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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/N;;tes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
W2R2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
W3R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #37 sequence (file #268)

       Admin Notes: None.

         From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
           Yes, Fremea will take him out.
         GM: Ack.

         From Unali: [Re: Actions]
           Unali  will follow on horse, but expects that Fremea flying
           ahead gets there first.
         GM: Ack.

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           Kiet will not follow the escapee.  Instead he casually moves
           to recover his tossed javelin, noting to himself the
           effectiveness of the tactic.  He smiles to himself as he is
           quite satisfied.  Then it's time to discontinue the boot's
           magic and walk over to the fallen bowman.

           Kiet gathers the mans things he lost in the fall then sets
           aside his javelins.  He takes out a dagger, and says to Arawn
           "I think I will take charge of this one for now."  He then sets
           about removing anything of value from the man, searching him
           quite thoroughly.

           Kiet doesn't have his ropes with him (they are on the horse
           Fremea was borrowing) but is quite certain he can handle the
           wounded captive.

           He offers to question the captive and, when the captive awakes,
           Kiet will cast Tongues at max EL and at 5x cost so that he might
           learn the man's language.  If the spell fails, when Z'leyra
           returns, Kiet will ask her "Might I use the language rope?
           Just to learn, not to strangle him with.  I promise...for

           I will question the man:

           What is your name?
           What is your tribe?
           Who are these others?
           Which one was the leader?
           Why did you choose to attack us?
           Where do you come from?
           Why should I not just kill you here and now and leave your
           body to rot, and feed the vultures?

           Kiet will use his skills as an executioner, to the point
           of hurting the man by striking his wounds, to get his answers.

           If any of his weapons are exceptional, Kiet considers keeping
         GM: Ack. BTW where you are how many times zones awy from EST?
             I could google it but too lazy.  Curious how you will be
             reacting to things later or earlier for the 3 months.

         From Z'leyra:  [Re: Actions]
           Z'leyra will gladly let the others chase down the last horseman.
           She has bleeding to deal with. She tells the horses to stick
           around. To the party members she says, "My mistake, I ...

           She grimaces, lifts her mail armor off and grabs a bandage and
           a water bottle to clean the wound with.

           Later after the wound is treated and healed she looks over
           the bandit's gear and mentions, "This should pay for our food
           and lodgings for awhile. Any extra we can share."
         GM: Ack. Healing?  So did I miss a spell? :)

       [New Stuff]

           [Aratad Province - Hills]
           [Decalis 19th, 1634TH]

           [Time: 12:33 pm]
           [Phase 3]

             Z'leyra stares at the fleeing rider going back the way
           he came from.  Then looks at the wounded archer.  She can
           see he is bad off but decides to remove her armor to check
           out her own wound.  She figures the height of the rider
           to her on the ground gave him an advantage. "My mistake, I
           left myself open to that shot. Relied too heavily on my armor."

             Kiet runs toward the fallen archer and circles around the
           man a half dozen times making Arawn a bit buzzy showing off
           his speed boots.  "I think I will take charge of this one for
           now."  He then sets about removing anything of value from the
           man, searching him quite thoroughly.

             Unali charges the fleeing man and gets alongside him.  With
           legs using to drive the horse she uses both daggers swipe at the
           man.  But the man sees this and ducks and moves away in time.

             Corona flies toward Unali and the man fleeing on horse. He
           knows he could hit Unali so decides to fly forward and zap
           the ground hoping to scare the horse.  The blast hits
           the ground and does cause the horse to move with a great jerk
           to the left.

             Fremea flies toward the fleeing horse as well.  She raises
           her bow at about 40 feet behind them but knows she could
           hit Unali at this angle.  She will need to get a better
           angle to fire.

             The fleeing man surges forward another 60 feet trying ot
           remain in the saddle as his arm bleeds.   Looking back
           frantically wondering how to elude these people.

