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   (Assuming I'm reading things correctly and Z'leyra is extending the invitation to the party,   Arawn is very much interested in meeting with Z'leyra's former teachers...)

   "It would be both and honor and a pleasure," Arawn said, enthusiastically accepting Z'leyra's offer to join her for lunch.

   The prospect of meeting with her former mentors was one the alfar did not wish to miss out on. For some time he had been aware of the scholars of Ticasi, Z'leyra's stories serving to further whet his appetite. Voracious of mind, the chance for discovery, to explore the depths of knowledge present within the city's walls and to speak at length with it's erudite citizens, called to him like a siren's song. However long he might have to explore Ticasi's myriad stock of lore his hope was to return at some point to experience the city and further his education.

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Z'leyra knowing that Ticasi IS a peaceful place does not feel put out by
having to leave her weapons but would prefer to have her staff for spell
casting than have to use her wand. She leaves her armor in her room at
the inn and clothes herself in some of her better dresses. She keeps her
satchel and drum with her.

She asks the innkeeper about where to reserve a room for a lunch she
hopes to invite some important people to. She gets her best dress
cleaned for wearing the next day. She also arranges for Corona to get a
fresh fish each day.

In the morning accompanied by any that wish to she will go to make to
reserve the suggested lunchroom then visit those teachers of magic and
of law that she was acquainted with and not on bad terms with. She will
invite them and an esteemed colleague if they wished, for a long lunch
the next day. She will act as guide to party members to show the
teaching facilities of Ticasi.

She treats the party to a fine lunch after which she will stop and visit
her father's relatives (though they had referred to her as 'that
barbarian brat') to ask if any further investigation into her father's
death had occurred (and if so what happened and no she was not looking
to grab some inheritance) and to show by her fine clothes and confident
bearing that she had not exactly done badly in the world. She also stops
by her healing friends and teachers to say hello.

She plans to be back for dinner at the inn.

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