnpgm] Updated Mana/ Experience chart

pnpgm pnpgm at comcast.net
Wed Apr 19 22:53:03 CEST 2017

   Mana/Experience report updated and on game site.

   At least 5 folks had EL and CEL changes!  Congrats!

   From what I can tell only one person has a healing item.
   I will email that person to see if they use it.

   Still got 2 days  but still need to figure out

   * Mae's situation - Keep? Enslave? Kill?  I can actually
     take private or public posts if you guys want. If majority
     wants party can keep her up to you guys.  Private votes
     will not be made public.

   * Healing: Two characters Fremea and Fuk are heavy damage.
     Everyone else is lightly wounded.  Said person may want
     to choice item for one of these or hold off.

   * Raki - Fake Kell - Keep?  Kill?  Suspect you can decide
     later but once escape (if you do) then what? Should decide

   * Any other actions?

   IF get enough posts will do next update Saturday afternoon.
   If not then next week.

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