             Arawn ignores Kiet and waves him away for the moment.  He
           can tell the man is hurt.  But he needs to assess the man
           better.  He rolls the man gently over.  As he does he can
           very faintly hear a crack of some kind.  Arawn can tell
           that his left rib cage is mostly caved in from the blow.
           The man's eyes roll in the back of ihis head and he coughs
           up a large chunk of black-red blood.  Arawn looks back to
           Z'leyra for help but she is removing her armor.  Arawn
           quickly figures the man just died as his pulse is gone.  He
           considers a quick spell for healing as Mist would take too
           long.  But at the damage done to his skull, ribs and other
           parts Arawn figures even with a good healing spell the man's
           mind might not be worth saving. Arawn says a quick prayer
           under his breath but realizes there is little he can do
           in time.

             Kell moves to Arawn and Kiet who removes the javelin from
           the dead horse.  "You killed a poor horse?"  He wonders if
           that was on purpose or accident.

             Pyan jogs forward to join the others.

           [Time: 12:26:12 pm]
           [Phase 4]

             Z'leyra continues removing her armor and continues speaking,
           "Anyone want hands on practice doing first aid, patching up
           wounds with instruction by me included?"

             Kiet circles the dead Archer 8 more times as his boots
           are still active.  He glances at Kell and nods to his comment.

             Unali closes the distance and gets to the right of the fleeing
           rider and uses her daggers again.  Both this time strike and
           the wounded man is killed falling off his horse.

             Fremea sees the rider fall and hovers and turns back to
           the group.  She decides to get higher and scan the area
           to ensure no one else is around.

             Arawn stands and says the man is dead.

             Kell shrugs not caring much about the man, "that horse might've
           give us a few gold alive.  Now...its just dead meat."

           [Time: 12:28 pm]

             Arawn watches as Z'leyra treats her wound and is sad
           to see a horse die as well.  Corona and Fremea mention
           no other hills folks but there is a group of peasants
           to the west maybe 3 miles and a caravan coming from the
           east a few miles away.  So that means little time is
           here before seen by outsiders.

             Z'leyra knows the wound is light so a small light spell
           is only needed.  After first aid the spell completely heals
           the wound.  She then ensures all others are fine.  She
           checks the dead archer and finds that his ribs must've pierced
           his heart and he died by that method.

             The Shaman and Druid do look at the horse to see if they
           could possibly help him with some healing but the spell
           from Kiet's Javelin is too devastating.

             Kiet is sad not to test his interrogation skills but shrugs.
           "We should also check their horses for anything of value such
           as bridles or exceptional saddles.  Also any saddlebags."

             Gear is collected as well as horses from the hillsman as
           they will no longer have use for it.  Swords, quivers, arrows,
           some cold and minor supplies.  Nothing great or exceptional
           but it should be enough to give some gold for the party.

             Z'leyra looks to the gear the gear along is not much but
           the bulk of money will be from the horses.   "This should pay
           for our food and lodgings for awhile. Any extra we can share."

             Kell looks to Pyan, "good shooting there pal."

             Corona reports the folks on the road the peasants will see
           this mess in maybe a couple minutes as they cross the hills
           to the west.  Arawn wanted to possibly at least buy the
           horse but it might have taken a hour or two.  Besides the
           problem of answering questions to others is a problem.  So
           the party mounts up and leaves taking the 4 horses with them.

           [Time: 12:33 pm]

             The group meets up with the 5 peasants who has one draft
           horse carrying a sled of fruits.  Kell smiles, "be careful
           over there.  Some bandits looks like they met up with some
           nasty folks.  We just saw them passing by."

             Z'leyra translates into Aratad and the peasants understand
           and come a bit togther together.  Z'leyra just warns that
           there is no worry that the bad guys are all dead.

           [Time: 1:18 pm]

             Finally the road turns south west rather than west.  The
           party estimates Ticasi is north west but the road is far
           faster than going overland.  The party travels another
           10 miles into the hills then camps for the night.


           [Aratad Province - Hills]
           [Decalis 20th, 1634TH]

           [Time: 5:52 am]

             At camp the horses were inspeccted by those who know
           horses including Kiet and Arawn.  They find the horses
           in decent shape but clearly aged.  Their coat and teeth
           show long years of use.  But there is no disease and little
           damage aside from some bruises and a minor rash on one
           but nothing not too common.

             Kell finishes cooking breakfast using some spices from
           Aratad that doesn't seem to go well for the Sidh stomach
           but the humans enjoy it.  A merchant sold some fresh goat's
           milk the day before for drinking.

             The party moves on for one more day of travel before the
           city.  The day is clear all day bright and sunny.  But
           the temperatures range from 29 to 56.

           [Time: 6:34 pm]

             It has been dark for almost 45 minutes now but Corona
           reported the city is too close to skip.  So the party
           rides on until they reach the gate to Eured.  By now
           the traffic is light with folks having come and left
           by this time.  Two guards at the gate look bored and
           ignore the party as they enter.  They do eye the 4
           horses but do nothing.

           [Time: 6:38 pm]

             Eured city is half the size of Aratad but it a typical
           city in the area.

             The first thing is to find a Inn and stables.  This time
           the best stables are 2 blocks away from the inn so they
           will be dropped off after gear is unloaded at the Inn.

             The Inn keeper a woman in her 40s gives the group their
           rooms as there is little business this time of year.  The
           party asks about a market but she says in Eured the majority
           close by sunset.

           [Time: 7:24 pm]

             Kiet, Arawn and Z'leyra take the horses to the stables
           while the others head to a tavern for dinner since the
           Inn has no eating area.

             The horses are housed for the night and Kiet notices
           a merchant buying a horse from a stable boy.  Kiet
           asks if he wants the 4 horses but the merchant says no.

           [Time: 7:45 pm]

             The party settles down for a nice warm dinner around
           the tavern's large fireplace.  There is a man on stage
           giving jokes talking about some noble and his antics with
           a bear but the party aside from Z'leyra do not get the
           jokes due to language.

           [Time: 8:23 pm]

            Exiting the tavern Corona does report tht from the air
          all the markets look dark and stalls closed.  Kell finds
          this disappoonting but figures it is a local thing.  But
          others in the tavern say the markets tend to open 30-45
          minutes before sunrise.


           [Aratad Province - Eured City]
           [Decalis 21st, 1634TH]

           [Time: 5:00 am]

             Arawn and Kell decide to get up early and head to the
           stables to save time to sell the horses.  The others
           continue to sleep in the warm Inn.

             They find one market that buys/sells animals of all kinds.

           [Time: 5:52 am]

             Finally a merchant inspects the four horses.  As expected
           he finds the horses well but aged.  Kell through Donaran
           haggles back and forth.  That they are good for city
           horses and for kids and the like.  Typiclaly horses like
           this can sell for 4 gold each.  But three go under that
           and 1 sells higher.  So they sell for 32, 38 and 31 gold but
           the high one sells for 42 silver.  For a total of 143 silver.

           [Time: 6:22 am]

             The party finishes a quick breakfast at the tavern as Aran
           and Kell sell the hillsmen gear.

             Leaving one shop Kell sells the 7 swords (2 must've been
           loot from other raids) for a high amount for 267 copper
           but only one sells for less for 41 copper for a total of
           308 copper.  Kell grins to Arawn, "guy buught way too high!
           Must not be skilled in sword buying."  Arawn shakes his head
           not liking how dupes are fooled but then again it helps the
           party's funds.

             The three leather armors sell for 12 CC (2 destroyed in
           battle).  There are 62 arrows left over after some restock
           their arrow supplies are some are in single digits for arrows.
           The quiver and arrows sell for 5 copper. Saddles, bridles and
           other gear sell for 20 silver.  Minor gear like camping gear
           and food sell only for 3 silver.

           [Time: 6:58 am]

             Z'leyra waits at the stable for the two to return eager to
           leave as almost an hour has been wasted already.  Finally
           Kell and Arawn arrive and the party sets out.

             The day becomes a bit cloudy as the skies cover the sun
           for part of the time.  The temperatures actually climb
           only ranging from 67 to 77.

             The road though ends here and the party head into the
           hills moving toward Shiben.  They have about 40 miles
           to go and the path seems well travelled so it is easy
           to find the place.

           [Time: 8:08 am]

             The party notices a couple of lone horses on top of
           one hill they are grazing.  They do not seem to have
           saddles or anything so figure they are wild.  Taking
           a break for grazing the party try to creep up on the
           two horses.  But then Arawn spots they are both branded
           on their rear hips.  That means they must be owned by
           someone and taking them as loot would be horse theft.

             The party remounts up and continues onward.


           [Hills near Shiben]
           [Decalis 22nd, 1634TH]

           [Time: 12:41 am]

             As the party sleep Arawn and Z'leyra on sentry duty.
           Z'leyra would be sleeping as well but she was worried about
           remeshing her damged armor so tries to work on that by
           the campfire.

             But Arawn decides to do a bit of patrol around the camp
           in the darkness.  He is some 40 feet away in the north west
           of the camp when he hears a bit of noise.  Scanning he
           hears rustling in some bushes some 10 feet away.  As
           Arawn approaches the noise stops and Arawn takes his shield
           to hit the bush in case its a animal.

             But the noise is gone so Arawn starts south on his patrol.
           he gets about 15 feet away when the noise returns and he turns
           around.  Arawn quickly moves back and sees a small form maybe
           2 feet tall rushing from the bushes to the north.  The creature
           looks to be on two legs but moves so fast.  Arawn tries to give
           some chase for 20 feet but the thing jumps into another set of

             Arawn stands for a minute or two then begins to speak in
           a low voice.  The animal seems to not like this and throws
           a rock at Arawn who blocks it with his shield easily.  A
           animal throwing rocks?

             As Arawn lowers his shield the form running away and
           tries to give chase but the form run into a clump of
           trees and disappears.  Arawn tries to search the area
           but can't find him.

           [Time: 1:24 am]

             Arawn finally gives up and gets back on his patrol.  As he
           circles he tries to recall what he saws.  It was almost a
           small blob of brown like fur?  Maybe a bear cub?  No he
           doesn't know of cubs throwing rocks.  A gnome or such?
           No they are brown but many are green.  There was a glint
           of a yellow eye and then recalls some stories from the
           neutral court.  A story of a creature called a Brown Man
           who deals with those who defile life.  Grown if he recalls
           from a nut of some kind and they nurture life like trees.

             Could that have been his first sighting of such a creature?
           He knows they are not social things but figures the party
           is not a problem.  At least that is good their power is
           fierce that can take on even the most deadly evil creatures
           with ease.

             Arawn enters the camp near his shift and wonders if he
           should let the others know or just keep it private.

           [Time: 5:40 am]

             The camp wakes and eats some rations for breakfast.  They
           only have 10 or so miles so shouldn't be long.

             The day turns out to be overcast all day and temperatures only
           range from 19 to 40 degrees making a cold ride.

           [Time: 7:50 am]

             A fierce wind storm suddenly hits the party making those
           with open skin feel needlses of cold hit them.  The wind
           storm lasts for 35 minutes almost forcing Fremea to fall
           off the saddle three times.  The party has to tighten
           bags and gear.  But at least 3 times do some items fall
           off from the wind and have to be secured.

           [Time: 11:12 am]

             Shiben according to Kaylle is small with only 6,000 at most.
           According to him the city depends on mining copper, silver
           and iron.  They do produce high quality wool though so the
           party plans to check out some clothing stores if they have
           time.  According to Kaylle the Elder forces are worshiped here
           especially Dylan. The party is glad though Zabyra left as the
           Shazi is said to hate the Rogizini.  But when Kaylle tried to
           explain most were a bit too drunk to pay attention at Unali's
           party.  They do not like Donaran's as well so speaking Donaran
           might be not as rewarding as in Eured.

             The gate doesn't even have guards even at this hour but once
           inside some are seen wearing scimitars, daggers and a few
           gurds have bows but mostly a guard here and there.  Most
           in the city are far shorter than the party so the party
           are much bigger and taller.  It may be the mining stock
           needing be small.

             Z'leyra decides the party can eat lunch and get some more
           supplies as needed.  The party finds a tavern and roeps the
           horses outside windows they can watch.  The food is decent
           but not great mostly of pork and fruits.  Arawn and Fremea
           do enjoy some fresh pears that are nice.

           [Time: 1:03 pm]

             The party finishes lunch and head to the small market that
           is the only one in the city.  While some look at clothing
           stores others get food and drink.

           [Time: 1:41 pm]

             The party heads out with at least 4 more good hours of
           travel and start the final leg of their travel to Ticasi.

           [Time: 5:48 pm]

             The party makes camp in the hills.  In the distance
           the Ticasi plains are seen in rough hues but the party
           still has 30 miles to go or so.

             Z'leyra considers only setting only 1 sentry but they
           are sitll in semi hostile Shiben land so does 2 sentries.


           [Hills near Ticasi]
           [Decalis 23rd, 1634TH]

           [Time: 5:12 am]

             Z'leyra wakes up eager to get to Ticasi but also wary
           as she sits and recalls the abuse and old history.  It
           has been some 823 days since she left, give or take a day
           or two if her math and jorunal are correct.  Two years and
           3 months or so since she left.  Will she be somewhat
           welcome back or seen still as the outsider she was.

           [Time: 6:12 am]

             As the party eats breakfast Kell notices Z'leyra beng quite
           and somber.  "So tell us about Ticasi and the people."

             Kell continues, "is it true there is some body in the
           Council chambers or outside it to show folks?"  I'm unclear
           on who rules Ticasi is it Salaqi or Donara?  I'd figure
           being such a center of scholars it would be larger than
           20 thousands or so.  Kaylle said something that most
           can read and write which is great.  Isn't there some
           law though about weapons?" He drinks some water and then
           nods, "Something about no weapons allowed in the province
           for citizens in general."

           [Time: 5:40 pm]

             The party rushes to the city doing only minimal time
           for grazing.  It is clear Z'leyra wants to get things

             With twilight around the party approaches the gate.
           Constables in uniform yell to others around that no
           weapons are allowed in the city.  They can be stored
           in lockers nearby for a few brass bits a day   Those
           caught with weapons may be arrested.

             Finally after 39 days the party arrives in Ticasi city.

           Actions?  Comments?

           Next Update.....Monday...

           GM: Finally the group is at their destination.  Since
               night is coming I assume stay the night and do the
               stuff in the morning.  Which I'll need to know
               what stuff.  At this point updates will be slower
               and less involved as we figure out the actual
               stuff of the adventure.

               I did not hear anything on the exhausted horse and the
               food situation.  :<

               Yep update out early.  I figure might as well get
               this out now since I have time and Thursday is usually
               busy.  Since nothing to really react to I moved the
               game to Ticasi.

           GM: Final IBT for last 2 Legs

                Arawn     -   +2 EL R/W Salaqi
                Kell      -   +1 EL Horsemanship
                Kiet      -   +1 EL Horsemanship
                Pyan      -   +3 EL Marentian (Now EL49)

           GM: Kiet - Sorry could not question the guy as he just died
                 I was using a new Fringeworthy chart for trauma.
                 Testing it for you guys. :)

               Arawn - Let me know if any more spells up to this
                 point in Ticasi please so can update mana.   But
                 you are probably at full.

               Fremea - Those Luck spells for IBT were costly so you
                 are down to 35% of full power so can do some but not
                 much magic.

           GM: Treasure Kept not sold (will return to this next update)

               From last updates party after expenses from Inns and
               food now has 1,846 CC.  Split between 7 that is
               263 CC each with 5 leftover.  We'll say the 5 copper
               is for some wine in Eured and Shiben. :)  So I
               will add 263 CC to each sheet now.  Since leaving
               Marentia that is around 9 gold each in total? Or
               around that.  A month of travel for 9 isn't bad.

           GM: Mana Report - Updated with Experience and Mana.  I
                believe all but Fremea are doing well mana wise.
                I am unsure of Arawn yet as he may do spells.

               Advtime - Just updated to current point with IBT
                and food.

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